Saint-Germain, “The Energies of the March Equinox.”

Saint-Germain, “The Energies of the March Equinox.”


“The Energies of the March Equinox”
The Storm Passed Over, The Calm Returns
A Saint-Germain Channeling
Alexandra Mahlimay

With the energies of the March Equinox this year, you will begin to leave behind your recently turbulent times, and start exchanging them for a renewed sense of calm in your life. While the previous months may have been intense and difficult, you will soon find yourself inspired and invigorated again by new ideas, and see how your plans will finally come to produce results.

You are inaugurating a time when you will increasingly realize that all the sweat and tears that you’ve put into your projects – and into your life – will have been worth your effort. Even more, you will receive the necessary help and guidance you require to move forward in everything that you do.

One of the dominant themes of this March Equinox is about the unfortunate consequences of living your life fearfully, under the authority of your ego, rather than living from a Soul-centered perspective. You will have a chance to observe how your ego compulsively binds you to the things you believe you want in order to be happy, but that nevertheless remain unfulfilled and unsatisfied. You will see how your fears of not having what you desperately need, or losing something you already possess that you believe you cannot live without, only fuel your unhappiness and sense of apprehension and threat while living in the world. You will have an important opportunity to see and understand how you let yourself be seduced by your uncontrolled mind, which tells you stories about your life that are not based upon truth, but reside only in ignorance.

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