Question: Do you see the Event coming? Do you see the main Event coming before May 17th?

Question: Do you see the Event coming? Do you see the main Event coming before May 17th?

When you ask for particular dates, we ourselves and through this one, James, are not to give the type of date here because when the date is given it does not match necessarily to your time frame here so in order for a date to be given it must be written in stone. And as you know, there is nothing written in stone there is always that change that can come. Even as we speak now, May 17th or April 15th or whatever it might be and in the next moment after we utter this, through this one James, because of situations that happen around the planet and with each individual consciousness and within the collective consciousness everything can change again. And in the next moment it can change again and in the next moment a change again. That is why these dates and times never seem to materialize as you would want them to.

But please understand this, all of these things that have been said, are going to happen! They are going to happen. There is no question whatsoever as to that. They are going to happen. You must just allow for the process to evolve as it needs to and when the time is right, in terms of your three dimensional understanding, when the time is right it will occur. And in some respects it may seem to come out of nowhere.

Indian in the machine:  While the dates may come and go, they are useful as they give us something to aim for… something to grasp onto… all towards the inevitable.


6 thoughts on “Question: Do you see the Event coming? Do you see the main Event coming before May 17th?

  1. The “event(s)” has been predicted and “posponed” for 3 years. I have no trust in the light worker community channels.

  2. If you realy want an new world and an home for your family, you have to work for.

    Lesson 1: The mighty of wish

    You know, if you intuitivly not fullfill a wish, you always feel bad. The other and maybe also you don’t understand WHY. Most in first response they are confused, hate you, judge you …

    Try to be in the knowing of interpretion. WHY they wish, WHAT they expect? Make your one consense. Interpret the hidden context.

    If you consequently not fullfill a destructiv wish, it is hard work to do that. But the outcome is positiv, because the other will learn from that. Also it is positive for yourself to know which wish you can fullfill. Concentrate to these fullfillment its your way to get gifts for yourself and also it will bring us our world.

  3. I have 1st hand experience with dealings and beings ( spiritual ) from the other side of the veil.,I want to believe in the positive information from your site.I respect your efforts in reporting to inform the masses. I live in the area of Huntsville–Alabama.There is a huge–DOD–presense here.All media–ALL–even the facebook site is completely controlled..No information of a progressive or positive nature is permitted to be released here…Like a secret Soviet Sites..It is for despair..I feel this will be the last location where any–good information,is released..I pray I live to exist in that day to rejoice..But it is not this day…

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