Mars: Mysterious Artificial Light Beams Emerge From Surface, Seen In NASA Photos, Video

Mars: Mysterious Artificial Light Beams Emerge From Surface, Seen In NASA Photos, Video


IITM:  What isn’t on Mars these days?

13 thoughts on “Mars: Mysterious Artificial Light Beams Emerge From Surface, Seen In NASA Photos, Video

  1. This planet is a biological paradise, and if we screw it up and loose it, even if our race survives elsewhere, it’s unlikely that we’ll get a replacement anytime soon. My assumption is that there are positive ETs watching what’s happening here very closely, and even if they don’t engage in the types of objectional behavior that negative ETs do to get their way, that they have the ability to assist indigenous elements here opposed to what the negative ETs and their on planet operatives are doing. The positives almost certainly have a covert presence here, and it’s worth the effort to try to hook up with them to help even the playing field, and avoid getting overrun by the negatives and their on planet representatives.

    1. The way is a learning experience to be in charge of your fear.
      You hold on the 144+ by your fear of loosing control.

      1. Your comment doesn’t make any sense, what are you talking about? I don’t have much fear, I’m not foolish, but if I was afraid I wouldn’t be doing the type of work that I do.

  2. A lot of what’s talked about on new age websites like mass landings, evacuations, a criminal cabal, earth changes, planetary ascension, star seeds, star children, etc., is also talked about in books and writings about a negative ET systemic predatory hostile takeover practice, that has been used on many other planets that they’ve sought to add to their collective.

    An intervention that results in a terricidal planet kill can still be of use to an aggressor who can use their high technology, for resource extraction from the no longer habitable planet, and to can carry out a mass evacuation of the conquered race for use as a captive work population.

    So while there may be positive ETs with the military strength to prevent overt, NATO cabal crime syndicate, military style invasions of developing planets by negative ETs. They may allow planets to get involved with negative ETs of their own violation as a matter of free choice. And if the developing population doesn’t handle things well, they may end up with a negative future, or no future, as a result.

    Earth changes can be terra engineered using advanced energy weapons by negative ETs, or by their agents on this planet who’ve obtained this type of technology. And then written into a new age script disseminated to the public through plants and fronts in the new age movement.

    Quite a bit of the new age movement could easily be, and probably is, a front for various ET factions, both positive and negative, and their on planet agents, who are competing for influence here. The predatory ET faction purportedly has thousands of operatives integrated into terrestrial political and security structures using contactees that they’ve brought up to the ships and cut deals with, people born and raised off planet in breeding programs of 100% earth human DNA parentage from abdictees, using natural or artificial conception, and earth human/ET hybrids of off planet conception, that are infiltrated into our civilization to carry out the predatory ET agenda.

    Some of the people who are claiming to be extraterrestrial contactees in telepathic and direct communication with ETs, who say that they’ve been on their ships and traveled off planet with them, may be telling the truth. But the ETs that they’re involved with may be part of the negative ET presence here who are trying to gain control of our planet to our detriment as a race and civilization.

    My experience is that negative ET and terrestrial factions and bad actors, will try to suppress the activities of people like myself who are trying to lead humanity in a different direction away from a negative ET present and future, towards one where we transition into becoming an extraterrestrial civilization ourselves in a safe peaceful manner. Where people’s freedoms, human and civil rights aren’t violated, nobody gets injured or killed, and nothing gets damaged or destroyed. Anyone who has spent even a fraction of the time studying new age material that I have, knows that very little of it fits these common sense parameters that almost everyone would agree with.

    This is why people like myself and many others don’t agree with it, and are unwilling to passively watch negative events transpire on our planet. And are working on putting in place a different agenda that both neutralizes the negative ET agenda, and replaces it with a positive agenda. That will result in a future with a positive transition into the interstellar community of civilizations, in a safe peaceful manner on a war, poverty, pollution and deprivation free planet. With extended life spans, young healthy bodies, and the freedom to travel the universe on starships.

    This is the type of specialty small arms that I’m planning on including in my extraterestrial security trust for applications where silent operation is advantaegous. It’s a 6 shot, sub sonic, 357 caliber Crossman air rifle capable of taking large game up to deer and hogs:

    “Benjamin Rogue .357 shooting at Shot Show 2013”

  3. The UPS 400 round .30-06 AP hazmat shipment arrived a day late early this morning at the terminal. I completed the installation of the CQB scope on my .223 today and am leaving shortly to drive the 30 miles to the UPS terminal to pick up the antimaterial rounds.

