Check Out The Alternative News Network….

Check Out The Alternative News Network…

This Alternative News Network site does an RSS feed from some might fine sites… kinda cool. 😉 The ANN features Matthew’s Messages… Russia Today… Mercola and Icke…aaaaand Sananda? Wow! and there’s some Indian in the machine feed… remember when CNN seemed alternative? lol… we’ve come a long way folks… support these new networks cropping up….good job Tim!  Diego

David Wilcock – The Future of Earth

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By Noelle Brighton NOTE: On Dec 21, 2012, We all expected a sudden shift of Earth and Humanity into the upper 4th, lower 5th Dimensions. It seemed like a great let-down on the next day – not much seemed to have changed. We did cross over into the Galactic Plane and thus experienced a huge […]

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By Alexandra Make sure you read this article that is hyper linked below…some very interesting pieces of information on ley lines, DNA, energy, vortices, vegetarianism and more. Montague’s Message for Sunday, 8th December 2013 It is wonderful when someone grasps what you are trying to expose and explain: they run with it and they […]

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Democracy Now Headlines for Today!

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By Alexandra Russia, U.S. Trade Sanctions over Ukraine; EU Leaders Sign Deal with Ukraine Gov’t Russia and the United States have each imposed new sanctions on the other over the crisis in Ukraine. President Obama made the announcement on Thursday. President Obama: “Based on the executive order that I signed in response to Russia’s initial […]

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ALERT!!!!!!!! ALERT: Bank Runs Have Begun

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By Alexandra As Kevin Annett just reiterated through so many of his world wide connections, it is TIME to remove your money from the banks! Check this newest update from Bix!-A.M. Well it looks like the “Economic Wars” being waged between the US and Russia are starting to manifest into their inevitable conclusion…BANK RUNS!! Remember…no […]

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By Alexandra Haven’t seen anything else on this so use discernment, but if you do, please let me know about it!-A.M. ANNOUNCEMENT ALERT GOLD CURRENCY ANNOUNCEMENT ALERT ON CNBC 4 TO 4:30 PM THURS EST A REQUEST FROM ‘WE THE PEOPLE” THIS IS ADDRESSED TO THE AMERICAN PATRIOTS. THIS IS A CALL TO ARMS — […]

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Was the death of Hitler reported to be a suicide as a diversionary hoax which allowed him to escape unnoticed from Germany?

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By Alexandra Dear friends, Why did the FBI wait over 65 years to quietly release hundreds of pages of documents suggesting Adolf Hitler’s death as a suicide was a carefully crafted hoax? Did Hitler escape to Argentina, as described in the collection of declassified documents now posted on the FBI website? Was the death of […]

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Universities Offering Tuition Breaks To Combat High Student Debt, Low Graduation Rates

By Noelle Brighton Source: TheRealNews The University of Baltimore’s Peter Toran discusses his school’s plan to offer students a free final semester of tuition and UC-Santa Barbara graduate student Samir Sonti * agrees that federal intervention is needed to address the structural causes of high student debt and low graduation rates The post Universities Offering […]

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UK Home Garden Diversity Aids Suffering Bee Population

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By Noelle Brighton Heather Callaghan | Activistpost | March 20th 2014 If you plant it, they will come. A new study confirms the crucial aid that typical British gardeners might unknowingly provide to rapidly declining pollinators. According to Ecologists at Plymouth University, it matters not to busy bees where they are getting their food sources. […]

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Farsight Planet 2014 and The Great Pyramid of Giza

By Alexandra As some have asked already, remember that every race has its “good” and “not so good” beings within their species. For example, some say that The Pleiadians dropped the ball for years in stepping forward with their mission to assist humanity, to the point where this stalling and unwillingness to initiate action caused […]

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Bill Clinton identified in lawsuit against his former friend and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who had ‘regular’ orgies at his Caribbean compound that the former president visited multiple times

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By Alexandra No surprise here however it is great to know if is finally coming out through the news…-A.M. The former president was friends with Jeffrey Epstein, a financier who was arrested in 2008 for soliciting underage prostitutes A new lawsuit has revealed how Clinton took multiple trips to Epstein’s private island where he ‘kept […]

