ET Commander Hatonn Comments On Alcohol And It’s Effect On Humans

ET Commander Hatonn Comments On Alcohol And It’s Effect On Humans

Dear world…  this segment posted below “What About Booze?”, from the Phoenix Journals, is very timely for us humans in 2014… as we come to terms with the level of enslavement, sooner or later, each of us, will need to come to terms with alcohol… and why it is in our life, if it is.  Hatonn’s writing got me thinking that while alcohol is pushed upon the masses, that we generally know very little of alcohol and it’s specific effects on us.

We need not worry that if we give up booze, that life will become more boring… our ET family have their own version of alcohol but without damaging effects… sure we could get the recipe but not enough humans are welcoming them and their space kegs to earth, just yet… do you welcome our star family to our earth surface for an alcohol free celebration?

Hatonn’s writing on alcohol is further proof that our star family are here to help us…. it is in our best interest to welcome them, since our earth is on the brink of major earth changes and beyond.

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Interestingly enough, He admonished the people to never touch the white man’s whiskey, which He called “Devil-Water”; a description echoed by the saint Shr Dadji almost 2000 years later who, in a letter, wrote that alcohol was “one of the most demonic influences in the world”.  The Pale Prophet said that this Devil-Water or al­cohol unsettled one’s reason, loosened one’s tongue, and caused one to act foolishly.  I assure you that the Pale Prophet is not so given to understatement in this day.  Alcohol and drugs open the very gates of Hell and calls the demons within to court and com­mune.

The current information on alcohol has more than justified Jesus’ warnings about it.  Physi­cians are now warning that alcohol kills brain cells, including the pineal gland, which cannot be regener­ated; has a toxic or poisonous effect on the lungs and heart caus­ing irreversible damage to the heart muscle; de­generates live tis­sue, even in so-called social drinkers; causes inflamma­tion of the pancreas; impairs the functioning of the endocrine gland; causes pre­mature senility, including sexual dysfunction; causes red blood cells to clump together, thereby slowing circula­tion and depriving every tissue and organ in the body of vital oxygen; lowers the body’s resis­tance to disease and infection; creates “drunken cells” that form brit­tle bones; causes inflamma­tion of the nerves, as well as being linked to all kinds of cancers.  It also causes fetal al­cohol syn­drome in human fetuses, even in babies whose mothers may only have had a few drinks during the entire pregnancy period, leaving babies men­tally and/or physically impaired.  It also pro­duces an abnormal gene that is passed on to off­spring, leaving the offspring more susceptible to vari­ous ill­nesses and alcoholism it­self.  A positive example for children must be set by the parents.  Today, “one out of every ten par­ents in the U.S. has a drinking problem that forces their chil­dren to withdraw into a secret world—and for every alcoholic parent, four or five other family members are directly af­fected.”  Hence, you must help your children by first helping yourselves and setting the right examples for them.

Alcohol is the primary tool utilized to entrap the unsuspecting participant.  First the sub­stance is given and then, once captured, the destruction is insti­tuted so that never again can you return to perfection.  Even if the consump­tion ceases, there will forever more be dam­age to the physical being, loss of memory perfection, a slowing of mental process and often total senility or irre­versible organ damage.  Satan, my friends, knows exactly the poison to feed you to entrap and totally control the being and finally kill the conscious­ness thereby capturing the very soul.  Oh yes, before we are done with all these journals we most surely will thoroughly cover the “12 step program” for salvation from the demons, the un­locking of your mind that you might free your­self, the letting go of the terror, fear, and desire for es­cape and low self-esteem and allow you to rebuild your temples if indeed you have entered that particular path.  We are going to show you how to reach through and into the undam­aged sub-conscious mind, thus opening the prison doors.  So be it, for first you must be ready and willing to admit and accept the problem, under­stand it and desire change—mostly you must reallydesire change above all else.  Man still sits in the middle of his self-pity and wants another to save him for him­self—nay, each must do it alone.  Another can assist—none can do it for you for any input of money, laws or punishment—you must grow into the burning desire for change.


At one time, the Pale Prophet relayed to the people His background.  He said that He was born across the sea to the East: “in a land where all men were bearded.  He was born of a virgin on a night when a bright star came out of the heavens—the heavens opened and down came winged beings singing chants of exquisite beauty.  He spoke of houses, cattle, clothes and customs, their ships and tem­ples, and their metal-clad armies.”

