Black Galactic Mushaban/Maldek History And The Return To Light As Told Through Sananda

Black Galactic Mushaban/Maldek History And The Return To Light As Told Through Sananda

Indian in the machine

Sananda says this at the end of his message, but let’s bring it forward for the summary to come.

“The history of your planet is really a complete mystery to you, who have been taught that yours is the only advanced civilization on this planet or any other planet.  You will soon be learning much about the evolution of your part of the galaxy, and about the Masters who have played a crucial part in your return to the Light.”

Okay let’s piece this puppy together.. first off, we’ll need to know this!

1. What is Maldek aka Phaeton?

Web definitions
  1. Phaeton is the name of a hypothetical planet posited to have existed between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter whose destruction supposedly led to the formation of the asteroid belt. …

2. Mushaba Were The Most Highly Evolved Race On Maldek.

3. Maldek Was Destroyed By War Energy Seeded by Annunaki, Who Fed Both Sides Of Maldek War, With The Intention Of Having Planet For Themselves.

4.  Maldek Mushaban Souls Wish To Incarnate On Earth (Twin Flame Of Maldek)… As Black Race…. To Continue Healing… But Away From Annunaki Technologies= Africa!

5. On Earth Similar To Native Americans… Their Peaceful, And Cautious Attitude Towards Progress, Would Cause Ridicule… And Supression!

6.  Mushaban Suriviving Souls Are Known As Peacemakers Throughout The Universe

7.  African Continent Remained Largely Peaceful And Separate From Planetary Conflict Throughout Most Of Earth History

8.  Black People Are Inherently Peaceful As A Race, Who Helped To Soften And Uplift America And Other Places

9. With The Ascension Of Earth… Earth is Reunited With Recreated Twin Soul Planet… the new “Maldek”.

We can now see why the blacks needed to be oppressed by lesser spiritually and physically developed beings (Hello academy awards for still pushing this agenda… and others who pretend to be the friends of black people but only to control their powerful creative nature),  since earth was being set up in a similar manner as Maldek… for war to be fermented from behind the scenes… where all humans would destroy themselves, and the Annunaki (who are now the peaceful Annanuki) would take hold… here is Sananda’s message…More Mushaba channeled messages are coming in through Nancy Tate….  More Sananda messages here and here are the New Scriptures.  *Perhaps you thought this message was revealing… don’t miss Sananda’s other messages… they are your personal guidance to empower your, to step outside the matrix, and to reprogram your earthly attitudes, values and beliefs towards ascension.

This is Indian in the machine… thanks for tuning in!

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Sananda’s Training for Ascension, 3/16/14

I will tell you a little background about our Training for Ascension call on Sunday, March 16, at 2 PM.  We will go to the etheric retreat of Lady Portia – which will be fitting, don’t you think?  Here we will talk a little about Ghana and why Lady Portia chose that location for her retreat.Long ago, she saw the beauty of the African people, many of whom she knew as the soul descendants of Planet Maldek.  She and St. Germain have been very close to the families of the Mushaba people, the more highly evolved group of the people of Maldek.  They were closely aligned in the efforts to rescue Maldek from the Dark ones who had convinced others that advanced weaponry testing was a good and necessary thing.  Of course it is good and necessary to those who wish to conquer, kill and maim.There was no real threat to Maldek;  they could have called on the Galactic Federation for help, but there were those on the planet who refused to relinquish their hold, and so a great struggle ensued.  In the process, the warmongers, under the influence of Anunnaki from distant galaxies who had come to Maldek to take over and establish a home base here in your solar system.  They believed that fomenting war would eventually cause the Maldekians to turn against each other and wipe each other out.  With that in mind, they “fed” each side with propaganda and powerful weapons, similar to the nuclear weapons you later developed here on Earth.

The Anunnaki were successful beyond their wildest hopes.  Eventually, in spite of the pleas of the proponents for peace –  the Christ consciousness Beings – the “rebels” used their weapons in a massive, coordinated attack.  Unfortunately, their lack of true understanding of the consequences of their actions failed to deter them.  They exploded  a series of weapons, some planted deep underground, which had a devastating effect.  The vibration created when they exploded the weapons in a Fibonacci series, combined with high sound vibrations, weakened the planet’s ability to remain in a coherent balance.  The entire planet exploded into molecular fragments, scattered into space for millions of miles.

The effect on the souls who were inhabiting Maldek was something no one ever wants to experience.  Being blown to the four winds while in a 3-dimensional body through the force of a nuclear explosion has a terrible, disintegrating effect on the soul who has incarnated in the body.  It was to take millions of years for the planet and its people to recover from the trauma of the explosion and the loss of their home planet.

