Two Channelings That Support The Theory, “The Event” Will Propel Humanity From Carbon Based To Crystalline Based, In The Blink Of An Eye: Metamorphic Transformation channeled through Peggy Black and the “Team”, And The manuscript of survival part 403 by Aisha North

Two Channelings That Support The Theory, “The Event” Will Propel Humanity From Carbon Based To Crystalline Based, In The Blink Of An Eye:  Metamorphic Transformation channeled through Peggy Black and the “Team”, And The manuscript of survival part 403 by Aisha North


IITM: This is a latest attempt to sort through what is taking place on our planet… the bigger picture.

As of March 14, 2014… we humanity are being set up by both sides 

If you feel you are being pulled into two directions here is why…

1. Th e Light hats are setting us up for a new financial system which will greatly assist in our ascension.  They come from the stars and spirit, and  have been slowly making their presence known… but cannot simply openly land and solve our problem for us… that would be like the teacher giving you the answers the final exam.  They exam we are in if you will, is to go from density to light in the blink of an eye… as in …. reaaaaal fast!  This shift will be simultaneous with mother earth who is being set up for a quantum shift of her own… all molecules are being agitated by the photon belt, towards this quantum shift… humans will go from carbon-based beings, to crystal-based being.    This transmutation is about shedding illusions and releasing all the heaviness of life… so that Light can cycle through the body at ever quickening rates. This is a very special event for all of creation.

2.  The darkside are throwing everything at us to prevent keep humanity from transforming. There has been a slow but sure poisoning of the air, food, water, and soil…  decades of mind control… chemtrails to block out the sun.  The idea is to keep life feeling heavy on all levels… notice this common theme in movies? The news? They are training people to be permanent slaves who never question anything independently of their masters.


They want ‘helter skelter’… everything ‘going wrong’ at once.



A new financial system, visitations from our star family to assist us to take responsibility for ourselves.  Everything also transmuting at the same time… all towards a giant leap forward in concsiousness. They are welcomed with peace in our hearts… higher love-based frequencies.



The earth-shaking like never before

Volcanoes going off

Nibiru making a passby

Land masses rising and falling


Well there’s more at my blog, but that’s a brief summary… enjoy sorting through the mysteries of life.

Indian in the machine



Metamorphic Transformation channeled through Peggy Black and the “Team”

 13 March 2014 – 4:50pm |  Whimsey Nimble

Message from the ‘team’ _________
Metamorphic Transformation
Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here, observing and supporting the process that many have labeled evolution. We acknowledge that you are personally here in physical form to support and assist the process. If you are reading our words, you are aware of this. This news is not new to you, what we are offering in this transmission you already know, we are just gently reminding you, as well as confirming who you are.

However, we will remind you that once you assume a physical form in this dimension and reality, you are influenced by the vibrations and energies of this dense plane of existence.

As multidimensional beings, you are capable of sensing vibrational energy offered in all its many forms. Many drop into or match the level of unconsciousness that is being generated by the collective. Many individuals live, experience this dense reality, and never expand into their divine awakening.

Remember first and foremost, you are a being of energy that happens to have a body. It takes incredible focus and courage to stay awake and aware while you are swimming in the incredible field of energy and vibrations. The first tendency is to match the vibrations that are being offered, especially when they tap into or trigger some belief or some teaching that you have been given.

For example, if your parents were fearful about their financial success, they might have imparted those fearful feelings in words and actions as well as in the vibrations generated by their feelings of concern and worry. You as a child assumed these influential vibrations, these concerns and worries as a part of life. You can apply this principal to any limiting action, thought or belief you carry.

This is true of everyone. Remember like attracts like. Everything is a vibration of energy, moving and flowing, interacting and reacting, merging and detracting. This field of vibrations is likened to an energy ocean. All emotional vibrations flow into this ocean, some are toxic, some are pure and clear and some are being gifted from the magnetic and dynamic forces of your galaxy and the larger universe.

What is becoming common knowledge is that these energetic magnetic dynamic forces are constantly bombarding and showering your Earth home with charged particles from the Sun and your Milky Way. These charged particles or vibrations express themselves as solar flares, gamma rays, plasma rays or a geomagnetic flux.

These galactic gifts are influencing the evolution of consciousness for humanity. These magnetic influences have an impact, emotional as well as physical, on your human body. You as an individual will respond differently depending on many factors of your own personal dynamics. There are, however, common shared changes. You may experience feelings of fatigue, mood swings, anxiety, deep depression, body aches that move about your physical form from one place to another with out clear cause. You can also experience confusion, agitation, restlessness and trouble sleeping soundly.

