Why The Coverup? Mayasian Flight 370 May Lead To Extraterrestrials/First Contact

Why The Coverup? Mayasian Flight 370 May Lead To Extraterrestrials/First Contact

Dear world,

First the list…

1.  Suspicious response from authorities who would have many tracking abilities from satellites to phones etc.

2.  No one is talking about a mysterious radar anomaly…. why?

3.  There were ufos seen in the area after the Flight 370 disappearance incident.

4.  There have been no bodies or plane parts recovered.

5.  Earth governments appear to be still somewhat hostile to our visitors…AND TO US AND TO ALL LIFEFORMS.

6.  There is an obvious media cover up of decades of ufo visitation/star family visitation.

7.  Watch as the world solves this mystery… for we may be guided to those we are scared of… those who can help us… those who can help us to heal ourselves and our planet… our star family.

There IS obviously a cover up regarding Flight 370, but why?


It is interesting that credible messages that are coming through regarding Flight 370, through Ashtar through Suzy Ward, and Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghof.

It is interesting to note that our star family suggest this is a bit of a new strategy to first contact… why we surmise?  It’s probably easy to say we earth humans are a hard nut to crack… over 70 years of intensified first contact sky activity…. and still most humans are either afraid of ‘aliens’… or too busy twerking, or even more so… to busy watching others twerk!

Soooo I share with you these three sources of material on this matter coming from channeled sources… I am not saying that even these messages are telling the complete truth.

What I am saying is that there is enough evidence that there is a coverup… and that our star famiily are saying, this time, that they saved the crew.

The first message talks about the relocation of Flight 370 to alternative planet.

While this may sound like crazy talk from an Indian drinking the mouthwash… based on the information I’ve looked into from numerous sides… it does sound like there is radar evidence of this event described by Ashtar… and that the humans are baffled to tell the truth on this one, because it puts first contact with extraterrestrials to the forefront of our consciousness… THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT THEY WANT… a unification with earth humans with all the universe… our allies are not led by Ashtar, Hatonn and Sananda. GET TO KNOW THESE BEINGS!

There were even ufos in the area after the disappearance incident…

More Pink Elephant Details: Over 50 UFO’s Seen Near Phuket Thailand After Malaysia Flight 370 Goes Missing 

And as if that wasn’t enough, there was also recently another demonstration of peace held outside the International Space Station.

ISS Live Stream Shows Possible Starfleet In Near Earth Orbit March 10 2014



And while this is going on… we’ve got some ley line work to do over the next few days… please read and get involved… as well, there is the ongoing personal transformation towards ascension to keep preparing for… 20 Steps To Shift In The Blink Of An Eye…. DETOX DETOX AND MORE DETOX… there’s a whole lotta eating wheat and it’s a poison… there are the chemtails, the chemsnow… the poisoned air, food, water and soil… detox folks.  THE WORLD’S HARRY POTTER MOMENT: Take Back Earth Ley Lines In Global Meditation 

Indian  in the machine Free music downloads and new slideshow.





1.  Message from Ashtar through Kathryn E. May.  

Ashtar does NOT say why the plane suddenly dropped… perhaps we humans can solve some of our own mysteries. Some suggest this sound like alien abduction, but keep in mind if your plane was heading straight down, you would likely be glad to have been picked up… life on the ships is waaaaay more comfortable than anything earthlife can offer… so I imagine if this scenario is true, then everybody is doing very very good.

GPS info on Malaysian 370 flight kept secret… /events/2014/03/malaysia-plane-coverup-passengers-cell-phones-ringing-gps-information-kept-secret-2432746.html

Entire Kathryn E. May message /alternative/2014/03/breaking-news-et-commander-ashtar-says-his-sky-dread-not-is-disclosure-malaysian-plane-and-nesara-update-2916044.html?currentSplittedPage=0

A second message on this situation from Sananda through Kathryn E. May Press Release – Flight 370 Rescued, Safe in the Hands of Galactic Ship

Indian in the machine
Research:  https://indianinthemachine.wordpress.com/?s=ashtar

2.  Message from Matthew — March 20, 2014

 21 March 2014 – 7:45am |  Luisa Vasconcellos


Message from Matthew

March 20, 2014


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew, and now I shall speak only for myself. When the Malaysian aircraft went missing, I was assisting a civilization in another galaxy and had no knowledge of the event until three days later, when my mother first heard about it and asked me what I knew.