    I finished the book E-Book Alien Mind, and printed out a copy to bring with me up into the wilderness to study. It’s the most advanced work on telepathy, remote sensing/viewing and exopolitics that I’ve read to date. Tonight when I get back from picking up the ammunition, I’m planning to pack the SUV with all of the camping and other gear that I brought and bought and head up from the motel 25 miles into the mountains, a lot of it on single lane dirt roads, to a high activity location for an overnight stay. This will be a lightly armed op without the civilian defense/assault and antimaterial rifles, to give ETs an opportunity to establish contact in a lightly armed enviroment if that’s something that they prefer. Where I’ll have just the minimum for responsible security considering the large terrestrial predator presence.

    I’m planning to stay here for another week and a half and to spend a lot time in the wilderness on overnights working on my telepathy and contact skills to see what develops. That will make a month that I’ve been here. This will be my first attempt to actually establish contact with an outreach effort. Everything up to this point has been recon and prepatory ops. At the end of next month I’ve got another op scheduled in one of the densest high activity areas on the planet where there have been serious security issues. I’ll be going in heavily armed with both hand and long guns, and will be packing most of the time.

  4. If positive ETs want to establish safe peaceful contact with me, and negative ETs try to interfere. The negative ETs risk an escalation with indigenous terrestrial forces armed with tactical nuclear and scalar weapons. I may be sacrificed rather than allowing an escalation to occur, but the capability of performance is present in this theater of operations. And there are a lot of intermediate weapons systems that can be used that would have little or minimal disturbance on the contact zone or surrounding areas.

    As long as things remain civil and there are no disturbances, the contact can proceed without incident.

  5. The scenario laid out in Alien Mind of a segregation and resource grab hostile takeover attempt by negative ETs trying to obtain exclusive control of our planet and race, is supported by geopolitical analysis contained in this and similar books and writings on the topic, by my own 30 plus years of behind the scenes peace process and political development work that isn’t publicly available, and by my own personal extraterrestrial contact experience.

    This doesn’t mean that what’s in this and similar works is 100% accurate, but I do think that there’s quite a bit of truth to it. Including segregation efforts to separate us from positive ETs who could help us, but are avoiding us because we’re currently a problem race that would be detrimental to the larger community of interstellar civilizations if allowed to venture out into space start causing all types of problems. And that our extinction or enslavement would be less threatening than allowing our transition into violent deep space trouble makers. And they’d rather let the negative ETs do the dirty work, then involve themselves with us in our current state.

    This is why weapons and security capabilities have become an integral component of my contact work, because I’m a high value targeted individual whose been repeatedly threatened and involved in multiple violent altercations. I’m not a violent person by nature, but I’m also not a human doormat for negative elements to walk all over.

    Much of the trouble and problems on this planet appear to have substantial off planet involvement and orchestration. For extraterrestrial biological beings, who can be killed or injured with our kinetic and other energy weapons, with life spans in the thousands or millions of years, our history is a short episode in their lives. And their projects here transcend generations and centuries and millenniums. So individual lives of our race are just a passing variable in their plans and projects.

    This is the challenge that we face, as we attempt to make the transition into becoming an extraterrestrial civilization ourselves. So getting the wars stopped, despite the fact that there are off planet provocateurs and their on planet agents instigating them, should be a primary objective of our civilization. And eliminating the blight and deprivation on our planet will make it a lot more attractive to positive ETs as one that they’d like to become more involved with.

    Anyone whose ventured into the discipline of telepathy as I have, and who has had the negative experiences with this effort that I have. Knows that there is a strong negative element present here that is trying to thwart our efforts to develop working relationships with more positive sentient life forms. And that the negatives are willing to use weapons and crime against people like me trying to chart a better future for our race.

    Mt view is that the biggest problem facing humanity from a terrestrial perspective are predatory NATO cabal hegemony wars and criminal regime change operations that do more harm than good. And that there are probably negative off planet operatives imbedded in NATO cabal government political and security structures that are advancing NATO cabal efforts to keep our planet is a perpetual state of war and deprivation to improve the ability of off planet predators to gain control of our planet to humanity’s detriment. And that bringing the NATO cabal into compliance with norms of civilized behavior, and reforming the NATO cabal away from it’s current bad actor status, and mass human and civil rights violations, is a primary task necessary to stabilize the security situation here, and eliminate the blight and deprivation impoverishing much of our planet. and to improve the freedom, human and civil rights of the people living here.

    The motel clerk just brought the new cqb (close quarters battle) scope for my .223 to my door. It has a red/green illuminated reticule, range estimating capability, parallax adjustment from 3 yards to infinity, and quick release scope ring base in case I need to get it off the rifle and use iron sights, or remove and replace it so that the scope will hold it’s zero and won’t have to be re sighted in. So I’ll need to get down to the range after I install it and get it sighted in with an adjustable bench rest, spotting scope, and impact highlighting targets. The 400 rounds of .30-06 AP should be at the UPS terminal this afternoon waiting for my signature.

