ET “The Team” Invite Humanity To Feed On Light, And Explain Who We Truly Are… Are These The Words Of Demons Or Angels? You Decide “You are here to transform what is dense and dysfunctional.​”

ET “The Team” Invite Humanity To Feed On Light, And Explain Who We Truly Are…  Are These The Words Of Demons Or Angels? You Decide

“You are here to transform what is dense and dysfunctional.​”

Dear world… what a beautiful invite this latest ET message is (see below), no matter from where it comes from… but in this case we salute “The Team” for such a delightful helpful message, inviting humanity to feast on light, and to understand our true nature. I’m sure you’re like me and are tired of the dense messages often found in the news… well…. the density heaviness everywhere… so many weary faces… tired bodies… low spirits… so we are very appreciative of our ET family to help us to comprehend the nature of light and ourselves, and how to reverse a downward spiral of energy by simply comprehending human light, how to get the inner light burning bright once again…

Think of a light bulb dimmer switch… when the switch brightens it’s because more energy is cycling through the system.

The same is with the human body.

The heavy foods in the system kept our bodies low on the dimmer switch.

Light foods in the new system will keep our bodies high on the dimmer switch.

Heavy metal and regular radiation cleanses are a must.

You can do it.

Each human must self-activate this process.

If each human can clean up it’s food source, each will achieve quantum transformations.

Humanity will learn to reprogam the consciousness of the water molecule.

Clear the density in the air, food, water and soil and etheric earth energy grid.

Ask the angels right now for immediate assistance.

Tell your spirit guides your dreams.

Only when you spiritually evolve will you drive your own life.

Only when you choose preoccupation with the physical, will someone else drive your life.

I know some people are against ‘aliens’ (a statement that suggests preoccupation with the physical)… but I suggest our spirits know, no such term.

Indian in the machine

The song that goes with this post is, “Program Yourself With Five New Colours”.




 16 April 2014 – 3:15pm |  eva sophia


Message from the ‘team’ _________


~ Peggy Black and the ‘team’ – April 2014

We are here once again offering you our gratitude as well as encouraging you to remember who you are. You are here in this timeframe, in this physical focus to support and assist the transformation of consciousness. You are the doorway, the portal and the anchor for the awareness of the oneness of all.

We certainly understand your feelings and sensations of separateness which your physical body provides. We know that you can feel the texture of your skin, the muscles that might be sore or tense, however this is only one small aspect of who you truly are. It is your focus because this reality is dense, and if you bumped your toe, it would certainly cause you a physical sensation of pain and discomfort. However if you could see yourself as we observe you, you are swirling atoms of Light. You are energy vibrations, of color and sound. You sparkle and shine.

So we invite you to begin to imagine or sense this aspect of yourself as pure energy. Recognize and own that you are part of the whole. As pure energy you are connected and move with the energy of the quantum field of oneness. This is your true essence.

It is important that you remember and establish the clear understanding of yourself as pure energy. And like the physical body that requires certain care for its well-being and sustenance, your energy essence also requires care for its well-being and sustenance.

Of your five energy fields, the densest is the actual physical body. Next is the etheric energy body often referred to as a Ka body in the Egyptian practices. It is the blueprint or holograph of the physical body. The emotional layer is the field or keeper of your feelings and emotional patterns. The mental layer is created by the vibrations of your thoughts and beliefs. And your higher consciousness vibrates and is anchored at your spiritual layer.

You are a being of energy, light and vibration. Each of these five energy fields contributes to your individual and unique qualities. This is your personal energy signature.

It is most important that you consciously and with clear intentions nurture, nourish, sustain and strengthen each of your levels of energy and light, each of your vibrational bodies.

There are many methods, techniques, and practices that you can consciously employ daily to invigorate, empower and fortify your energy signature. Nourish each level, especially the etheric or Ka body which holds your divine blueprint.