He spoke further of His life there: of healing and teaching, of how the people loved Him, but the priests hated Him, again because He threatened their power.  He spoke of His trial, His prison stay where He was lashed and beaten, of His crucifixion cross which He had to carry Himself, of His cruci­fixion and His Resurrection.

He was called different names by different peoples because, as He explained it, names were of little meaning or value; it was the Truths that He taught that were important.  So He al­lowed each tribe to name Him whatever they wished.  Thus the peoples called Him the Fish God for the symbol of his group was the fish, the Lord of the Wind and Water—Hurukan, from which you get your modern term “hurricane”, the Plumed Serpent or Quetzal-Coatl—Quetzal being the sacred bird of the Toltecs, Mayans, and Aztecs, repre­senting the wind or air (hence, the Spirit), being brilliantly colored with long tail feathers, nesting in trees that are in their last stages of decay, and, today, an endangered species, and “tl” meaning “Lord”, and also being used in the self-same manner as Thunder Bird or Thunder People and/or Phoenix.  The definitions are a bit dif­ferent but in concept are most similar indeed; Kate-Zahl, Kane, the Pale One, the Healer, or just the Prophet.  However, when pressed by some of His native followers to tell them what His name was in His Homeland to the East, He an­swered: “Chee-Zoos, God of the Dawn Light”, and said that the name that His countrymen used for God was “Great Yeh-ho-vah.”

Now you great white men of self-proclaimed all knowingness and skepticism may not wish to be­lieve the American Indian legends, saying that the Indians simply “borrowed” the charac­ter of Jesus or Emmanuel after hearing of Him from Christian missionaries.  But this cannot be so, my friends, as these leg­ends date back almost 2000 years.  And, Emmanuel Himself said that He had other flocks to tend:  “I am the Good Shepherd.  I have other sheep, which are not of this fold: I must bring them also, and they will heed my voice.  So there shall be one flock, one shep­herd.”

These—the American Indians—are the other sheep of whom Jmmanuel spoke.  Further, there are accounts that when the Spanish Conquis­tadors were butchering their way to Colulua, a sa­cred city of the Indians, they came upon a Great Pyramid Temple—the Temple of Quet­zal-Coatl, whose base is greater than Egypt’s Cheops.  Quetzal-Coatl had foretold the arrival of these bearded white men, who would wear metal-tipped boots and carry iron rods that made loud noises and could kill men from a great distance.  He had also fore­told the desecration of His mighty temple by the forces, even to the fighting that would take place on the tiers or the steps to the top of the temple.

Indeed, in the bloodiest battle of all Meshico (Mexico), the Span­ish did slaughter their way up the temple’s steps, but stopped in their tracks when they reached the top.  The reason?  At the top of the temple there was a life-size statue of a Christ-like man worked in pale marble in a flowing robe standing with outstretched arms to greet them.

What’s more, there are now newly discovered artifacts with the sign of the cross through the hand—the sign of the Pale Prophet—from archaeological “diggings” of native American spiro mounds that have been carbon-dated to the First Century, A.D.  Other artifacts in­clude pieces of parchment, now held in Harvard, which have quota­tions from the Old Testament written in Archaic Hebrew!  So be it, surprises are good for your attention.

One recorder of legends has written that his father once found a stone picto­graph of the white-robed teacher.  (H.H.Bancroft is his label.)  It showed His hair, beard and toga, and “above His head, in Ancient Hebrew were the words of the Ten Commandments”.


Jmmanuel, as the Pale Prophet, promised the American Indians that He would return again at the end of this age.  But what is the sig­nificance of Je­sus’ travels to the Americas, and why did He travel to the East, as has now been proven through the Legend of St. Issa and other writ­ings?  To quote Paramahansa Yogananda in answer:

“God made Christ an Oriental in order to bring East and West together.  Christ came to awaken the Divine Con­sciousness of brotherhood in the East and the West.  It is true that Christ lived in India during most of the eighteen unac­counted-for years of His life, studying with India’s great mas­ters.  That doesn’t take away from his divinity and uniqueness.  It shows the unity and brother­hood of all saints and avatars.”

Jmmanuel (Jesus) as Christ was unique, as are all avatars.  They are unique as is each snow-flake; no two are exactly alike and yet they are united in that they come from the same source and are made of the same substance.  They are unique and yet united in Truth of Fa­therhood/Motherhood of God and the brotherhood/sisterhood of human­ity.  They all stem from the root of the One God, who has number­less manifestations, but is One—One in Spirit, One in Love, One in Truth.  UNITY DOES NOT IMPLY UNIFORMITY!