You physical body is responding to these geomagnetic and electromagnetic forces. The pineal gland, which is your cosmic connection and cosmic antenna, is sensitive to these magnetic energies. The pineal gland is an endocrine gland, like the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, adrenal gland and pancreas. These glands regulate and secrete hormones which regulate your body’s functions. The pineal secretes melatonin which regulates your sleep patterns and circadian rhythm as well secreting hormones for your physical and spiritual growth and development into a galactic citizen.

Every aspect of your physical body is undergoing a dynamic change, a metamorphic transformation. This is happening within every cell of your body. Solar and galactic particles and vibrations are shifting your body codes, activating dormant genes in your very DNA causing chemical changes in your very structure. You are personally feeling this acceleration.

Another aspect and change that is taking place within your body is the energy meridians. They are expanding so to speak to carry a higher frequency vibration. You could say that you are being rewired. Over time you will become aware that more energy portals and charkas are being revealed. This upgrade is connecting you more fully to your divine multidimensional self offering the integration of all your gifts and abilities. Some of the shifts within will be easy to integrate and others may offer a bit of a challenge. Remember to ask for divine support; remember to envision this acceleration coming to you easily and grace filled. Use your energy tools, clear old patterns and emotions.

The geomagnetic and electromagnetic vibrations offered by the cosmic forces are also interfacing with your earth’s magnetic field. This is triggering many of the dynamic changes you are witnessing at this time. Humanity and the Earth are shifting into a faster, pulsing vibration of the higher dimensions.

This information is coming forth in many forms and from many avenues. Everyone is onboard for these tremendous changes in consciousness. It is happening whether you are aware of it, whether you welcome it or push against it. Humanity is in a process of cosmic alchemy that is transforming your physical body from the carbon-based matrix and blueprint to a precise, accomplished and elegant crystalline matrix and organism.

Many may find that this shift is physically challenging, you might be witness to this in others. You as a human have a morphogenetic field that surrounds you; we call this your energy signature. In your personal growth and development as well as the trials and challenges along the way, you have created a type of energetic armoring or blockage. This energetic armoring has a tendency to block what is being offered. If your personal circuits are shut down because of some fear it will be more difficult for your body to accept these upgrades to the system.

Within you is everything that you need to upgrade, it is a part of who you are as a multidimensional being. You are here to anchor this shift from carbon base to crystalline base. You have the necessary keys to unlock any aspect to limitation in your genetic codes. There is dormant DNA waiting to be activated.

You task is to be ruthless with yourself and your limited beliefs. Be a vigilant warrior in the awareness of how to interface with the limitations of the collective matrix. It truly is a sticky web of misqualified energy, beliefs, stories and emotions. Disengage from this sticky web as often as necessary each day, especially when your news or another is sharing a story that brings forth any form of constriction.

Allow your consciousness to claim its personal power to rise above this story or these events knowing that you can be the force for shifting that reality. Each time you do this you assist and anchor more light into the collective field and open yourself to be receptive to the blessings and the magnetic gifts being offer to you as well as humanity. Remember you are the alchemist as well the portal for all changes to come forth.

Allow yourself to own this responsibility with great joy and honor. Your work and service is a valuable part of all that is unfolding. Every time you shift a limited belief, transform some old personal fear or limitation, every cell in your body is aware and responds. Begin to connect with your pineal gland, your DNA, the very cells of your body; there is true consciousness within all aspects.

Imagine yourself welcoming these subtle changes, imagine yourself inviting more conscious light energy into your very bloodstream, your organs, into all the places where you hold tension, pain, physical malfunction. Establish a conscious partnership with your body. Together your multidimensional awareness and your body awareness will welcome the awesome metamorphic changes occurring. Welcome the energy gift of the solar flares gamma rays, plasma rays or geomagnetic flux.

Observe how you respond to these galactic gifts. Everything is connected, so as you expand and transform, you offer this portal of awakening to others. The extraordinary crystalline transformation becomes a part of your energy signature which can trigger the awakening in others that you interface with daily.

