Notice The Absence Of Death In Recent Strong Earthquake Trends?


Notice The Absence Of Death In Recent Strong Earthquake Trends?


2 thoughts on “Notice The Absence Of Death In Recent Strong Earthquake Trends?

  1. Why people are so lazy?
    What you/ they should know?

    All living forms are mortal! The so called I AM PRESENCE is unique. If you die your soul goes back to the energypool – normaly dissolving. Within life you have the access to that pool – if you use it or not. It is.
    This energypool holds all the explored informations (bibliothek). You resonate with – always. Sometimes the information is bounding on a great human that lived on earth, sometimes you get contact which based on the same inner living spark (thougth/ wish) – means why the were here = helping hands. It is a vast empire with endless support.

    To think that you lived before or that you are immortal is a total error. It is not possible. You are unique and that is the most valuable source.

    What is immortal? The special of you – the difference. And sometimes the difference of your explored gifts can be bounding on your name because it is realy new for the energypool and give a way for expansion.

    Mission clear? Integrate the support system! Especially men can do this about opening yourself for the attribute oriented architecture by nature itself. Solutions are!! Massive support and integration set for the common object oriented architectur of our world.

    Cleaned up! Then the fun begins – guaranteed !

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