THE WORLD’S HARRY POTTER MOMENT: Take Back Earth Ley Lines In Global Meditation

THE WORLD’S HARRY POTTER MOMENT: Take Back Earth Ley Lines In Global Meditation 

Dear world,

If you have ever wondered why those Obelisks are erected across places like Rome, Vatican, Washington DC, And other special places… perhaps even in your home town….. it’s because these may be ley line spots of energy… they put up these obelisks like an antenna… to harness earth energy in some way… probably to keep global war going.

Well… how about enough is enough?  If you are fed up with things… perhaps you are doing things already to make the world a better place… well its one thing to clean up a cluttered room… and quite another thing to clean the clutter!

So this is our Harry Potter moment…. that we can use our focus to clear away these Ley Lines of all clutter…. doesn’t matter what really…. we’ve probably got 1000′s of year’s of energy clutter building up in these Ley Lines… folks keep in mind that the real Ley Lines of our planet probably move… but we’re talking about the Ley Lines of human construct here…a whole worldwide network of ‘controlling energy’… in our earth stratosphere holds the earth grid of consciousness…. Britney Spears videos…. fart jokes…. movie plots on repeat… commercials… atomic bomb blasts… abuse of mother earth…. all of this is clutter that we are all living in, unless we energetically clean house.

This is an image illustrating space debris.. the debris of our consciousness is likely much greater… please make this a priority.

If you are ready to start fresh in your life…. then join in the cleanup…. this is our moment of magic together… this is our Harry Potter moment, except we work with Heavenly Host angels sent by our Creator….  read this message from an angel… Montague Keen communicating with John Allen.



Global Meditation to clear and open ley lines associated with 8 Egyptian obelisks standing in Rome. The focus is to release Spiritual lines of energy that connect you and all that is. Please refer to detailed document by MONTAGUE KEEN-March 16,2014.
Also refer to Hilda Van der Laan detailed document.
I will provide some pictures to make it easier to visualize.…/list_of_obelisks_in_… (click on ancient Egyptian obelisks.

Global Meditation will be taking place on March 25, 2014. 1:10 p.m. UTC. check your personal time zone.
You can find the exact time in your Country on this time zone converter…

Begin listening to the sound meditation provided. We will connect to our own Inner Sun and Toroidal Field. See the fields in white and gold . Once you have a strong feel of your field…See each Obelisks Toroidal field clear in white and gold. Now connect to the Earth’s Toroidal field, white and gold .
Set the intention that Your personal Toroidal field, The obelisks and the Earths are All connecting to the Sun and Galactic Sun. All lines are White and Gold and flowing freely!!
Set your intentions for Global Peace and Unity Consciousness…LOVE.






Obelisk that stands in Washington DC this really save a lot of pagan symbols of Kabbalah numerology is believed to have magical powers given to the Luciferian (Illuminaty). Among them there are six the following facts:

6 Interesting Facts Obelisk in Washington DC
1. Composed of 36 000 Granite Stone Block

Obelisk is composed of 36,000 granite blocks.Number 36 is the embodiment of the Triple 13, an important figure Kabbalah which means “The Extreme Rebellion” and purified.

2. Peak Weight 3300 Pounds Obelisk

Top of the obelisk proper weight 3300 pounds.Number 33 is the embodiment Triple 11, “The Twin Pillars”. WTC twin towers also have the same meaning with the number 11. It is a symbol for the entrance gate or Temple of Solomon.

3. Contains 188 Masonic Stone





Words are spells, used against us and others, or used for our benefit, as in the case of this video….power words such as the words in this video, are codes that will change everything… use them often…  Love, Diego

*Disclaimer:  There was no lip-syncing in this video.

Galactic Free Press

Indian in the machine



Picture Credit: My Facebook friend Ruth Frazier-Abrignani

Greetings, we are the Pleiadians and we come forth in Grace and with Unconditional Love for every being upon this plane and beyond. We come with a deeper understanding and a knowing about your Planetary Ascension and the stages it is lingering in. As a deeper consciousness is being achieved by many of the collective upon your planes of reality, there are many new opportunities and possibilities being created and even manifested into your own collective – and your personal reality.

What we wish to speak about in this Now moment on your Earthly planes, is the Equinox energies/ portal and its effect on each individual existence and reality. Be brave our fellow Lightworkers, Brothers and Sisters, for this new wave and amount of Solar energy will hit the nail on the head concerning many things and Earthly realities that have been playing out for several years now.
Drastic changes are upon your plane as the collective and many of your Lightworkers have been yearning, creating and decreeing many of those changes. There will be shedding, quakes in the form of energy waves and literally huge amounts of releasing density and releasing old patterns/ forms / creations. That what once was old and inconvenient shall not BE anymore and fade away like dust in the wind.
The Equinox is here to assist many of you on your path to become Multi- Dimensional in your own frequency and vibration of the highest possible energy of YOU. This shall bring forth some granting such as first personal contact in your own reality first before the collective will be involved in those interactions. Why is it important to start those first contacts initially on a real, physical level (your own level)?! Because when you become aware and ready for those levels of interaction in your own way and vibration, the collective is being infused with acceptance and love, with an understanding of our existence and our presence on your Earthly planes.
As each and everyone of you are a part of the Oneness and of your Earthly Collective, you prepare the way for others to be in connection with our being on a deeper level and with a deeper understanding/acceptance. It is all about the acceptance of our existence that we like to work on and that is more than just knowing we are here in the now, it is also a seeing and a feeling of our Presence around you as well as within you.
Gatekeepers and Ground Crew are the first to be in connection with our energies as you are ready for this. The first wavers of this Ascension Process are already in alignment with our Being and our Presences as they have been preparing for all of this a long time now. Their time is Now to assist in First Contact and this goes through their own embodiments and Presences, through their realities. You will know when you are a first waver and you will be approached by our energies in all sorts of forms and ways.
Do not look for us in the physical appearance, beloved ones, for we might simply be adjusting to your energies in the most refined and the highest way possible to become tangible for you to “see”. Remember that “seeing” is not solely through the physical eye and your visual senses, but we speak here of seeing us with the inner eye of truth. All sorts of forms and manifestations are possible, but we will always choose the way that serves your Highest best and this preferably in the most natural way of our being that is possible.
We will take it step by step, as always, for your balance and ability to cope with all of this is our first concern and our main priority. First wavers, be ready for this and soak in the energies of this beautiful Equinox portal. As to the collective and the Lightworkers who are stepping up to their own natural Self, to their I AM Presence and to the Christ Consciousness: a lot of Love and codes are going to be infused in all of those ones in order to prepare for this phase that is already coming for the first wavers.
Nobody and nothing will be left behind or will be left to be forgotten, for all is part of the Oneness that is called BEING. You will always BE and there is NO way that you cannot BE, for Being is existence and existence is INFINITE.
We are the Pleiadians
Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered Website Méline :  and blog Méline:

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