Thereupon I contacted a colleague in Nirvana, whose investigation disclosed that three persons had been in an airplane immediately prior to arriving in Nirvana on the day the plane disappeared. My colleague told me their records show that they died of natural causes in accordance with their soul contracts, and he couldn’t verify that they were on the plane in question.

Since then, responsibilities and family visits have kept my mother’s thoughts and time occupied, and when she asked today if I have verifiable information now, I told her yes, but I prefer that she receive it directly from my source, Ashtar.
Mother, he is awaiting your greeting.

Ashtar, hello!  Matthew said you have information about the missing plane. He would like me to receive it directly from you instead of his paraphrasing what you told him.

Yes, Suzy, I know, and hello!  It’s been quite a while since we talked, and I’m glad for this opportunity to be together again. After Matthew asked me to tell you what I know, I put together a little presentation of sorts and I’ll get right to it.

All persons aboard the missing airliner were relocated to a small planet that approximates your atmosphere and to some extent the topography, and the inhabitants are fairly similar to your population in appearance. When the plane developed serious malfunctions that couldn’t be remedied, we shifted it into a higher dimension and set course for that planet. None of the soul contracts of the crew and passengers included such an adventure, but neither did they include death at that time. In cases like that, we are authorized to step in.

The unexpected experience was real to them because all witnessed the plane’s abrupt turn, yet surreal because they were flying through space unlike anything they had ever seen. There was no panic because immediately the rescuers used our communication system to tell them what was transpiring, and the energy of the loving explanation created a peaceful acceptance within those people whose future was being redirected.

The plane was dematerialized after all had disembarked. They were met by some of our crew members, who had taken on Earth body appearances and garb to ease the newcomers’ first moments in their new land, and taken to what you would call an exclusive resort. It is the “starting-over” point for all Earth souls who are rescued by other civilizations, and there have been many of those occasions in your past centuries.

During the first days the group received a “downloading” of the only language spoken in that world and basic knowledge of the population. It is a simple procedure, like the workings of your computers. After an orientation briefing and photographic overview of what the region offers, each person was given the choice of various types of living quarters, individual transportation mode, and employment or schooling. Each was given a paper that functions like a ticket to attend all events desired and plenty of the “tokens” that are used to obtain articles or services.

From the resort, all were taken to the quarters they chose and given their chosen mode of private transportation, and food and all other basic necessities were provided for housekeeping. You could think of this as an unusually elaborate “welcome wagon” service. The newcomers’ knowledge, talents and interests will be well used and appreciated in that world, and, just as on Earth, life there is as fulfilling and meaningful as each chooses to make it.

Now, Suzy, I’ll answer the questions running around in your head. No, we couldn’t put those people back on Earth. We had to act fast, but every possible factor was considered and going to that world was their best option—it was the only option that could assure their survival.
We couldn’t put the plane on a runway at its destination airport—without landing clearance, it would have created chaos and danger to incoming and departing air traffic. And who could explain how that disabled craft suddenly showed up on the ground hours ahead of schedule? How could its sudden public appearance anywhere be explained? Well, it couldn’t, but that wasn’t the decisive factor. There weren’t sufficient provisions in the plane, most essentially water, for all on board to live very long without replenishments, and there is no secluded place on your planet where we could put it down and guarantee those people’s survival until they were found.

We wish everyone in your world could know that they are alive and well on a planet much like Earth, but who would make such a statement? Who would believe it? Especially we wish the families and friends of the people who disappeared could know that their dear ones are living comfortably and happily in a world that is far better than yours is at the moment.

Any more questions, Suzy?

Thank you for answering the ones I had in mind, Ashtar. It’s amazing how those people were so wonderfully treated and their living needs accommodated! Do you know if they and the people who love them can be reunited during this lifetime?

No, I don’t know, but I think it’s very unlikely. The energy of love bonds assures reunion in spirit, but most of Earth’s residents have a long way to go in raising their consciousness level before meeting up physically is within their reality.

Could mediums, or readers, here contact the “plane” people and get information for their families?