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Summary eventualities have been observed and processes are now available for succeeding up-steps

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By Alexandra Éireport Blog About Éireport Blog 19 Mar Summary eventualities have been observed and processes are now available for succeeding up-steps. Frangibilities have been breached and collective hybrids are under surveillance. Secondaries no longer required. Primaries are now in place. The post Summary eventualities have been observed and processes are now available for succeeding […]

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Protesters Storm Parliament in Taiwan

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By Noelle Brighton From AFP – March 19, 2014 | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia. Police officers try to enter the Taiwanese Parliament which is occupied by activists Photo: GETTY IMAGES Around 200 Taiwanese students and activists were locked in a tense standoff with police on Wednesday after they stormed the parliament in a […]

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Internet of light: spread this message

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By Noelle Brighton The tree of life. Copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne This morning I woke up with this idea in my head, very possible that my guides gave me this idea. (They say I also should take credit for it) The fight between light and dark (said in 3D words) is in it’s last phase […]

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High-tech materials purify water with sunlight

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By Noelle Brighton Note to journalists: Please report that this research was presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society. DALLAS, March 16, 2014 — Sunlight plus a common titanium pigment might be the secret recipe for ridding pharmaceuticals, pesticides and other potentially harmful pollutants from drinking water. Scientists combined several high-tech components to […]

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Strange chemtrail twin spraying maneuver

By Noelle Brighton Published on Jan 9, 2013 PLEASE READ FULL DESCRIPTION BELOW! Very strange behaviour of some chemtrail spraying “planes”. Or are they something other? Audio commentary in german. Mostly mumbling to myself. I believe they are using the military airport not far from here. Again i may be wrong. The post Strange chemtrail […]

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Unconditional LOVE…What’s That?

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By Noelle Brighton Unconditional LOVE, we keep hearing about unconditional LOVE. What’s that? Is it romantically “loving” someone so deeply and truly? Or, is it just blindly accepting whatever and just going along with however, whatever presents itself. The English word “LOVE” has so many meanings and so many nuances that the term “unconditional LOVE” […]

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Theosophy, The Jesuits & The Roman Catholic Church

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By Noelle Brighton A bolt of lightning struck the top of St Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican just hours after Pope Benedict XVI announced his shock resignation on Monday 11th February 2013. In 1888, H.P. Blavatsky had written: “A day will come when Oriental Esotericism will render the same service to Christian Europe as Apollonius […]

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What Does Freedom Really Mean?

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By Noelle Brighton Posted by Steve Beckow on March 20, 2014 I’m not relating here to spiritual freedom – the freedom that comes from enlightenment. I’m relating instead to the felt experience of freedom, what we are, do, feel and have in our lives that gives us the swelling sense of freedom, prior to winning […]

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Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Viewed by Voyager I

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By Noelle Brighton At about 89,000 miles in diameter, Jupiter could swallow 1,000 Earths. It is the largest planet in the solar system and perhaps the most majestic. Vibrant bands of clouds carried by winds that can exceed 400 mph continuously circle the planet’s atmosphere. Such winds sustain spinning anticyclones like the Great Red Spot […]

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Real Stories: Cannabis can Conquer Lyme Disease

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By Noelle Brighton Going through the medical system with Lyme disease is like being a ball in an old fashioned pinball game machine. The standard of care treatment of antibiotics and pharmaceuticals forever is risking serious adverse events, or at least reducing one’s immune system protections. But now at least one natural solution has surfaced […]

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The Equinox Gateway

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By Noelle Brighton 3/18/2014 By Kara I have shared, since the last Ascension Note, on my Facebook Community Page that this has been a time of preparation for the Equinox. It has been a time when some very deep beliefs and patterns have been up for release. This continues actually up to, at least, the […]

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Russia green lights road and rail bridge to Crimea

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By Noelle Brighton March 19, 2014 The long delayed Kerch Strait Bridge project, which would connect the Crimean peninsula and mainland Russia, has been given a green light, with President Putin saying the bridge would provide both road and rail links. Vladimir Putin held a meeting with members of the government on Wednesday in order […]

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Pro-Russia forces seize Ukraine naval headquarters in Crimea

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By Noelle Brighton Wednesday, 19 March, 2014 Russian soldiers, and so-called “self-defence” units of mainly unarmed volunteers who are supporting them across the Black Sea peninsula, moved in early in the morning and quickly took control Armed men, believed to be Russian servicemen, stand guard by the entrance to the naval headquarters in Sevastopol. Photo: […]

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Spooky Video Predicted MH370 Cyber-Hijack 3 Days Prior To The Event! DHS Wanted Addition $1.3 Billion For Cyber Defense!!!

