Everything You Know As True, Is Being Rewritten. This Reality Will Soon Change, The Way You Change A TV Channel… The Photon Belt Is Popping Us Like Corn

Everything You Know As True, Is Being Rewritten. This Reality Will Soon Change, The Way You Change A TV Channel… The Photon Belt Is Popping Us Like Corn

I will share a brief story but important story…

I was teaching business courses in a northern native reservation in Canada… in an area brimming with lakes, forests, curvy dustry roads and ‘away from civilization’… my first time to do so… after a long cold isolated winter, just as Spring broke through.

Already my spiritual awakening was slowly but intensely beginning years before… “they” were already introducing themselves to me… I had already perceived a ‘spiritworld’… even though I sat in a classroom teaching 12 university level classes over a 10 month period.

It was just before 12:00 noon, as I made my way through the forest… smelling the air… admiring the sparkle… the clean air and as I came out of the brush there was a ‘lake view’.

And that was when someone ‘changed the channel’… they gave me a ‘sneak peak’ if you will of the ‘fifth dimension’… what happened?

Everything changed… with the ‘flick of a switch’.. everything was still there… the trees… the sky…. the ground…. the road…but it had been transformed into a refined light… it was very pleasant and I instantly felt like someone had ‘cleaned up my glasses’… or gave me new sight…. the feeling too was feeling simply great…it was a peek behind this reality…

… and then in a few seconds, just as I could really get used to it… it snapped me back into this reality…. everything seemed still beautiful… on this blue sky day… there were still diamonds of snowlight in the air… but it felt old.. and heavier… more dense.

It all happened like someone pushed a button.

It was year’s later as the cloudships, sylphs and other beings from other dimensions began to appeal and appear to me… I would seek them out in the sky and on the internet… first as a student, then as a friend, and then as a brother…I was beginning recognize, Sananda, Hatonn and Ashtar… three principal beings behind the efforts of ET beings to contact earth… perhaps you too can get to know them… it is important that if earth is being contacted, that we get to know these beings, and don’t keep them at arm’s length, as a stranger, whom we may not ever answer to the door to their knock to assist us.

The reason I am telling you this…

… is that this reality too, will change like a television channel…

… there may be three days of darkness or intense Light…

… there may be a big series of earthquakes the likes the world has never seen before…

… the ‘big event’ may be everything happening at once…

… the tv channels of life will be tuned to ‘change’ and ‘transformation’… and your remote control no longer works to check you into ‘distraction’ and ‘obey’…

… the ‘big event’ may be the flipping of reality the same way popcorn begins to pop…

… there is something happening beyond all our imaginations…

 Like the first popcorns… beginning to pop… so too, is life on this planet… beginning to ‘pop’ into fifth dimensional energies… the evidence of the ‘photon belt’ is there… we are being transformed by a giant cloud of gamma radiation that existed before earth existed. You will need to comprehend the photon belt, to know what is going on. There is a wealth of info on that link I just gave you… no flashing lights or tits… still important nonetheless.. please click and educate yourself… we cannot have an uneducated populace go through this experience.

The transformation from 3D human to 5D human involves ‘rebuilding yourself’.. to be the popcorn kernel that pops into a nice new popcorn… rather than the ones that don’t pop… it’s a very realistic analogy.

Some popcorn that cannot handle the high heat… perhaps there is not enough water in the kernal…

Humans are basically transforming from a carbon-based species… and popping into a crystalline-based species.

There is plenty of info on this matter from a wide variety of sources.

You can focus this process with crystals.

I have one final piece of the puzzle today… for us… and this is the piece…

Everything you know as true, is being rewritten.

Did you know that everything you learned as true is being re-written? Every rule, every tale, every understanding, made opposite and reversed for all to see! This is the “great turning”. The momentous change, one you have been yearning for, for all of time, for that is part of the plan also, the great no-time has begun, and you the grand non-space!

Indian in the machine  The song that goes with this post is ‘Program Yourself With Five New Colours’, from ‘Spiritworld’…. song #8… listen now.

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