Sheldan Nidle Confirms Malaysian Flight 370 is in a Higher Dimension

Sheldan Nidle Confirms Malaysian Flight 370 is in a Higher Dimension


5 thoughts on “Sheldan Nidle Confirms Malaysian Flight 370 is in a Higher Dimension

  1. To be fair, there is no real evidence. A mysterious unnamed british corporation analyzed satalite images and confirmed the plane whent down. That is the official story now. Nothing to see here. Move along. Our media is no more reliable then Sheldan, and probably less so.

    My take on all this new age movement if you want my 2 cents:

    The singularity aproaches. This event will be whatever you believe it will be. That is why so many parties are attempting to shape your expecatations. Choose wisely and be free.

  2. Steve Fossett’s bones were eventually recovered and DNA
    testing provided a positive match. The “channeled” Fossett announces that his physical being was transformed by benevolent ET technology into a new “body” that is “larger, lighter” and presumably more “ascended”. Therefore the channeled account linked to this story contains an obviously fraudulent statement. Obviously the “channel” had missed the fact that Fossett’s bones had been recovered and therefore handed us a verifiable contradiction.

    This is not accidental. Like I said before this group wants humanity to climb into “ascension chambers so that we too can have 4th dimensional bodies. Give it some thought man. If there are negative controlling ET’s do you really want to give them the right to “alter” you somehow?

    Put that aside, I know you think it’s hair splitting and you can’t be bothered with details. Details are a “downer”. So just read the actual “channeling” you linked to and notice how it again paints Barack Obama as a “spiritual leader”. Come on guy, do you really need me to remind you that this president demands we

    1) Accept the official version of 911 as a credible explanation of events.

    2) Accept a never ending and constantly expanding “war on terror” and NSA surveillance as necessary for our “security”.

    3) Accept an expanded drone program that kills hundreds of innocent civilians and American civilians without any due process based solely on his “executive powers”. (leaked statement: “I finally found something I’m really good at, killing people”)

    4) Accept his unparalleled prosecution of whistle blowers like Bradley Manning who showed real courage in exposing admitted violations of the Geneva convention and actual war crimes.

    5) Accept his Monsanto protection bill that shielded this bio tech exploiter from any liability arising from it’s poisonous GMO foods.

    6) Accept his complicity in the Benghazi and Seal Team Six cover ups where he has actively obstructed investigations to expose the truth.

    Hopefully the Birther investigation will expose Obama and set the house of card falling, but in the meantime I have some serious questions for you.

    1) Are you so desperate for “news” that you are willing to jump on the “Obama is from the light” bandwagon?

    2) Isn’t there just a little bit of contradiction in your posting a piece about a world wide meditation to clear the ley lines in Rome and liberate the planet? Obama just held a high profile celebratory meeting with the Pope. So now are both Obama, the Pope and the Catholic Church of the light? The Catholic Church has been absolutely vicious in persecuting native American peoples. Are they good guys now? If yes who are the cabal whose influence we are supposed to be clearing?

    Come on man, I understand this is “info entertainment” and you may be more interested in keeping up your readership than parsing out the details but deep down within yourself you do have some integrity right? Read the “channeled” message from the Shelden Nigel mouthpiece carefully then help us understand this disconnect from your perspective.


    1. Hi Julian. I hope you are doing well, you seem stressed. The reason I’m replying to you’re comment is because I’m trying to figure out why you’re giving Dieter a hard time with what he feels right to post on his blog. If you don’t agree with the information he posts, then move on to something else. I say this to assist you and in no way insult or argue. You don’t see the author of this site telling you what to say to people now do you? We’ll of coarse not, he respects people’s views

  3. Tell Sheldon that they confirmed it to be in the Indian Ocean just off Austrailia. So I guess you could say it is in a “LOWE” dimension….The say he big pieces are ittttttttt!!!

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