White House COVERING UP Galactic Federation of Light Fmr Sen Mike Gravel Speaks Out

White House COVERING UP Galactic Federation of Light Fmr Sen Mike Gravel Speaks Out


8 thoughts on “White House COVERING UP Galactic Federation of Light Fmr Sen Mike Gravel Speaks Out

  1. Humm, I’ve followed the Andromeda Council website since 2011. They are supposed to have cleared earth of these vermins completely. Weird…

    1. Yea there really is no proof ive seen of the galactic federation and other channeled groups. Just empty promises. The removal of cabal/illuminati, ascension, tsnami of love, and disclosure were all promised to happen MANY times by now through channelers in the past. I love ET news, like this video, but im pretty sick of these channelers across various sites. I know indianinthemachine believes in the galactics but its getting pretty absurd with the failed promises and lack of evidence.

      1. The internet, the sky, workers from underground cities, NASA SOHO imagery, military disclosure dispositions, personal visitations, historical art and writings, the bible even, photographic evidence, astronauts from Apollo programs up to present day, channeled messages, sightings over military installations, crop circles, politicians like Paul H. Ex-Defense Minister of Canada and other politicians, Russian and American declassified documents, millions of ufo sightings from people from all over the world, and much more… this is quite a list isn’t it?… all this evidence is there for those with an open heart and mind…you can lead a horse to water. Even a young celebrity like Demi Lovato is courageous and thoughtful enough to come to this conclusion: I believe in aliens. I think it would be way too selfish of us as mankind to believe we are the only lifeforms in the universe.

      2. My thoughts also….and I sometimes wonder, if they are real, who’s welfare they have in their hearts, or what is their true agenda.
        Remember, the Anti Christ is said to arrive before Jesus’ walks on Earth again.

  2. You take an interview with a decent man like Mike Gravel and pair it up with dramatic nonsense and a title about the Galactic Federation of Light as if he said anything about this bogus group. Rather then honor the guy and try to stretch to understand the points he makes you do exactly what he complained about (reducing the call for disclosure to a piece of dramatic nonsense). Shame on you.

      1. Thanks… there’s lots of proof of GFL neutralizing nuclear missile sites.. smart ass! https://www.google.ca/search?q=galactic+federation+of+light+missile&rlz=1C1CHFX_enCA510CA510&oq=galactic+federation+of+light+nuclear&aqs=chrome..69i57.6265j0j7&sourceid=chrome&espv=210&es_sm=122&ie=UTF-8


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