Stop trying to form up your blindfolded committees checking out different parts of the ele­phant and reaching wrong conclusions—TAKE OFF THE CONFOUNDED BLIND­FOLDS AND LOOK AT THAT WHICH IS IN FRONT OF YOU!

You must remove the blindfolds of prejudice and ignorance and see the over­all nature of the Lord, because, as the American Indians believe, no one reli­gion contains all the Truth; each one is but an attempt to understand the Na­ture of God and is, in reality, just a different path leading to the same Goal—The One Great Spirit who pervades all and is within and without all, and is beyond all worldly dualities, all distinctions, all physical attributes; the eternal Being—Sat-chit-ananda (Sananda?), Being-Conscious-ness-Bliss, where Love Eter­nal reigns supreme.

It is to the Realization of and Union with this Eternal Being—God without at­tributes, the Great Spirit behind all creation—that all avatars and true prophets are leading you.  The ex­ample given by the life of Sri Ramakrishna and his realizations of the Lord through three different paths proves that God is ONE, but that there are several paths to Him.  The only difference in Ramakr­ishna’s experiences is that he entered into union with the Lord through three different doors: Hinduism’s Mother, Islam’s Prophet, and Christianity’s Emmanuel.  It was through merging with these manifested forms of the Lord that Ramakrishna realized and achieved union with the unmanifested Lord, the Great Spirit, the Being of Light of whom those who have had death experiences speak.

Further, the teachings of all of God’s Messengers are so similar that if one did not know whose teachings one were reading, it would be difficult to guess cor­rectly who said what!  For example, the Christian Gnostic Gospels are most similar indeed to those of the East:

“. . . the identity of the divine with the human, the concern with illusion and enlightenment, the founder who is presented not just as Lord, but also as spiritual guide—that some scholars have suggested that if the names were changed, the `living Bud­dha’ appropriately could say what the Gospel of Thomas at­tributes to the living Jesus.”


Little Crow, who is bringing forth, soon, THE SACRED HILL WITHIN is, in this incarna­tion, a Lakota Sioux by birth tribe.  I do not wish to intrude in any manner with that won­drous docu­ment.  There­fore, all my rambling shall be from that which has come forth from others of the writers and tribal leaders.  Just as with the gospels of the disciples, all will vary in words—never in con­cept.


Near the village of Oraibi, Arizona, in the heart of Hopi-land, carved upon a rock, is a petro­glyphic representation that records the prophecy of the Great Spirit in regard to His return.

In the lower left-hand corner are a bow and an arrow, representing the mate­rial tools which the Great Spirit, who stands to the right of the implements, gave to the Hopi.

The Great Spirit points to his path, which is straight up.  An up­per path to the Great Spirit’s right is the white man’s way.  Two white men and one Hopi—symbolizing the Hopi who for­sake the old traditions and adopt other ways—walk this line.  A vertical line joins the path of the white man with that of the Hopi, indicating their contact since the Hopi’s emergence from the Lower World.  The Hopi’s path is lower, more spiritual, than the way of the white man.

A large circle represents World War I, another stands for World War II.  A third circle symbol­izes the Great Purification, which the Hopi feel is fast ap­proaching, according to a timetable that was set centuries ago.

After this transitional period, the Great Spirit returns; food and water is abundant; the world is made well.  The white man’s path becomes more and more erratic until it is but a series of dots that eventually fade away.  PAY ATTENTION PLEASE, YOU ARE RE­CEIVING THAT OF WHICH YOU HAVE PETITIONED OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

A quartered circle in the lower right hand corner of the petroglyph is the fa­miliar symbol for the spiritual center of the North Ameri­can continent, which the Hopi believe is the South­western United States, specifically the area around Oraibi.

It was once believed that the Cherokee held the answers (which of course they “also” do) but it would appear at this time of present knowledge that the most evident secrets are being pre­sented through the Hopi tradition.  Do not allow this to distract you ones simply because it is the basis of this discussion.

In the Hopi myths of their people emerging from one world to an­other (THROUGH THE SIPAPU), you may have a poetic accounting of a people’s intellectual and spiritual evolu­tion, or you may have ex­actly what the tradi­tional Hopi claim: the record of major high civi­lizations that rose and col­lapsed in prehistoric times.  One may call these civilizations Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis, it makes little difference as to labels; but the Hopi’s myths maintain that that human race has passed through three worlds which the Great Spirit has been forced to terminate, to purify, be­cause of the people’s corruption and materialism.  (Pilfer indeed, these records have been held since the be­ginning of your planet and some brought forth from long before!)