    Once I get the .223 scope installed, both the .223 civilian defense and .30-06 antimaterial rifles can be test fired and checked for operational functionality at the shooting range. At that point I’ll have the ability to provide remote extraterrestrial contact zone ground and air space security out to a distance of 1,000 yards.

    1. I haven’t started the ET contact related violent altercations that I’ve been involved in, but once the violence starts, I am capable, and on occasion have gone on the offensive. I have special forces and US Navy medical training. I am capable of taking down one or more ET hostiles, capturing and restraining them, performing triage on their injuries, and bringing in support to provide them more advanced medical treatment. Though there are qualifying factors, such as my own medical safety. The link for this quote doesn’t work anymore, but the information that it contains is still relevent:


      During or just after the storm, soldiers and military policemen continued their search. Among them were two plainclothes Military Police agents who spotted yet another creature – possibly the one that the three women had seen that afternoon. It was hiding in a construction site in the Santana-Jardim Andere area not far from the woods.

      The two men were able to capture it and force it into the back seat of their unmarked police car. It may have been ill because the men reportedly took it to a small public health clinic for treatment. However, the doctor there refused to go near the creature and told them to take it to a hospital.

      Sometime during all this, one of the officers, twenty three-year-old Marco Chereze, stopped by his parents’ house, soaked from the rain. He told his mother he was on a mission and would be working all night. He asked her to tell his wife he wouldn’t be home for dinner, changed his clothes and left.

      Only Chereze is believed to have handled the creature with his bare hands while capturing it, and he became gravely ill some days later with an unusual infection. He was admitted to a hospital with a very high fever.

      He rapidly lost use of his arms and legs, and was unable to feed himself. At the end, he turned blue and failed to respond to treatment. He died on February 15.

      The only advice authorities gave his family was that his coffin should be sealed, that the funeral should take place without delay, and that burial should take place within a few hours. ”

      Source –

      I don’t want violent contact, but violence, crime and corruption are part of the contact experience that many or most people like myself working above a certain level have to deal with. Experience is the best teacher, if I didn’t want to progress as a contactee, I wouldn’t be spending the money, taking the time, and doing the field work that I am. So I hope for and try to achieve the best results that I can, and prepare to deal with negative contingencies if they unfortunately occur.

  6. This is a legally available, detachable magazine, shoulder fired, title 2 firearm in the U.S. chambered in the .30-06 AP caliber, with robust antimaterial capability of 1 inch steel plate penetration. That has an illustrious 100 year history, and is as capable of stopping vehicles and taking down aircraft today, as it has for the past 10 decades:


  7. I’m planning to start running overnight contact ops in remote high activity areas within the next 24 to 48 hours. So there’s a possibility that I might run into this type of activity:

    “Alien Filmed at Campsite?”

    What I’m looking for is something more advanced than this, though this is the type of activity reported in the location where I’m currently at. What I’d like is an ET liaison or small delegation with audio translation equipment to meet with me in a physically and medically safe manner, that can be recorded with my Galaxy S4 smartphone to document the contact. I’ll be at more than one local on more than one night. Depending on the local I’ll be lightly armed with bear spray, tactical lock blade and katana, and at another I’ll have detachable magazine assault and anti material rifles equipped with night operations electronics and optics, capable of taking down hostiles, probes and small ships, to provide enhanced site security for a rendezvous. I’m willing to meet with both ET diplomatic and security/military personnel.