Telepathic communication is universe-wide, but making those connections would be difficult. Only exceptional intermediaries are clearly attuned to the vibrations of souls very far beyond Nirvana—the world they’d need to reach is outside your solar system—and here again you’re dealing with lack of awareness. Most people on Earth believe only what they’ve personally experienced or have been taught, and telepathic communication isn’t widespread in either category.

Well, OK, but can the facts about what happened be told after lots of your spaceships land and ETs who are living here become known?

Yes, definitely!

Ashtar, do you know when that will occur?

Suzy, if I did, I’d shout it from your rooftop!  Not really, but we certainly would tell your leaders so it could come from official sources before numbers of us show up in our “native” bodies. It’s like Matthew and Hatonn told you, God took charge of the timetable because only He can know when the collective psyche of your civilization is ready to welcome strangers like us. You can’t even get along with each other yet!

You’re right, and it’s terribly painful for so many—billions are suffering. What more can lightworkers do to turn this around?

Dear heart, all I can tell you is what lightworkers already are doing, showing the power of love by living that way.  But, you could talk more about the universal law of attraction—you don’t have to call it that, but your people need to know that the energy of their thoughts, feelings and actions zooms into the universal soup and boomerangs back with more of the same. Too many thoughts are about fear, war, prejudice, disease, poverty, despair—what the thinkers’ don’t want—and that’s why change is coming slowly, steadily but slowly.

It seems more slow than steady. I don’t have any more questions right now, Ashtar. Thank you for everything you told me.

You’re welcome, of course, but I don’t want to end this on that sour slow note of mine. We’ve been ready for years to join you—we love you, our brothers and sisters!—and when I reached that point, I let impatience get the better of me. The truth is, your progress during the planet’s ascension has astounded light forces throughout the universe! Your resilience, resourcefulness and determination to give future generations a better worldalready has made it so. You’re still working on this in your concept of time, but in the continuum, it’s a done deal, so let me sign off with HOORAH for your glorious victory!

Yes! Thank you, Ashtar. Ciao for now.


Suzanne Ward



3.  Cosmic Awareness message.

March 13, 2014

The Mystery of the Missing Airliner






4 thoughts on “Why The Coverup? Mayasian Flight 370 May Lead To Extraterrestrials/First Contact

  1. Honestly are these stories really helpful when they are built on a foundation of previous disinformation? You insist on calling “Ashtar” messages credible even when the cigar shaped video has been exposed as a media company’s creative invention. It’s very disappointing to see you ignore black and white evidence that exposes the “Draughtnaught” message as disinformation and you clearly are doing no favors to the movement as a whole.

    I suspect we’ll find out eventually what happened to that plane and hope there was some benevolent intervention. In the meantime the choreographed announcements of “anomalies” are not so difficult to understand. The globalist cabal is running out the 30 day battery life of the black box signal with false leads after which we’ll see Flight 370 resurrected as the fabricated vehicle in the next terror attack. Let’s all focus our intention that the next false flag involving a nuke blamed on Iran is defused before it drags us into global conflict.

    1. Get to know Ashtar, Hatonn and Sananda…. they’ve written a couple of hundred books worth of material… I’ve spent over 10 years… more time than I went to university studying their messages… I’m comfortable with my conclusions and open to all possibilities… focus on prevention of false flags, not preparing for next one. 😉

      1. I’ll second that one brother! 🙂 I guess that I can now bring this out which i’ve been keeping under wraps for about 3 weeks now. During a astral dream around 3 weeks ago, as I was waking, I vividly remember being in a meeting of great importance, Now, without remembering any sort of conversation going on, I do remember being in a auditorium type of setting and seeing an angelic being speaking to many, many of us who were there. This Angelic being was glowing, and had many light sprites coming out of the head area, and I also remember this being having wings to. Unfortunately I cannot remember what was said. But I can say that every time I experience these events, something always seems to break into the news. such as Fukushima, Sandy Hook, hurricane Katrina, the Ukraine stuff happening. just to name a few. I cannot explain to you why, it just happens. So when I am asked if I believe that our Star family is involved in this I say YES, because to me personally it resonates within me as truth regardless of what someones own opinion may or may not be. I frankly could care less. What is, IS. I am seeing a lot of negative and overtly opinionated responses all over the internet about this subject. So with that being said, We shall all see! What say you? 🙂 Peace My brother. All is well 😉

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