Mooji: Paradox of doing nothing

Paradox of doing nothing

 19 March 2014 – 10:20am |  Acaana

The Real cannot be discovered outside yourself. 
All That Which Appears through the body, mind and senses is phenomenal and time-bound. 
Do not try to become the Self. 
While the seeker is busy trying to reach the Self, he misses the goal of h search is,
Which is ALREADY complete and ever present as His inner-most Being. 

Though the usual tendency is to identify with the mind-seeker … DON “T. 
Instead, behind the one trying Recognize THAT is the effortless One.
Confirm this. 

It is timeless and eternally perfect. 
And If you miss, you are going to find yourself on a ‘merry-go-round’ and it is not that merry, I tell you. 
Inner Silence Find and Be That Which is never on the move. 
Leave aside all intentions, notions and desires. Even the desire for freedom must be dropped. 
Become ENTIRELY empty and do not start picking up any new ideas.
Paradoxically, the most powerful force in the universe is doing nothing at all. 
Go deep. Find and Be the Real!
 ~ Mooji 
March 2014



3 thoughts on “Mooji: Paradox of doing nothing

  1. Please HELP!!
    Open up for beeing univeral. Do not observe the leylines by THINKING about Rom or Agypt. IF you do, you holding the cover up!!!

    Think big! Think twice! UNIVERSE UNITIY! Make the cover up unsubstantial!

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