  8. “The video clip below is authentic super-secret National Reconnaissance Organization (NRO) video footage shot by two US Marines deployed on January 27, 1982 as part of a secret [Cabal] National Reconnaissance Organization UFO-retrieval team sent in to southwest Chihuahua State, Mexico to retrieve a starcraft shot down Jan. 25, ’82 and to capture any crew members dead or alive.
    In the 1-1/2 min. video clip below you will see a female Star Visitor injured survivor I’ve dubbed ‘Eve’, warily peering out from behind the jungle foliage at a male Marine 1stLt approaching and narrating while his female USMC 2ndLt teammate video-records the scene. Watch the video at:
    Here is further information not provided with the video.
    The craft was from the Procyon-B star system in the constellation Canis Minor, 11 light years from Earth. It carried a crew of four. One crewman, male, was killed in the crash. Three crew, two females and a male, survived with moderate injuries and were able to walk but not run. The Star Visitor seen on camera is ‘Eve’, a female. Behind her unseen but nearby in the woods are the other two, her husband ‘Jim’ and another female. All three were captured by NRO after this video was taken and transported away, along with their dead crewman’s body.
    The starcraft had been fired upon at 12,000 feet altitude over central Nevada by a (Cabal) Lockheed X-22A two-man antigravity disc fighter operating from ambush at 17,000 feet. The X22-A carried a directed-energy electromagnetic-pulse (EMP) cannon. The EMP burst mortally wounded the starcraft’s advanced-technology quasi-living navigation/guidance & fuselage system.
    The craft rapidly descended with increasing loss of control and crashed in the rugged Sierra Madre Occidental mountains of southwestern Chihuahua State near its border with Sinaloa State, Mexico. The crash site is 164 km (102 miles) NE of the Pacific coastal city of Los Mochis. Site GPS coordinates: 26 deg., 07′, 51.22 N; 107 deg., 23′, 57.55″ W. The NRO built a dirt strip just east of the crash site to facilitate aerial removal of craft wreckage.
    The NRO crash-retrieval team took the three survivors and the dead crewman to the G-13 underground detention facility in Nevada, the Cabal’s principal prison for Star Visitor captives.
    The dead crewman’s remains, after Cabal dissection, were transported to special hermetically-sealed underground containment-storage vaults west of Nevada’s Area 51. GPS coordinates: 37 deg., 14′, 59.29″ N; 115 deg., 56′, 36.40″ W.
    G-13 is the code name for a detention facility operated for the Cabal by Halliburton/Kellogg, Brown, Root Inc., an enormous construction, engineering and private military contractor. G-13 is situated within a large lava-rock outcropping, 13-stories-underground. G-13 sprawls over 209 acres, 8/10-mile long and 4/10 mile wide, and covers 1,012,460 square yards.
    G-13 was opened in November, 1981 at the beginning of the Ronald Reagan Presidency “Star Wars” era and continued in operation into 2013.
    The Cabal’s UFO Shoot-Down Program to retrieve Star Visitors’ technology and torture any survivors for more information, began with the shoot-down of a UFO on Aug. 15, 1945 just west of White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. It reached its high point during the Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush presidencies. Neither Presidents Reagan, Clinton, George W. Bush nor Obama were aware of G-13’s existence. George Herbert Walker Bush, Texas oil trillionaire and uber-Cabal 41st President, is the only U.S. President aware of G-13’s existence.
    During G-13’s 31 years operating, 23 Star Visitors have died in captivity. As of the beginning of 2013, G-13 had 35 Star Visitors, innocent but unlawfully imprisoned.
    G-13 is located 13 stories underneath Indian Springs Valley on the Nevada Test Site, 6.73 km NNE of the control tower at Creech Air Force Base, Indian Springs, NV. G-13 facility’s GPS coordinates: 36 deg., 37′, 49.90″ N; 115 deg., 43′, 19.31″ W.
    Security at KBR’s G-13 prison has been provided by private security guards under a subcontract with infamous private military company Blackwater/Xe/ Academi. Each shift had 18 security personnel. G-13 security measures included acoustic and infra-red motion detectors, night-vision-capable video surveillance, and cell walls honeycombed with dense wire clusters running pulsed extreme-voltage electricity to make even a Star Visitor’s escape impossible. …”

    Source –

    “Genuine Alien Footage Caught on Tape”

    This isn’t the type of contact work that I do, though as of tomorrow, assuming that the UPS hazmat 400 round black tip .30-06 AP (armor piercing) shipment arrives on schedule. I will have the kinetic energy weapon anti material rifle capability to bring down probes and small ships under some circumstances if the threat assessment warrants it. And the open military communications channels to bring in support in the event of hostilities, which I try to avoid if possible.

    There is another school of thought on the new age, earth changes, star seed, star children situation, which is that it is a duplicitous front. And that these are hybrids bred for our replacement and extinction as part of a hostile take over of our planet by predatory off worlders with a long history of disinformation, omnicide and terricidal planet kills.

    I’m finishing a book called “Alien Mind” that describes this perspective in detail, it can be downloaded as a free E-Book at this link:

    I can’t confirm at this time the veracity of either the star seed or hostile take over scenarios. What I do know from personal experience is that when I got involved with the star seed people and what they had to offer, that I got shot in the face with a beam weapon that left my face permanently mutilated and almost blinded me in my left eye. So I would advise caution to anyone involving themselves in this activity, because it may be a bait and switch.

    This doesn’t mean that all ETs are bad or that there aren’t good ETs in the star seed structure, if there’s any truth to it, who might be helpful. So I try to judge every circumstance by what happens, and utilize what’s beneficial where I can find it.

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