We acknowledge you for your true magnificence. These are exciting times and you are here in physical form, awake and aware, riding the cutting edge of all that is to be revealed. Remember that you have the support of the celestial realms while here on assignment. Call upon us as well as all divine beings of love and light to support and assist in what is unfolding. You are loved and appreciated beyond measure. The ‘team’

©2014 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. FREE 88 messages available


The manuscript of survival part 403 by Aisha North

 13 March 2014 – 4:03pm |  Whimsey Nimble

The manuscript of survival – part 403

We have come to you today on a most important mission, for we are here to prepare you for what you have in store in the next few days. As many of you are already aware, the period we are referring to, is the one that leads up to that point in time that you have specified as the midpoint of the year if you see it as divided into two equal parts, both of them encompassing the same amount of light, although divided into two. This is as you know a roundabout way to describe the day of your recurring Equinoxes, the days that your planet seems to stand at a midpoint, a point of balance if you will, for then to start to shift ever so slightly on its axis yet again. We know that for many of you, this time of the year has always been considered an important one, and rightly so, but this time, we cannot stress enough just what an important period this will be. Or rather, what an important period it already is. For this is not just a one-off, a one day event that comes and goes as quickly as that. No, this is something far more important, and the lead up to it is already well on the way.

We know that many of you can attest to this, for you have already been subjected to those first intense preliminary door-openers that have swept all over your globe, and even if the outcome of all of this door-opening so far have been less than enjoyable for many of you, the end result will as always far outshine the side effects from it. So again we say, know that all is well, and even if you will feel these energetic blasts to be more than what your physical body can bear, it is not. For you are indeed made of strong stuff dear ones, and even if your mind may start to falter alongside your struggling body, neither of you will have to fear the possibility of succumbing to any of those “ailments” you might fear at the moment. Again, we know that this will be less than consolation to those of you deep in the throes of these mighty blasts, but still, we will as always continue to remind you that you have all been carefully prepared for just such an occasion, and indeed, you are also carefully monitored throughout it all.

But let us return to the original subject, that of the upcoming event that will once again blast away so much of the remaining resistance that still abounds on all sides. For this will not be a normal event, such as the ones you are already well accustomed to. No, this will be of a much larger magnitude, and it will be one that has no precedent anywhere in Creation. Again we hear your questions, asking for details and more information to be given ahead, but again we have to give you the same answer that these are not questions that can be answered beforehand, but let us just repeat what we have told you on many an occasion before: What we are referring to, is an event of grand proportions, but it is not an external event, it is in every sense of the word an internal one, and this time, it goes both for you and for your loving planet, your home away from home, your Mother Earth. For as the days dawn in the weeks ahead, you will all find yourself within a very new space, and even if the outside circumference of it will look very much the same, everything within it will be very new. For even if you have all been through a long and gruelling process of re-setting you own personal setup in a way that leaves it free of old encumbrances and inserted detrimental circuitry of any kind, you still have a ways to go before you can function at your full capacity. But after this part of the process is over, any hindrances will be reduced to a minimum, and your own capabilities will start to evolve at an ever increasing speed.

We know that these are words you have heard before, and to many, ad nauseam, but again we remind you to take a look over your shoulder to see where you are now compared to where you have been. And even if that will be more than a challenge for many of you in the present circumstances, we also know that deep down, you will know that the answer is indeed a positive one. For although you still may feel more than a little bit challenged in every aspect of your life, you will also know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you are being propelled forwards at an incredible speed right now, and you are not alone in this giant race for the future either. For with every step you take, more and more souls will be following in your wake, and as you make headway, you break down the barriers that have also held the rest of mankind trapped. For you are the wayshowers, the pioneers, the ones that have taken upon them this grand task of breaking through every single barrier that have ever existed standing in the way between you and your former greatness.

For as you all know so well by now, what you are discovering, will seem to be unknown territory to you in so many ways, but what you are really doing, is rediscovering all of your former glory. For you are already everything that you have striven so hard to reach for, and now, as the days tick by and the tempo increases considerably, you will be helped to close that seemingly endless gap between then and now, and it will be done in a giant leap that will serve to bring you all up to par as it were. And just what do we mean by that? Simply that now, the energetic environment you have been contending with will change in a way that will be enormously beneficial to you all, as well as to your planet. For now, the whole field around your planetary body will make such an adjustment to the currents that run through it, it will be like switching from one kind of energy to a very, very different one. Again, we will refrain from giving you any details beforehand, but we would like to point out some things that may occur for you all in the time ahead as these shifts comes into action.

First of all, your physical body will once again start to exhibit signs of confusion in ways that it may not have done before. In other words, even if you are all well versed in all of the different ways that your body can react to these huge energetic fluctuations, it would not surprise us at all if many of you start to report new and diverse “symptoms”. And yes, we use the word this way in order to remind you that you are not falling prey to any kind of disease here. For this is simply a sign of you body being “out of ease” in a way that it has not been before. And before any of you start to go into fear about this, it is not given that your body will start to react in a manner that is distressing to you. It can also start to react by going into action mode as in eager to do all sorts of things at an increased rate. So this can indeed manifest in all sorts of ways, we just want you to be aware that any signals that will start to be given now, are merely signs of you already being in full swing welcoming in these heavenly helpers in the form of energetic messages that help you to re-tune and tweak each and every connection in your body to prepare for the full blast of these Equinox energies.