Mediations, sound vibrations, visualizations in which you call forth and feel cosmic energy flowing into your personal vibrational field will strengthen, and revitalize your core essence. Clearing dense emotions and low vibrational thoughts will also contribute to your light body. Being in nature or visualizing a beloved place in nature will add to your energy well being. Allow energy, light, and prana, the universal life force, to heal, mend and energize you on all five levels of who you are as a being of light vibrations.

We also invite you to consider the incredible expanded energy layer and awareness of your multidimensional self. It is this energy field that holds and anchors all the others.

This field of awareness is part of your ascension, part of your understanding that you are truly connected and flowing with the universe. All is truly one energy field; you have named this the quantum field.

You are interfacing, interacting, moving, dancing, expanding and contracting with this quantum field at all times. Your energy signature, your actions, your thoughts and emotions are affecting this quantum matrix at all times.

There is a term that is coming into your awareness more and more and that is quantum entanglement. This term relates to the inseparable relationship between all things. When energy fields become connected or entangled, they continue to share energy and information no matter the distance they are apart. They contribute to results and events.

The quantum world or quantum field we have spoken of many times holds all potential simultaneously. You dear one are connected to this incredible potential, your light body, your multidimensional self, is entangled with this reality and beyond.

With this understanding, partnered with clear heart intentions and a strong personal energy signature, you can begin to influence this quantum field through the entanglement, the connection with the whole and the oneness of all.

Imagine owning and honoring the skills of a co-creator with intentions held in the compassionate heart and coming together with others who also carry this understanding.
Together as group, imagine how you would affect the quantum field and all the potentials. Together your focus and intention could be on life sustaining realities.

Know that you alone, or together with other physical or non-physical beings, can simply send light and energy through your entangled connection to any area on your planet that is unstable or in conflict. You can direct your enlightened focus and dedication to any aspect of your reality. Begin to use this awareness for healing and balance for all life.

You could join with others in this physical reality as well as partner with beings in the non-physical realms; you could interface in a new expanded way with the past as well as the future.

Begin to recognize that you are interconnected with the holographic multiverse through this entanglement of the quantum energy field. You could move from one parallel universe to another. You could, so to speak, make a “quantum leap or quantum jump.”

We are aware that we are stretching you a bit with this message. However, it is time that you owned who you are. We realize that this physical reality is your main focus and takes up most of your attention. So we come to shake things up a bit and engage you in the bigger picture.

You are here to transform what is dense and dysfunctional. You are here to honor your connection with divine source energy, the all that is, and the universal life force.

You are a guardian, a defender, a protector and advocate of light and life.

Strengthen your own Light body, for it is from that place that you will contribute to your mission and service to this reality and timeframe and all realties and timeframes. Allow the energetic magnetic dynamic forces offered by the celestial ones to strengthen you as well.

You are a shining, sentient, infinite vortex of conscious light energy. We honor you and your courage to embody a limited physical form. And we invite you to know and understand at your deepest level of understanding that you can expand your awareness and call forth who you are in your most magnificent multidimensional aspect. We invite you to feed yourself light, call it forth, envision it pouring into the crown of your head, activating your pineal and filling every cell with healing, energizing light vibrations from the entire quantum field.

Remember you are powerful beyond measure. You are here to anchor divine conscious life sustaining patterns into all you behold. Begin to play with these ideas we have offered, stretch into the possibilities, allow our words to sustain and empower you.

We are ever grateful for this opportunity to serve and honor you as you progress and awaken from the imposed vibrations of forgetfulness this earthly reality embraced you with upon your arrival. You are seen and you are acknowledged. the ‘team’

©2014 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. FREE 88 messages available

22 thoughts on “ET “The Team” Invite Humanity To Feed On Light, And Explain Who We Truly Are… Are These The Words Of Demons Or Angels? You Decide “You are here to transform what is dense and dysfunctional.​”

  1. The guide to this is the book called “Living on the Light” by Jersuhem
    This is the fourth initiation to ascension, I was doing to last week really interesting experience and a must to become a physical angel.