The last Great Destruction was achieved by flood, and all but a few faithful perished.  The story of the Great Deluge has survived in the myths of nearly every culture, and it is said that the Hopi and all those faithful who were saved made a covenant with the Great Spirit that they would never again turn away from His path.  But now, the Hopi believe, the Fourth World is coming to a close.  Men have fallen away from their covenant with the Great Spirit.  Once again, a Great Purification is needed.

The Hopi believe that the Great Spirit did interact with the first people and that He taught them how to live and how to worship.  He breathed His teachings, prophecies, and warnings on stone tablets, before He hid Himself from the view of man.  Spider Woman and her two grandsons, the Great Spirit’s helpers, remained, along with other guiding spirits.  These tablets were broken in half by the spirit Massau when the Hopi reached this continent.  To­day the traditional Hopi await the return of the Older Brother, whose skin has since turned white, who will match his share of the sacred stone tablets with those retained by his Younger Brother.  The re­joining of the sacred tablets will signal the advent of Purifica­tion Day.  Is it truly the “stone” which is sym­bolic or the WORD?  Keep writing Dharma!

The Hopi were led to their present home in Arizona by a star.  As Abraham dealt with his nephew, Lot, the Hopi chose desolate and in­fertile land and permitted other tribes to choose the greener, more fertile valleys.  Or so it may seem to those with greedy eyes.  The Hopi settled in the specified area because it is in the land of the Great Spirit.  In spite of the sparse quality of their home, the Hopi were warned, strangers would come and try to take it away from them.  The Hopi must resist all pressures, they were told, and they must hold on to the land and their ancient religion.  If they were able to retain control of their material and spiritual gifts of the Great Spirit and remain true to their name, “one who follows the peaceful path”, Hopi-land would one day be the spiritual center from which all Indians would be reawakened to the old traditions and would arise to touch the hearts and save the souls of the in­vading strangers.

There are shrines there in the spiritual center which are markers for spiritual routes which ex­tend in all four directions to the edge of the continent.  Through their ceremonies it is pos­sible to keep the natural forces together.  From the spiritual center, their prayers go to all parts of the Earth.  Their prayers are the bal­ance that keeps all things well and healthy.  This is the sa­cred place.  It must never be defiled.  Only people who know how to grow things will survive.  Through prayer, people can develop their own way, as the Hopi have.

Let us interrupt and speak of more crucifixions of the Natural Mother.


There is a massive crisis at Black Mesa, wherein coal is being strip-mined for a consortium of twenty-three power companies (Western Energy Supply and Transmission Association).  That won­drous land of wide, silent deserts and deep sky-space—that heart of Mother—will soon con­tain six giant power plants which will make up the heart of the energy grid.  To­gether all six plants will be able to generate some 14,000 megawatts (MW), yet this was just the begin­ning.  The plan is still for increasing increments to over 36,000 MW, 17 times the capacity of Egypt’s famed Aswan Dam.  How many of you readers realize this?

Since Black Mesa is considered by the Hopi to be the spiritual cen­ter of this continent, one can imagine the horror the uninformed traditionalists experi­enced when they learned of the planned dese­cration.  They are holding the land for the Great Spirit.  The Spirit gave the land into the hands of these people for safe keep­ing; they are holding this precious heart-land for the Great Spirit.  The Hopi feel the land is theirs to hold and yet the Hopi Tribal Council members and the Navajo Council members, too, are the very ones leasing to the mining company.  Brethren, it differs not at all from the total defacement in the wondrous Holy and Sacred mountains of the Black Hills of the Lakotas.  How dare the white evil men carve pictures of their evil leaders upon the face of God?  How long will you DARE to flaunt your destruction and desecration in the, and upon the, face of God?  NOT MUCH LONGER, MY CHILDREN, NOT VERY MUCH LONGER!  HOLD IT IN YOUR HEARTS!

The Hopi traditionalists refer to their prophecies and agree that the Older Brother will soon re­turn with his half of the Sacred Tablets (write a bit faster Dharma?).  The prophecies state that the Great Purification will occur when people turn to material, rather than spiritual, things; when evil ones set out to destroy the land and the life of the Hopi and other Indian brothers; when leaders of men turn to evil instead of the Great Spirit; when man has in­vented something which can fall upon the ground, boil every­thing within a great area, and turn the land to ashes where no grass will grow.  It would seem to me that this all matches pretty well with that which has been pretty much fulfilled.