For make no mistake, what you have ahead is more than a little ripple across the surface. This is something that will go to the very core, not only of you, but also your planet, and as such, the effects from it will be profound. So take some time every day to simply BE with yourself, and step back from it all if need be. For this is indeed a very important period for you all, and we want to advise you all to listen carefully to the inner guidance you will be given at all times. If you feel like being out and about, do so, and if you feel like the opposite, try to honor that as well. Follow whatever road that is being presented to you, as it comes into your consciousness in order to lead you to a space that is right for you at this time, whether that be out in nature, with friends or relatives, or somewhere completely different. Just remember that if you feel lost and alone, always ask for help, and it will be given to you. For this is not something that should be done in complete isolation from others, so seek company in a way that feels right for you, and reach out through means of your electronic devices, your consciousness or simply by allowing others to come into your space from time to time. Again, this is an individual journey, but some stages of it requires you to be just with you, while others will be better experienced as a group.

So let us sign off by saying that we know that many of you are feeling as if you cannot take any more of these energetic upheavals any more, and we have no problem in understanding that. And yes, we would gladly trade places with you if we could, but that is not an option, as the roles were handed out even before you came to be here in your very first incarnation within a human body. So this is something you have been primed for from the very beginning, and as such, no one can do your job in your stead. We wish we could help you in any way to further lessen the impact it all has on your emotional and physical bodies, but we are doing all we can to make this part of your journey as less challenging as possible. We know this is of little consolation, but you have been taken through this rigorous process step by step, at increments that have ensured your safety all along, and even if you feel ready to throw in the towel right now, we also know that the moment you feel the new stirring in your core, you will once again step up and say “I am ready and able and willing to take it all the way. For that is why I am here, that is why I was born into this very body, and together, we will accomplish what no man has ever done, and what we will do, no one in Creation has done before. I am here to shine my glorious light once again, and when I do that, it will shine across not only this planet but beyond, and for every step I take, the light will become brighter in every single being around me, both on this planet and off. For I am here to do great deeds by being inside a small and seemingly frail body, but this body is the key to the whole magnificent process, and this key is also one that will help to unlock the doors into every hidden chamber that exists. For this body will start to act as a magnifier of these heavenly signals so that no heart anywhere in this world will be able to remain silenced ever again. For as I open myself up to these rays of light, I am also opening up all of humanity to the knowledge that beyond the fear and desolation lies freedom, love and happiness for all.”


16 thoughts on “Two Channelings That Support The Theory, “The Event” Will Propel Humanity From Carbon Based To Crystalline Based, In The Blink Of An Eye: Metamorphic Transformation channeled through Peggy Black and the “Team”, And The manuscript of survival part 403 by Aisha North

  1. To all good loving light people… There are some truth in the words printed on this site. There are some very misleading ones as well… If one were to meditate in front of a white candle after saying there negativity prayer and knew the name of there garden angle.. With much practice.. Could get there yes and no answers. Further work would let that person talk with them telepathically…… Those with the know how can discern the truth. I will not at this time share what i know. At this time i ask only that people step outside there door.. Look up at the stars over your head and ask.. “Would you choose to move for me tonight?” You maybe suprised to find a new heaven above us…

  2. NATO for it’s entire 70 year history has done nothing but export war, terrorism and chaos across eastern Europe and around the planet. NATO, the EU and the IMF are substantially responsible for much of the impoverishment, starvation and deprivation of billions of innocent people on this planet. Ireland was smart to have never joined so that it doesn’t have all of NATO’s crimes and blood on it’s hands.

    SCO support to help the island flourish could be a good thing for the island and western Europe:

    “The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation or SCO (simplified Chinese: 上海合作组织; traditional Chinese: 上海合作組織; pinyin: Shànghǎi Hézuò Zǔzhī; Russian: Шанхайская организация сотрудничества (ШОС), Shankhayskaya organizatsiya sotrudnichestva) is a Eurasian political, economic and military organisation which was founded in 2001 in Shanghai by the leaders of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.”

    Source –

  3. Hmmmm, seems like this is a sell off on other peoples media. Maybe that is all you are, a copy and paste media, want to be. It looks like it, and it looks like those that say you are may be correct. Why have these alien saviours that you follow, not channeled nor actually delivered a message?…. Hmmmm?…..