  2. I agree that the love and light promoted in this article by Peggy Black is attractive. But I have to question the conduct of life forms that preach to us through intermediaries, but refuse to meet and talk with us as intelligent sentient life forms directly in our physical existence on our planet’s surface. Maybe because they can’t, and they’ve evolved in a manner where they’ve created an existence for themselves that is far different than our reality structure. And becoming physically present here isn’t something that they’re interested in or easily capable of.

    And all to frequently, these types of overtures are accompanied by “solutions” to our problems that involve a lot of objectionable activity that would negatively affect a lot of innocent people. Though this particular message is devoid of that.

    If these types of life forms have a genuine interest, concern and commitment to helping us improve our circumstances, they’ll demonstrate it by more than just positive messages. Though that may be the limit of what they’re able to provide, because their reality structure is so far removed from our own.

    Positive messages, while they’re encouraging moral support, aren’t going to feed the 1 billion starving people, and provide for the needs for the additional 2 billion living in serious deprivation on this planet. ETs/EDs who are capable of and interested in assisting in correcting these problems, should consider meeting and working with people like myself to further world peace and development that eliminates starvation and blight. And helps facilitate our evolution into an extraterrestrial civilization that doesn’t export problems off planet and makes a positive contribution to the interstellar community of civilizations.

  3. If we had to believe in all these so-called messages of extraterrestrial’s internet it’s rubbish any confidence(trust) to the message of internet for me it is of the wind these massages or sectarian….ta oublié le pantin qu’ont est dans un monde rempli de secte

  4. To separate new age fact from fiction we need to meet and talk with ETs and travel to their home worlds to see how they do things. And to study their history to see how they got to where they are, and to study our own true history that they have records of to see what’s been omitted and changed in the history that we currently have about our civilization. At that point we can make objective determinations about what direction we should take our individual lives and our civilization on this planet.

    I’ve had serious reservations about most of the individual and planetary ascension schemes that I’ve seen on new age websites. Because they frequently don’t make sense and have a lot of negative aspects to many of them. There may be some truth to some aspects of some of them. But much of it is either hidden or fallacious. A lot of it seems like it could be a front for a bait and switch. And it’s common for people promoting this material to be antisocial and unreasonable when they’re unable or unwilling to answer reasonable questions that any normal person would ask about this type of material. So they’re either hiding something negative, or misrepresenting that they have answers that they’re withholding, when really they don’t have any answers.

    The notion that planetary ascension is a natural process that biospheres go through is unsupported by any credible evidence. I don’t doubt that planets can be altered using advanced technology. But it’s questionable whether that’s safe or desirable. What we have now is a largely natural planet, getting involved with geoengineering by off worlders that we know little about is both unnecessary and imprudent. As far as individual ascension goes, again there’s no proof that it exists or how it occurs, let alone that it’s safe and efficacious.

    Priorities that most people can agree on is better medical care, life extension, a higher standard of living, more freedom, better human and civil rights, and interstellar space exploration. Without anyone being hurt, killed, or victimized, and without anything being damaged or destroyed.

    I didn’t have any success with my contact efforts last night, but I also didn’t have anything negative happen. Getting hard evidence only happens a small percentage of the time. But every contact operation provides valuable learning experience that can be used on follow up attempts.

    This trip alone has already been worth it because of the light formation in the sky over a monument in the field of ufology, that I unfortunately missed the opportunity to get pictures of when I could of and should of, in part because it happened on the first night that I got into the area and I wasn’t expecting that level of activity so quickly. That most people would have viewed as something genuine, unnatural and non conventional. So I learned my lesson to have my smartphone accessible, turned on, powered up, ready to go and to know how to use it properly. And not to miss an opportunity at documentation even when I’m in the middle of another task that can wait.

