WE KNEW – We knew that we would come to earth… forget who we really are… and then one moment begin to remember the self, as infinite… as the curtain comes down… and all of Creation is clapping in the audience… the standing ovation is for all earthlings for we’ve all played our roles well… many angels in Heaven are taking notes…. universal multidimensional i-phones are clicking… watch for ST. GERMAIN, NESARA CURRENCY REVALUATION




5 thoughts on “WE KNEW

  1. I can tell you as someone who has quite a bit of money and a lot of freedom that it’s real nice, and I’d never want to go back to the way that my life was before with debt and living paycheck to paycheck at times.

    One of my complaints about government schooling is that they don’t teach money making and management. And everybody has to enter life after school with a lot less knowlege on this topic than they should have if they were taught some basics in school. Like asset and liability and income and expense statements, taxes, investing, etc.. All of that stuff that you need to make a lot of money.

    They teach you all kinds of things that you don’t need and will never use. But don’t teach you critical information about one of life’s basic necessities. And then toss you out of the nest and say start flapping, and then when many people crash and burn laugh at them and say one more fool for the slave system. Where if they taught people properly from the beginning, many would avoid these problems.

    I’ve looked at nesara and haven’t found anything credible. The concept of abundance is attractive, but it doesn’t look like nesara is the way to get there. 1,000 years ago what people get on welfare today would have looked like nesara to people wondering if they were going to be able to capture and kill their next meal scampering through the field and forest or swimming in the water, or a long winter with the food running out, or a summer without enough rain. Mandatory employment can be phased out as technology and mass production improve. But it’s a slow process, you’re better off learning how to make money today, than waiting for technology to advance, or ETs to hand you nirvana on a silver platter.

    I read somewhere that 1/3rd of the children born today will live to be 100, so they may see greater abundance and longer lifespans in 100 years than we do today. But if you want the freedom that money can provide today, my suggestion is not to plan on getting it from nesara, but to learn how to make and manage money, so that you’ll have it today and for the rest of your life. Because having a lot of money and no debt sure is a whole lot better than having a lot of debt and no money. And the only way that you’re going to get there is to learn and do the work.

    The only thing in life that’s omnipotent is perseverance. The world is full of people who are good looking, have above average IQs, are talented, etc.. But what separates success from the failure is perseverance, learning what works, and doing the work.

    1. There IS no real money. Your life is revolving around an illusion that you were taught is the all important $money$. It is only a temporary crutch until we all finally realize the world does not need money at all.

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