  4. There is no geological record of a dimensional shift or rapid cataclysmic earth changes that I’m aware of. Over hundreds of millions and billions of years the planet has undergone huge changes, but they’ve occurred extremely slowly over huge periods of time. The information in this article looks like new age fantasy to me. If something like this could occur there’s no record that it has occurred on this planet or anywhere else.

    Maybe planets have shifted to another dimension and simply disappeared from our physicality, but there’s no record of it. I think that the chances of it occurring here border on the non existent and that the real divine plan and the way that creation really works is described in this quote:

    “The cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis suggests that there have been geologically rapid shifts in the relative positions of the modern-day geographic locations of the poles and the axis of rotation of the Earth, creating calamities such as floods and tectonic events.[1]

    There is evidence of precession and changes in axial tilt, but this change is on much longer time-scales and does not involve relative motion of the spin axis with respect to the planet. However, in what is known as true polar wander, the solid Earth can rotate with respect to a fixed spin axis. Research shows that during the last 200 million years a total true polar wander of some 30° has occurred, but that no super-rapid shifts in the Earth’s pole were found during this period.[2] A characteristic rate of true polar wander is 1° per million years or less.[3] Between approximately 790 and 810 million years ago, when the supercontinent Rodinia existed, two geologically rapid phases of true polar wander may have occurred. In each of these, the magnetic poles of the Earth shifted by ~55°”

    Source –

  5. I’m at the interstate exit for the road to Roosevelt and the section up over the passes from the interstate to the Roosevelt area is closed to vehicles over 40,000 pounds until April 1st, and right now I’m over 78,000 pounds, so I’ll have to cancel this effort and continue on to Seattle.

  6. The .223 is loaded with a live round in the chamber, a loaded magazine in the well, and a loaded magazine in the spare magazine holder, with the safety on. The rifle is on the bunk and the Smith & Wesson lock blade is in my pocket. I bought 100 gallons of fuel, food, water and batteries, and talked with motel in Roosevelt. Everything is go, the exit is 100 miles down the interstate and then 140 miles off interstate up into the mountains to Roosevelt. I’m just pulling out now to get on the entrance ramp.

  7. The Propelling of Humanity from Carbon Based to crystalline based atomic structure and to do so in a Blink or twinkling of an eye … is also referred to as the “ beam me up” technology which is similar to the technology capable of Shifting a person over into an alternant reality .. and is most definitely true … and when you take words out of metaphor .. this process has been confirmed over 2000 year ago …

    Like “Translated” = which means to be changed of mass and frequency signature codes, via acceleration of every atom at the molecular level, of a targeted person, place or thing .. and do so as to correlate that person place or thing with the quantum state of another inner dimensional reality … rather that reality is of another earth reality or of the boarding of a celestial craft ..

    #By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God.
    #Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:

    And faith is that substance in which a ‘coded neuron plasma chip’ linking the mind of an individual with their Source of Power and Light … allowing the Source to perform miracles in which the individual have telepathically asked for or have need of .. yet in this world bombarding of negative energy signals and encased in a negatively charged ionosphere .. telepathic signals of the mind-link are in reproached … meaning signals are bounced back to earth … and now guardian celestials on the inside of the ionosphere are given charge over those whom they are assigned ..

    1. One way to separate new age fact from fiction is to meet and talk with real ETs/EDs and get the truth straight from the source.

      As far as I know, we don’t have the technology, at least non sequestered, to duplicate cattle mutilations. Here are some pictures from Skinwalker Ranch:

      “Army Colonel Reveals Amazing Skinwalker Ranch Stories”

      “The REAL Skinwalker Ranch with Jesse Ventura HD”

  8. It’s going to be getting dark by the time I reach the exit on the interstate for the roads taking me to Roosevelt. I think I’ll buy some extra fuel, food and water, get the .223 out of the side box and load it up, put the Galaxy S4 smartphone on the charger, and put some fresh batteries in my high output 250 lumen flashlight. If everything goes OK I’ll make Roosevelt before midnight, spend the night there, and check on op preps in the morning. The computer mobile broadband reception probably isn’t real good in a lot of places, even with the big external antenna and 3 watt amp.

  9. Hmmm, if I run out of route a bit on this run from Galveston to Seattle, it’ll take me right through Roosevelt, UT just south of Dark Canyon. And I can check out the logistics for running an op there. Like permits, lodging, maps, supplies, what the road up off of the highway looks like, etc. Normally this time of year I wouldn’t get back in that area with a big truck because of the risk of getting trapped by a storm. But right now the weather is nice.

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