“The Event” Update! You May No Longer Desire To Participate In Societal Norms… How To Transform Through Chaos With Grace

“The Event” Update! You May No Longer Desire To Participate In Societal Norms… How To Transform Through Chaos With Grace

The Event Update! You May No Longer Desire To Participate In Societal Norms… How To Transform Through Chaos With Grace

Another channeled message about the event  from HS (see below)… folks these messages from various sources, won’t come forever… one moment the event will happen and then there will not be a need for them.

The event is experience individually and collectively.

If the event of ‘no time’ is coming upon us and a big change and transformation will result… the evidence is the lessening of our magnetosphere, then it’s only natural that we learn how to transform in chaos with grace.

All of the channelings are probabilities… if you resonate, add your energy to it… if you don’t resonate… move on towards something that you do resonate with.

Decide reality for yourself…. our star family have the benefit of seeing both ends of the runway and are thus offering the message below.

Thanks for consciously tuning in to the event…. the moment of ‘no time’, where we all of a sudden have a conscioous reunion with the universe… right now the room seems dark… the event will be the a-ha moment when someone turns on the Lights, and you see there are trillions of beings in the room… how’s that for a surprise party?

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Indian in the machine

The song that goes with this post is “72 Days Before The Big Event”

In summary, if this induction of the Higher Collective Mind/Web of life is successful during this window…

1.) The Event or collective moment of “no-time” and “no-separation” commences. Everyone experiences this deep inner click, peak behind the veil, and/or a-ha moment uniquely. These waves or moments of “no-time” then begin to build in frequency and duration from Spring all the way into early Fall, aiding in the conclusion of the overall Collective Higher Mind Resolution, Reclamation and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process – so that by September, the collective Mind/Web can maintain it’s state of lucidity or higher awareness.

2.) As more and more human souls experience these moments of “no time/separation,” and/or “contact/communion” with their Soul/Star families, aspects of their multi-dimensional Selves, each other, and various aspects of Creation, the more they will find themselves “coming Home” or waking up to their true Divine natures, and will realize that the current forms/structures that they participate in on a daily basis run contrary to that sense of “home-coming” and union, as these systems were meant to keep them distracted, divided, in limited experience/understanding, and under dominance/control. A collective tipping-point will then be fully realized or manifested within the outer experience.

3.) This mass of human souls will then denounce or refuse to participate in such illusory societal norms, structures and policies. A brief time of rebellion, chaos, and full Reclamation will then ensue. These defunct systems will then collapse/fail as a result of this Collective Reclamation, and their inherent lack of sustainability and/or service to the Whole. Gaia will concurrently, go through her own transformation or Reclamation/Restoration process during this period as well, as she is naturally infused within the Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life. So some measure of earth upheaval is also indicated as she cannot help but be affected by the induction itself, followed by humanity’s mass release/expression of such reclamation and reconciling of energies, as well as her own within the larger Mind/Web.

4.) People will NEED to come together and form new communities in order to thrive during this tumultuous transitional time, most likely peaking mid-Summer. This will be the first Collective initiation – the co-creation of a higher form of community or WAY OF BEING together. These communities will be the very beginning of or template for, 5D living and above on New Earth/Gaia. All Warriors of Light will help to form, lead, and merge these communities as many of the newly awakened masses will be confused and/or somewhat fearful – not understanding fully all that is happening.

Read more: http://aprilsairings.blogspot.mx/2014/04/hs-message-cascades-of-higher-harmonics.html


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