Harmonic Ascenstion Project

Create Your Own Harmonic Ascension, Wherever You Are In The World

Are we about to experience everything at once?

Extreme Pressure On World Quake Monitors! 346 To Alternative on Sunday Apr 13 2014 18:29



2 thoughts on “

  1. Dear friends,
    you make a lot of pressure. I know what you wish and why.

    To think and to hardly wish a new sometimes it is not enough and also contraproductive. Yes, with enough mass you can materialise effects. But which one? In the form you choose from spiritual world you can only move the energy!

    To create and open new layers, a new world, is totaly different!

    So here I have to make a BIG WARNING!
    Following on your tension may be bring you exactly the outcome, that you never wanted. It can awaken Vulcans. Therefore YOU are responsible and you will know this in the aftermath!!!

    I hardly try that you learn to be constructive. But you never change, never hear. Your are on the root of a big destroyer of mankind.
    Maybe it is to late to change your way. But I will never give up.

    In the last instance I will setting your power in OFF MODE. Mostly I have an accurate timing, you know. Hard to say this. But I have to.

    Stop here and learn your lessons!

    Lesson 3: You have only one body – one ass for real experience

    Learn to handle your Energy and prepare for many different roles, you can choose – WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT.
    Know yourself, know the roles you played, open your mind to the fact: How to integrate and handle more options with the one ass you have.

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