    The elk mutilation that I discovered on the second day and night of this trip, that I was able to thoroughly document and have investigated by competent and qualified people. I discovered the remains in harsh conditions in the high wilderness. Which involved activity after dark including screaming and dark figures of people moving in the area near me, while I was armed with a lock blade and a .223 with a live round in the chamber and a 30 round magazine in the well. I can’t afford to have people with me armed with guns and other security equipment that I own become overcome with fear under high pressure circumstances who lose it, freak out and start shooting unnecessarily.

    So this op got off to an intense start, which is why I then bought the scoped .30-06 as an antimaterial rifle, 400 rounds of armor piercing ammunition, bench rest, portable targets, spotting scope, pistol grip collapsable stock for the .223, tactical lights for both guns for night ops, CQB scope and tactical sling for the .223, padded sling and hardware for the .30-06, soft case with shoulder strap for the .30-06 etc..

    One of my problems is the level of violence and security issues that I’ve had to deal with. But that’s part of the learning experience, and being able to deal with these negative issues is essentially mandatory above a certain level of physical contact work, that most people in ufology avoid because of the danger. Once you cross the line from documenting other people’s UFO experiences, to seeking out and creating contact opportunities that bear fruit and are documentable with judicial and scientific quality evidence as I and a relatively small number of others are doing, the contingent security liabilities increase significantly. And many people who experience blow back during or after contact, refrain from further attempts, or try to avoid it if it’s being forced on them.

    This is the nature of exploration and progress, the people at the forefront make the advances, and deal with the consequences. If I’m running a contact op in NV next month, and I bring people with me, they need to be able to maintain their composure under stressful non conventional circumstances, and function in a proper responsible manner if incidents occur.

    1. I’ve had quite a bit of trouble with the SUV radio sound going dead for up to a minute or more the past two days. The display and controls continue to function properly, but there isn’t any sound coming out of the speakers. If I turn the volume up and leave the volume turned up, when the speaker starts producing sound again I get blasted with loud noise.

      There hasn’t been anything negative coming through when the station goes dead, which is reported by others quite a bit in this area. But radio and electrical interruptions are common in a lot of UFO cases. It’s the first time that I’ve had to deal with it on an op. I do have a couple of road flares in the SUV, and a couple of smaller handheld signal flares with my gear in case I need them for light or protection if the electricity stops working.

      1. Captain:
        I am glad that you prepared yourself in as many ways as possible in order to go forward on an operation to meet, communicate with, photograph UFOs and or those operating them. That is awesome. I hope that you will not find a need to use your arms, but understand and truly appreciate your inclination to have those items along for self protection categories. I was saddened to read that you accidentally were not prepared upon arrival with a photo opportunity that was presented to you. That would have been awesome to be able to see what you saw.
        A lot of the work that I do is on the spiritual / ethereal side of the dynamic with our Galactic Family and the Elohim as well as the Ascended Masters. And I have not been given the opportunity to take a quality photo of any of my telepathic encounters / exchanges with these folk … though I try and will continue to try. I perceive that some profound changes have begun to take shape in yet another new category in this transition into the 5th dimension. Since April 1st, my healing of systems of the human body have taken an additional leap forward in a manner that I did not know was available to me, nor the rest of humanity. For over 10 years there has been a specific list of “systems” that ran the human body. Now, as of Wednesday, April 16, 2014, there are 11 “new” systems that I was energetically required to find and address to “improve” energetically. Neither did I go looking for them, nor imagined their existence…. so, as they have begun to unfold before me, my eyes have gotten bigger and bigger with each succeeding new system request. What does all this mean? To me, it means that God is unfolding yet another facet of this transition into the 5th dimensional body which has new (new to humanity) systems that will control it. As a healer, I need to know these systems to repair or boost them. So, they are being opened up to me, for they are in the bodies of the folk in front of me, that I am healing. They are real, measurable and new for the 5th dimension. Very very interesting times.

      2. @ Tinahyah

        I spent a week at a top firearms training institute after I got shot taking defensive handgun and 30 state concealed carry courses, with most of the courses and classes taught by ex military and law enforcement. It was a sobering insight into the reality of gun use in an armed society.

