Bean/Or Lentil And Vegetable Broth Tested For Thousands Of Years… Verdict… Completely Safe And Regenerating!


Bean/Or Lentil And Vegetable Broth Tested For Thousands Of Years… Verdict… Completely Safe And Regenerating!

Bean, Lentil And Vegetable Broth: using the highest quality non chemical and only organic ingredients.. this broth will assist anyone who is ailing from anything… eventually it will supercharge… guaranteed!…. it’s shocking…. and has had me reflecting on how much strain I put on my body with fibre rich foods… falsely thinking that I needed to eat lots to feel satisfied or even healthy.

Fibre is a great contributor to that ‘I have no energy feeling’, because your body requires lots of energy to push that stuff through… and even more strain if you eat commercial mass-produced foods, the food is void of nutrients when the same crop is grown on the same soil year after year.

Now on these bean broths… I’m living with next to no bloating and although I was looking forward to a nice fresh shrimp supper, I didn’t eat at all with no hunger all evening…

I can see muscle will be easy to build on these broths… after two weeks on these broths… was doing pushups and just after a few, it looked like I took steroids hehe.  This broth will regenerate your body… salt it and add lime or lemon or cayenne… okay please listen carefully this broth will change your life if you eat packaged chinese noodle soup mixes….  now listen…

If you use the highest quality ingredients untainted by some frankinstein seed hybrid breeding program this unsures you don’t don’t mutate during this reprogramming soup. 😉

Your body will be satisfied and won’t require to jolt you with snacking messages… when  your body has excessive demands for snacks it is likely a sign of parasites more than you adding anything healthy… because once again… FIBRE overload.

If you are not feeling great, try this broth… it’s anti-inflammation… you will completely change your life forever.

Chose your bean and add lentils… definitely add lentils… don’t miss half  the fun… now research your bean to make sure it has the added effect…. don’t blame me if you choose soybeans and then start growing manboobs!

Don’t blame me if you would dare use carrots from a grower who would poison the soil year after year…. DECADES of soil degradation, and then expect to not have that soup destroy you.

Realize the value of clean food.

Realize your discrimination against cooked vegetable broth… I’m talking broth here… you can eat the veggies absolutely… but my point, is all about the broth.

You may wish to sprout your beans and lentils first for a few days, in order to maximize nutrient content.

Know your own allergies, although I wouldn’t not be surprised if this broth eventually cleared up all allergies… that, and limiting fibre… wheat… gluten… starch in general.


Add a large portion of beans and lentils that are previously soaked, to a big pot of vegetables… boil and reduce heat for 20 minutes or more, knowing less is more to maximize nutrient content. Add salt to taste, and lime or lemon or cayenne… also add any other spice  you may be craving… at the end of the cooking you can take this broth and add leftover rice or maybe some noodles but since most noodles are that good or ya and are sometimes sprayed with silicone… I’ve really limited noodles… tried quinoa noodles once… not completely horrible but not that supergreat.

Yes restoring yourself can be easy… super charge yourself with broth… there will be changes for the better… with open conscious eyes aware of what we are eating, how can there not be?

This recipe has been tested for thousands of years and has been found to be super restorative… why delay your restoration…

With this broth you can have power over food again, and not the other way around.

Indian in the machine

What is unfolding right now is the Global Currency Reset, the RV, Ascension, the take down of the Cabal, environmental relief, cell awakening, new birth, new choices, new change, prosperity for all, disclosure, new government, and the return of unconditional love.



2 thoughts on “Bean/Or Lentil And Vegetable Broth Tested For Thousands Of Years… Verdict… Completely Safe And Regenerating!

  1. Off topic …. today’s epiphany
    Obama solved the minimum wage problem ……
    he flooded the country with uneducated, desperate, low wage workers .
    All you who thought Obama works for you …… HA-HA.
    They won’t have to raise REAL wages for DECADES..
    A “global economy” presupposes “global WAGES”

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