You are talented and resourceful people and would have been able to earn large salaries if you had pursued the money path rather than a spiritual path.

You are talented and resourceful people and would have been able to earn large salaries if you had pursued the money path rather than a spiritual path.  
It has caused much concern in the Lightworkers’ community to know that there are so many who are losing their houses, closing their businesses and forgoing many things in order to continue their connection to the greater project – working on themselves, offering to be of service to others, and pursuing their studies to raise vibrations to prepare for Ascension.

5 thoughts on “You are talented and resourceful people and would have been able to earn large salaries if you had pursued the money path rather than a spiritual path.

  1. this is the major living pain. to do much work on spirit, to become invisibly wealthy in spirit, in a world of money. which means to become foolish and vagrant. how closer I get to understanding, the greater my monetary loss, which in turn punishes me for not playing the cash round up game. and this also means the sex game, the material collections game. the ones who do the money grab crimes, and sex crimes and pain crimes. when they die, they go to the same place as all of us, they get the same as the suffering who arrive, a view and experience of paradise, when you want it it is their. this is so unfair for the ones who struggle, are attacked and controlled by these rich and devilish. and these rich criminals blame the poor for their situation of being poor. its a bastards game, they make people poor. and laugh about it, but when they die, they go to the same place as you. its not a good feeling to have a punishing one die, then an angel takes you to visit them, and they live a experience richer than their rich living life. whilst you are poor, are punished for being so, and if you do manage to gain some wealth, these ones descend upon you and lovingly steal your wealth away, just to gossip and comment at how easy it was to do that to you.

    This I have seen.

    and now I turn 50, am broker than broke, no family, no home, no love, no joy. I can’t even find a job that has not become full of devils.

    all I have is a inner faith that some where their has to be good. unfortunately I have not seen this, for it recycles over and over as if their is no division line, just a format of memory and a continued restocking of the fear games.

    1. Ingman64 I can’t stress enough how important it is to not let your thought focus at all on your belief that you are stuck in a cycle that keeps repeating itself, and that you are broker than broke etc. I was doing myself in a few years ago because I didn’t know that my mind was a powerful creator tool, and that if I created thoughts that were never going to get better..that is just what I continued to get. As soon as I let go of all fear, judgement, etc..the problems started to loss the ability to continue..I hope that can contact me if you need more understanding on how to change this by using your unwavering Faith to help you..

    2. Life is what you make it. If there are things that you want or don’t want in your life, you have to set goals and work to achieve them. I have no debt, no problems and $10,000 a month coming in month after month after expenses. If I want to take time off I can, if I want to run a contact op up into the mountains I can. This is the way that life is meant to be lived.

      My dreams are coming true because I’ve identified what I want and am working to achieve it. There’s no magic formula or secret society that you have to belong to. The only one that’s going to make it happen is you, you’re the master of your own destiny. That’s the real divine plan, this is the way that creation realy works.

    3. Ingman64 … For sure … I know how you feel … but I find comfort in knowing that this monetary system has been set up by a light and power source producing, serving and surviving on the distribution of electron contaminated-negative energy .. and the elite of this negative system picks and rewards whom ever they choose from behind the veil … and if and when an individual consciously chooses the way of Positive energy and characters supporting Positive energy …choosing to become a part of the Positive Light alliance of the stars … you are then seen as an enemy of this world and an enemy to the negative light alliance of stars put in place by the satanic elites … and thus treated as a virus in the system .. and one of the first things which is done …. is that, what ever the negative system has given you over the limit of basic survival … unseen forces of the system will began the process of taking it back … bringing a new meaning to “we wrestle not against flesh and blood but powers and principalities of the atmosphere” .. for this reason … it is far better to give it up, than to have it taken away … old Yoda once said “practice letting go all you are afraid to loose” … and scripture teaches “be content in what ever state you’re in” … when we willfully want to follow the ways of the Positive Light … letting go the wealth and riches of this world becomes not an option …..

      So you see .. a testimony of hardships, sorrows, separation of family and friends, lost of material things … are sure signs of you having a place in the stars of Positive Light God .. this is why Job went through what he did … he was in process of switching over form the negatron system to the Positron system … this world will soon pass away
      “In my ‘Father’s House‘ there are many mansions (meaning in the constellation alliance of stars, associated with my First Magnitude Star, there are many mansions) welcome to the alliance of the Positive Light Stars …

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