        Guns shouldn’t be brandished or fired for security use unless it’s necessary. Because the consequenses are significant. I have them primarily as a deterent and a recourse of last resort. Because not having them doesn’t provide deterence or protection if I’m at real risk of injury or death. I’m not a door mat for evil to walk on, but I’m also not interested in escalation if it isn’t necessary. I have no need to prove that I’m macho.

        Your post is something that I would classify as unproven metaphysics and possibly disproven psuedo science. A significant portion of today’s science started out as metaphysics before our terrestrial science could understand how it worked and prove that it’s legitimate. So metaphysics has value and is part of the scientific method in the pre hypothisis stage in my opinion.

        I’ve never seen anyone explain ascension and the 5th dimension in a rational understandable manner. I’ve had people tell me in so many words that I’m to ignorent to understand what they understand but are unable to explain. Which in my estimation is disinfo, because I don’t think that they actually understand it or are that much smarter or more highly developed than I am.

        A lot of people in the “new age” movement talk about a lot of different concepts as though they’re real and true, but are unable to meet the definition of truth that use to navigate their lives every day, of judicial quality evidence and the scientific method of dependable repeatability proven in certified testing labratories and properly monitored real life examples.

        There is a knowlege and experience gap between our race and the ET races that needs to be closed to assist in the transition of our civilization into the interstellar community of civilizations as an extraterrestrial civilization ourselves. I don’t share your perspective or the perspective of many ascension buffs that humanity is naturally transitioning into 5D bodies and a 5D existence, because there’s no proof of it or legitimate science to support it. If whoever you think that you’re communicating with or actually are communicating with, won’t provide proof or meet with you. Then I would question the veracity or value of the information that you’re receiving.

        Our race is one century away from horse and buggy, so we obviously have an enormous amount to learn just to obtain any level of parity with long life space faring races. Everyone has to lead their own life and learn their own lessons. If you’re interested in ascension and 5D concepts, and the pursuit of this information makes you happy. Then I don’t see anything wrong with it as long as it’s not hurting you or anyone else. And you may be on to something that could be developed into something of value, or it could be an illusion and dead end. You have to make your own decisions.

        If you’ve established genuine communications with ETs, I’d ask them to provide proof or meet with you. If they won’t, then there may be better things to do with your time.

      3. Have you ever heard of applied kinesiology? It is a form of muscle testing, which utilizes some extremely well known scientific principles. Here is just 1 principle of body design that has been measured.
        a) how much energy is required to contract muscle tissue? .001 mw
        b) when a person scans the body for energy levels that are higher than .001mw, a muscle test goes “weak.” It is measureable scientifically as well. In fact, just for the fun of it, I once took a stud finder pen and used it to find the electrical spots on the body that were higher than the .001mw. It was funny to see it blink on and off all over the body.
        c) I have a member from the Pleiades who has been shadowing me for about 6 months now and we occasionally converse. When I want to show my clients that there is a visitor (my friend from the Pleiades) also in the room with us, I can scan the room, find him and use the applied kinesiology to indicate his presence.
        Just so you know, I ask my questions of EVERYONE who comes to me, including folk from our Galactic Family. The difference between me and you, is that I am only interested in their being faithful and obedient to God. So, I grill them with my spiritual questions. And when they have replied of their intent to serve God and God alone, then I am willing to have them explain what it is that they are interested in doing. I then trust them and don’t mind their hanging around with me as I do my work.
        One more item, I have a CCW and a .223 rifle in the trunk of the car. Not because I need to be armed, but my family is my responsibility to protect in all circumstances. It is MY responsibility. No one else. So, I do not play games with my handgun, nor rifle. But, have them, “just in case they are needed.” I provide food for the table and defense for my family.

