Regenerate From Lifetime Of Bloating With One Ingredient Soup

Regenerate From Lifetime Of Bloating With One Ingredient Soup

 Sprouted peas have up to 30x the nutrients of regular peas. 

Recipe: Add as much as you want of sprouted peas to water and boil for 20 min… then add salt to taste. (Sprouted peas are peas soaked in water til they sprout roots.  Recipes are vague they are spirit recipes… adjust for taste and need.)

Let us know how it tastes… this simple broth soup just might change the world. Why? Peas are very strong in regeneration of the body. Raw is good, but cook your sprouted peas for 15-20 min… strain and add salt to taste, lemon to taste and raw green onions to taste… and it’s like a chicken soup experience but for those not wanting meat.. oh and another thing… this broth blows away msg Wonton soup…..

In a world we live in, very foods actually regenerate us… most seem to go in the opposite direction.  As a result, we are living in with permanent bloating and body inflammation…. this soup WILL change that.

For the fuller expression of  health…also reduce starch intake… starchy foods… many but not all of them, are doing untold damage… especially wheat hybrids. White rice? Healthy?  White sugar? Come come….

Listen to this…if you’ve been eating wheat and other unhealthy starches your entire life, your body has yet to express itself in a way which you are originally designed, PERHAPS YOU’VE BEEN BLOATED FROM BIRTH?… sooooo if that’s case… all you’ve known is to be bloated… perhaps you told yourself, ‘it’s in my genes to be fat cause all my relatives are fat’.

Perhaps this short message and the easiest recipe for soup, will change your life forever….  I hope that excites you…. I hope this recipe finds you if you are struggling with your health… you probably trusted corporate food and are now facing cleanup, like we all are.

Indian in the machine

Research health benefits of sprouted peas.


Pic of a batch of sprouted pea soup made with mushrooms and pepper for added superbroth goodness.


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