The Hopi are not alone, dear ones, in their anticipation of a Great Purifica­tion and the tellings of the Mesquakie, a people who have proudly maintained the old traditions, see a great catas­trophe hap­pening soon to “rearrange things” and I would like to share it with you for you ones always seek, seek, seek your proof and confirma­tions.

It will possibly be a great fire of some type, and it will leave pockets of men and women who will begin to people the Earth again.  This is what the prophets of the Mesquakie have spoken.  They have spoken that the hundred thirty many people with their many lan­guages will want to come back to their old religion.  These people will want to return to the traditionalists to learn.  There are tradi­tional pockets in Mexico and in the United States.  People here in Iowa have called us heathens, pagans.  We shall see we are all brothers, after all.

“I think the end might be very near.  I am not speaking as a pes­simist, but as one who believes in the prophecies of the Mesquakie.  A hundred years ago, the Mesquakie prophesied a box that would sit in the corner in which we would see things happening far away and hear people speaking who would not be there.  They prophesied great trailways in the sky.  They said that the animals would be dying.  They said when many species were becoming extinct, man would begin to see unusual things.  Floods, earthquakes.  It would be as if the Earth were re­volting against its inhumane treat­ment.

“Other Indian tribes throughout the country are beginning to see these things coming.  Many are saying in desperation, `What can we do to revive the old tradi­tion?  How can we get back to it?’  Well, there is a way for them to return, of course; but time is very short.  They had better start re­turning now, or else they are going to be left on the railway station when the train leaves.  You know, it is all going to be over.”

The Indians of all tribes are storing food and water for the coming Great Pu­rification.  They have been told that there will be a ter­rible famine sometime soon—no longer than a mere few years of your counting, in the future.  Canned and dehydrated foods, seeds, kerosene lamps, bottled water and wa­ter purification tablets are being put aside in carefully concealed caches as well as oil and kerosene to fill the lamps and many candles to light the way un­til the tallows can be rendered.  The Hopi tell about the Older White Brother and the secret of what is to happen.

They spend much time in meditation and receive from the Great Spirit and they have al­ready put three years of food into secret storage.

The elders speak of “astral travel”.  The Hopi visualize themselves in a boat moving on a stream and they go and learn things about the Great Purification that is coming “sooner than we think”.  This is why they store up food.  There will be a great catastrophe, and they be­lieve that their home in the Southwest is a safe place.  There are several safe places if you ones but listen care­fully and stop of your time of division and ridicule for you leave precious little time for the preparations.


Let us speak of hoopla, nonsense and probabilities of truth.  My wish is not to start a cow­boys and Indians war.  There are always ones playing in the middle of truth but you shall find that these ones fit into the tapestry also.

A non-Indian, P.S., pronounced to the media that he had been sent to the Hopi reservation (ones are always claiming to be sent to some­where or other and poke into another’s busi­ness).  Dharma, go back and leave only initials please for I want no controversy or dis­tractions regard­ing this story.

He went to “call down” UFOs to present the Hopi with a sign, then produced what the waiting, skeptical press called “a flying saucer”.  It looked like a star—almost, it was claimed.  It rose in the sky, stopped, hovered, wavered to one side and then contin­ued across the sky repeating the ma­neuvers.  Now this was in August of 1970 and provoked yet another major split among the tradi­tional Hopi.  One of the elders, Chief Dan Katchongva (109 years alive), said that both the divi­sion and the UFOs are in fulfillment of the old prophecies fore­telling the Great Purification.


A petroglyph near Mishongnovi on Second Mesa shows flying “saucers” and travel through space.  The arrow on which the dome-shaped ob­ject rests, stands for travel through space.  There is also a maiden on the dome shape which represents purity.  Those Hopi who survive Pu­rification Day, they be­lieve, will be taken to other planets.  The faithful Hopi, have seen the ships and know they are true.  “We, the faithful Hopi have seen the ships and we have watched nearly all of our brethren lose faith in the original teachings and go off on their own course.  Near Oraibi was closely shown the Plan of Life, and we are gathered here to await our True White Brother.”  Some Hopi state that the ships are manned by Kachinas, entities which are portrayed in tradi­tional Hopi dances; I most sincerely hope, however, that I do not look like some of the fiercesome ones I have seen projected.

I refuse to get in the middle of Indian harangues any more than into the mid­dle of your ortho­dox doctrines but I do wish to share some of the legends which bear great truths and you can ride along for the enjoyment and insight therefrom.

Allow us a bit of a respite, Dharma, and then we will speak of some of the tellings of White Bear as regards to “the times” for I think you cannot hear of it too often.

Hatonn to stand-by.  Saluset­­

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