      4. This is a link for a Wikipedia article on the Schumann Resonance:

        I was over at Billy Meier’s place in Switzerland a few years ago talking with his people about contact work. There are reports from one of the Meier sons of Billy talking with Plejaren that he could see but his son couldn’t. Cloaking technology reports are common in ufology. If you have telepathic communications with a cloaked ET, then I’d ask them to decloak and talk with you face to face. And if you’re into that type of thing, to travel off planet with them. Though it isn’t riskless work, and there are reports that Billy Meier’s ETs are less than positive.

        I got shot in the face with a beam weapon a few months after getting back from Switzerland and then attending a CSETI retreat on telepathy and contact work. I almost lost my left eye in the attack and it took a year for the injury to heal completely.

        If you haven’t read Alien Mind, you might find it interesting and informative. Because it provides a counter view to much of what you read on love and light new age sites:

        I can’t prove that what’s in Alien Mind is true, but it makes more sense to me than a lot of the love and light new age stuff, and it may be a lot closer to the what the real new age is all about.

        If you can find a link that explains 5D concepts in an understandable rational manner based in currently provable science and judicial quality evidence, it will be the first time that I will have seen one, because up to this point it’s all been conjecture, metaphysics, pseudo science, spiritual philosophy and disinfo from people who say that they believe in it, but can’t prove it.

        There are detached from reality people in the love and light new age movement who say that what they see in their meditation is true and that our life is an illusion, or that there is no such thing as truth. And when I point out to them their hypocricy that they navigate their lives everyday with what’s proven with judicial quality evidence and the scientific method, I usually get a negative reaction or stone walling.

        There’s a difference between love and light new age material, and ufology that relies on credible evidence and science. It’s common for love and lighters to reference ufology to try to lend credence to their new age material. But it doeasn’t prove anything, only that they they think that there’s a conection between ufos and their unprovable belief in the new age concepts that they’re promoting.

        The secret space programs in the US and elsewhere have a lot of sequestered technology that’s used on the civilian population on a regular basis that looks like it’s ET but is really non consensual human experimentation. So I wouldn’t rule out that some of what you may be encountering is black budget, not ET. Billy Meier’s translator told me that 70% of what’s seen in our skies now is of terrestrial manufacture. And this technology isn’t limited to field drive space craft. The whole field of psychtronics is being used against us.

      5. I’ve been on the receiving end of psychotroics before, whether it was ET or black budget I don’t know. On the one hand there’s a need for countermeasures against immobilization technology employed during alien and MILAB abductions, but there also needs to be safeguards against it’s abuse.

        This is a victims interview:

      6. I just listened to the victim interview. i tested constantly during her interview. Approximately 54% of her interview was not true. Her concluding remarks were true. I am not interested in applying any additional effort to hear or listen to her recount, for it gets too muddy what with so much untruth being spoken.

      7. Does your truth test adhere to the scientific method of dependable repeatability in a certified testing laboratory and judicial quality evidence? It would be a pretty simple matter to set up an experiment to determine the accuracy or lack there of of the truth test that you’re writing about. If your truth test is faulty, then the 54% result can’t be trusted to show that she isn’t innocent until proven guilty of fraud as you allege.

        So far you’ve written about 5D matters without providing supporting documentation that you say that you have, that nobody else that I’m aware of has ever provided. And are now claiming a truth test from a video showing 54% fraud. Those are pretty steep claims that risk a credibility gap amongst a lot of readers if left unsubstantiated.

        There are hundreds if not thousands of similar claims from people about the misuse of psychtronic technology. There’s no question that it exists. Can this government be trusted to use it responsibly and not victimize innocent people with it? If the past is any indication, the answer is probably not:

        “Project MKUltra is the code name of a U.S. government human research operation experimenting in the behavioral engineering of humans through the CIA’s Scientific Intelligence Division. The CIA project was coordinated with the Special Operations Division of the Army’s Chemical Corps.[1] The program began in the early 1950s, was officially sanctioned in 1953, was reduced in scope in 1964, further curtailed in 1967 and officially halted in 1973.[2] The program engaged in many illegal activities;[3][4][5] in particular it used unwitting U.S. and Canadian citizens as its test subjects, which led to controversy regarding its legitimacy.[3](p74)[6][7][8] MKUltra used numerous methodologies to manipulate people’s mental states and alter brain functions, including the surreptitious administration of drugs (especially LSD) and other chemicals, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, as well as various forms of torture.[9] …

