Who’s Jesus is the correct Jesus?

Who’s Jesus is the correct Jesus? The one who does not deny the Law of God and the Creation.  You will be expected to know and live by the Laws of God and the Creation, if you are allowed to explore the rest of the Universe… those who are not ready, will expect others to die for their sins and will remain bound to a 3D planet. This is my conclusion after studying Sananda messages for over 10 years…  Sananda says he didn’t die for people’s sins… that would be enabling people to be irresponsible…. make sense?

Jesus is now Sananda… don’t expect the Vatican to tell you…  the Vatican wants you to die for their sins… twisted eh?  They know ‘damn well’ Sananda, is half-archangel, and has abilities beyond all humans.   http://iamsananda.wordpress.com/

Selling the Jesus myth is big business.

Indian in the machine


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