Those souls who have recovered enough to incarnate again decided to come to Earth, the Twin Flame of their beloved Maldek, but they wished to remain as distant as possible from the dangerous technology which was being developed on Earth, under the Dark Influences similar to the Anunnakis who engineered the destruction of Maldek.
And so, they decided to incarnate only to the less developed continent of Africa.  They vowed to remain as close to the Earth as possible, carrying on the traditions of tribal people of the Black race, eschewing the “advancements” which swept over the globe in Europe, Asia, and later the Americas.

The Mushabans therefore began their recovery by coming to Earth.  They were comfortable here because it was similar to their home planet in climate, vegetation and natural resources, especially across the African continent.

Of course, there are no distinctions having to do with race in the higher dimensions.  This was only an arrangement designed by the Mushaba people, in cooperation with Prime Creator, which allowed them to incarnate here, while wearing the “badge” which would distinguish them from others.  It was clever, because what else could you bring into this life that would make you stand out, and make you easily visible to your fellows better than having skin of a very different shade from your brothers and sisters?  It was not intended to isolate them, just keep them together and easily recognizable to each other.  It did succeed to a large extent, although their reluctance to take part in global “progress” did set them apart, and made them vulnerable to ridicule and suppression, in much the same way it did with the Native Americans and other indigenous groups.

Lady Portia knew of the great suffering which her friends the Mushabans had endured, and wished to help in their transition to life on Earth.  The old friends – old souls, that is – had raised their soul children together in higher dimensions, and many Kumara children had chosen incarnations on Maldek with their Mushaba “cousins.”   The tragic destruction of Maldek took the lives of 75% of the people, including three of her and St. Germain’s eldest children.  There was not time to rescue the most of the inhabitants.   The survivors took it upon themselves to be peace makers throughout the Universe, especially where new planets were being inhabited in lower vibrational realms.

The Etheric Retreat over Ghana was established by Lady Portia as a center for Light, Solace, Healing, and most importantly, Liberty and Opportunity, the values Lady Portia stands for in all her work and teachings.  She saw the need for raising the vibration in this part of the world to help her friends maintain the balance which would allow Planet Earth to survive without the disasters which had befallen Maldek.  While the rest of the world came close to destroying itself several times, during the fall of Atlantis and during our present civilization, the African continent remained largely separate from the conflicts, and managed to remain so until recent centuries when British colonization,  the slave trade and then the development of global communications pulled Africa onto the world stage.

Ghana is a country of palm trees, glorious beaches lush forests and rolling savannas with abundant wild life.  It joined the modern world by being the first African country to win its independence, and in spite of chaos and conflict in Ghana and neighboring countries, has managed to maintain a tentative balance between old (Earth-oriented) traditions and new communication with the rest of the world. There are many Lightworkers and open-hearted people who have come forward in recent generations to try to teach the gentle Love of Life and deep connection to Mother Earth which is their tradition going back thousands of years.

The terrible invasion which was the slave trade resulted in a very large influx of Black people from Ghana and neighboring Ivory Coast villages to the West Indies and the Americas, especially the territories of the southern United States in its earliest days.  Their influence as deeply grounded Lightworkers helped to soften and uplift the vibration of the new nation in its infancy.  Although the traumatic separation of families and the grinding oppression which followed took a terrible toll on the spirit of the people, and served to separate them from their traditions, the spirit of the Mushaba people did not die out.

It has been the work of Lady Portia and her twin flame, St. Germain, to restore individual freedom, and to preserve the homeland which will again provide a retreat for the West African people.  As abundance flows across the planet, it will be places like Ghana which will spring back quickly in a rich and colorful celebration of Life.

On Sunday, March 16,* we will visit the etheric city over Accra, the ancient city which was established by the priests from Atlantis who fled before the great disaster.  It is a fitting place for the reawakening of the Golden Age and the celebration of the survival of the Mushaba people.  With the ascension of Planet Earth, many of the Mushaba people will return at last to their home planet, which has been miraculously recreated by the cosmic scientists, restored to its pristine beauty.  It will be a fitting mate for the beautifully restored Mother Earth, which will be cleansed and renewed in the coming era, as her inhabitants have also been renewed and raised to 5th dimensional vibration.

So you see, Beloved Ones, the history of your planet is really a complete mystery to you, who have been taught that yours is the only advanced civilization on this planet or any other planet.  You will soon be learning much about the evolution of your part of the galaxy, and about the Masters who have played a crucial part in your return to the Light.
I look forward to sharing this information and more with you during our Training for Ascension programs which will be available for everyone to listen to live or archived for future listening.  I know you will enjoy our “fireside chats.”

I am your Sananda, in Love, Light and Brotherhood.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, March 16, 2014, 2 am.


Permission is granted to share or copy these messages, providing no additions or alterations are done, and credit is given to the channel and the website,



2 thoughts on “Black Galactic Mushaban/Maldek History And The Return To Light As Told Through Sananda

  1. When I was very small, and my Cherokee Dad told me “Our ancestors come from a different Star”, he also told me that the African peoples were truly from Earth. Interesting how pieces of the puzzle fit together, day by day! Much love, e

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