        At least one subproject of the MK Ultra project was about the electronic control of human behaviour (subproject 119). Subproject 119[40] had the purpose to provide funds for a study to make a critical review of the literature and scientific developments related to the recording, analysis and interpretation of bio-electric signals from the human organism, and activation of the human behaviour by remote means. The survey encompassed five main areas: techniques of activation of the human organism by remote electronic means, bio-electric sensors, recording, analysis and standardization of data. …

        In 1973, with the government-wide panic caused by Watergate, the CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all MKUltra files destroyed.[48] Pursuant to this order, most CIA documents regarding the project were destroyed, making a full investigation of MKUltra impossible. A cache of some 20,000 documents survived Helms’ purge, as they had been incorrectly stored in a financial records building and were discovered following a FOIA request in 1977. These documents were fully investigated during the Senate Hearings of 1977.[3]”

        Source –

      8. I have spent approx. 2 hours looking for the info on the 5d frequencies, but have not been successful. I hope to be successful. re: the victim, I tested her veracity as she stated it, there was no laboratory setting involved, neither did she hand documentation to Cassidy for her own proof. When I test clients that see me for the first time, I suggest they tell me nothing about their situation. I have a menu that I follow, which reveals the sequence and priority of what needs to be addressed for the person, whether it be NOW time, or spiritual, or emotional, exorcisms, systems… I address over 450 different facets, including the uncovering of the person’s new name, if they are followers of God. Rev. 2:17
        I am always pleased when the most skeptical clients shake their heads in disbelief at what truth I am able to reveal for them, about them, without any prior knowledge. I do not know everything, I just have access to a lot, for which I am grateful.

      9. Well,

        On the 5D proof, you were unsuccessful, and on your truth test it sounds like the test hasn’t been independently verified, so people either have to take your word for it, or consider it unproven and of questionable accuracy, which for most people would be the latter. I’m sure that your truth test would never be accepted in a court of law, and that few people would consider anybody guilty of not telling the truth based on your test which has evidently never been independently verified.

        What the victim is describing can be proven with the scientific method and in a court of law that isn’t corrupted by government suppression of it’s own crimes. Such as the MK Ultra hearings which found the government guilty of the crimes that this victim is alleging.

        If you think that your truth test is accurate, it would be easy to have it tested and proven or disproven. In my opinion the chances of it being proven to scientific and judicial standards are almost non existent. So without proof, most people are going to consider your 5D and truth test claims false. And are going to consider you as having a significant credibility deficit for having made these types of extreme claims that have never been proven that I’m aware of, including of having proof, and then failing to provide any proof whatsoever when asked about it and given a fair chance to provide it.

        Psychics can make all sorts of claims, and even provide information that seems to be unavailable to them. And maybe they are in some cases, but they can’t do it with dependable repeatability to scientific and judicial quality standards. So their methods are flawed and unreliable, and what they say is true can’t be verified in all or even most cases. This is a many centuries old field of pseudo science that unlike some areas of metaphysics that can’t be disproven, psychic divination can be disproven and has been many many times in many many cases. And if you tried to prove your truth test, it would be proven false. And you would be accused of fraud yourself, and defamation by the people who you’ve made unsubstantiated accusations against using your self proclaimed unproven truth test, that would itself be proven false.

      10. As I scanned your words, they are all true. Good job.
        As I scanned all of your previous messages, they were likewise correct.
        Also, as I did one of my remote healing session reports for a client today, who had told me nothing of her “troubles”, I addressed two areas of specific concern, which only she knew about. Also true.
        This is not a problem. You would be an awesome guy to have as a friend in NOW time. It would be my opinion that your friends are very fortunate to have you in their life.