By Noelle Brighton (Before It’s News) A spooky video released 3 days prior to the disappearance of MH370 predicted that a plane would soon be cyber-hijacked as shared in this newly released video from Dave Acton Urban Survival. A cyber security expert recently warned that planes could be hijacked w/o box cutters and redirected anywhere […]

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Urgent Appeal to All Lightworkers

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By Alexandra Let us flood the Vatican State with the Violet and Blue Flames now. Today is the opening day of this new Window of Opportunity In approximately three hours’ time it is the exact time of the Spring Solstice. Cobra informed us the following three weeks ago; “The Window of Opportunity will open at […]

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Breaking Cosmic News Report

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By Alexandra Ashtar Spaceship Breaking News What Really Happened to Flight 370 The Video Footage Greetings Brothers and Sisters here is a Breaking Cosmic News Report. After much research these last few days and being interviewed on a Morning show here in Connecticut where I gave my theory on what happened to Flight 370.I found […]

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Equinox Preparations and Unifications – Video Version

By Alexandra March 17, 2014 Articles & Updates Sandra Walter We have a major Gateway opening on the Equinox, Thursday March 20 (9:57amPDT) which continues with amplifications through the June Solstice. Unified meditations are encouraged for Peace, Harmony, Balance and Solar Cosmic Christ Activation. This video is light-encoded to accelerate your Ascension. Simply accept […]

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Molecular Biologist Explains How THC Kills Cancer Completely

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By Alexandra Christina Sarich March 17, 2014 From Compultense University in Madrid, Spain, Dr. Christina Sanchez has been studying the anti-tumor effects of THC, the main psychoactive component of cannabis for over a decade. She delivers sound information that explains exactly how THC kills cancer cells entirely – without adverse effects to healthy cells. […]

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Challenging Mass Media: It’s Time for the Truth

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By Alexandra By Global Research Global Research, March 18, 2014 Url of this article: “Global Research is the leading research source on the fundamental issues of war and peace, imperialism and resistance, on the financial crises and the alternatives… Prof Chossudovsky has provided a forum for cutting edge critical essays which challenge the principle pundits […]

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15 Tips For Empaths And Highly Sensitive People

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By Alexandra Posted by Ben-Arion on March 18, 2014 at 9:30pm View Blog By Lynn Zambrano R.N Empathic ability allows you to read and understand people’s energy. This ability may be genetic, passing from generation to generation. You may share this ability with a relative, so look at your family tree; does anyone else seem […]

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Spring Equinox Update 3-20-14

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By Alexandra Dear Friends, Spring Equinox is Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 10:57 AM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time). Celebrate all of your New Beginnings especially the ones you have recently committed to. Be grateful for all of your support both seen and unseen. If there are things you have yet to dissolve and complete, create […]

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RT: Obama rules out US military involvement in Ukraine

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By Alexandra Published time: March 19, 2014 22:18 US President Barack Obama (AFP Photo / Saul Loeb) The US will not get involved in a “military excursion” in Ukraine, President Barack Obama said, stressing that Washington will pursue diplomatic means in the standoff with Russia over Crimea. “We are not going to be getting […]

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Happy New Year!!!

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By Alexandra Happy new year everyone. No, I have not had a brain freeze, nor am I reposting the January 1 article, March 20 is the beginning of a new astrological cycle, the date the zodiac returns to the Aries point, which is 0 degrees of Aries. The Spring Equinox is always the beginning […]

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By Alexandra From one of my dearest friends who I love with all my heart, a fellow Sirian Light Warrioress. You go girl!-A.M. Wednesday, March 19, 2014 This post has three subdivisions: The Response To The Heavenletter Here it is: Be deep, think big thoughts, thoughts flow through you, you filter them…to paraphrase. […]

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