      11. People are attracted to truth, even the untruthful. It isn’t rocket science if you understand the functioning of law and science, which many don’t in great detail, but they understand the basics, because they use them to navigate their lives every day. There is technology beyound our own, and there is sequestered technology in the hands of a very small minority of terrestrials, that has a much greater capacity for information obtainment than is available to the general public. Maybe you’ve accessed it.

        But the real test of healing is extended lifespans and aging regeneration. And that comes from medical technology obtained from interstellar space transportation capability. So the danger that we face is a break away civilization and a two teired society. Which I’m sure is a normal problem for many civilizations that make the transition into becoming an interstellar space faring civilization as we currently are.

        I don’t claim to have enhanced truth discernment as you do, and I don’t know how much of Solaris Blueraven’s testimony is true or false. What I do know is that the crime that she describes is real, because I’ve been through it myself, as have many others. So whether her testimony is 100% accurate or not, it doesn’t lessen the criminality of those who are misusing psychotronic technology against innocent people.

        The government has done an enormous amount of data mining using conventional and sequestered technology for decades. And may be using sequestered technology to feed information to people such as yourself, or there may be other explanations for the abilities that you claim to have developed and utilized. Such as relationships with ETs and or EDs, or your own covert, non public technology and or skill sets. If it works for you and is helping others, than good luck with that. But if you’re unwilling or unable to share it with others to advance this capability civilization wide, then you’re in all likelihood going to take it to your grave and it will be largely lost for the betterment of mankind as has happened with other gifted people.

        I’ve developed working relationships with the people running the planet, and have the correspondence and achievements to prove it. Only a tiny fraction of 1% of humanity has access to the decision making processes of people in directional control of our future, and I’m not even in government or the plutocracy. All that matters is having the communication channels open and the strength of ideas to get through to the top, and these people will actively consider my input. But that’s changing, because I’m transitioning into the plutocracy and government, and equally importantly, the technological capability to get off the planet’s surface and deal directly with ETs in space.

        Getting the wars stopped to remove this impediment to a normalization of relations with positive ETs is something that we have to do pretty much on our own. Developing an egalitarian society that ETs who have them will approve of, and want to interact with doesn’t have to be done on our own. Because the off planet technology is in existence to facilitate this without having to reinvent it ourselves, if it can be obtained and imported. It’s going to be dual use and weaponizable or abusable in many instances. So getting it at the very least is going to be conditioned at a minimum by stopping the wars and showing that we can use it responsibly.

      12. All of your words are true.
        re: teaching others…. yep. I have been doing that now for quite some time, so I am appreciative that there are some folk growing in their ability to test folk and do healings. BTW, I have done healings across dimensions, across time, for Galactic Family and have folk from the Pleiades and Alpha Centauri hanging around to participate in my work in several different facets. Some of the work is done, post-event acknowledgement. Less frequently, I have been woke up in the middle of the night by someone honking on a horn in my dream … to do an immediate healing… one time I was severely repeatedly poked in my side to wake up and perform the action required of me. Spiritual, ethereal bodies, physical, emotional, intellectual issues are all addressable … one time for 2035 Guild.
        My intention is to be obedient to God and God alone. If those who are coming to visit me from the Galactic Family or unknown spiritual foundation are incapable of professing their unending belief in God and desire to serve God and non other … then they are sent away. I will NOT give them my ear. I test all the spirits and have done multiple hundreds of exorcisms of the Dark in many circumstances. I also have a photograph of one of the d e monic prior to being exorcised. I test. I send away those unwilling to serve God’s love and light. I teach others to do the same.

      13. Obtaining an armed interstellar deep space freighter small enough to land on a planet’s surface for loading and unloading is on my to do list. That can be used can be used to import medical and industrial technology and equipment to extend lifespans and create an egalitarian civilization here. I’m planning on running some NV ops in May and June, and looking into getting a ship is part of the agenda.

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