ISS Live Stream Shows Possible Starfleet In Near Earth Orbit March 10 2014


 ISS Live Stream Shows Possible Starfleet In Near Earth Orbit March 10 2014

The video description from wowforreal says:

Published on Mar 11, 2014

Definitely unusual whatever it is. Multiple highlights on UStream show what first starts as two lights appearing to move from left to right through the frame, followed by an onslaught of many, MANY lights. Most of the ISS Live Stream regulars seem unable to identify what this is because it is so unlike anything normally seen on the cameras. Possibly city lights but if so WFR eyes have never seen them captured on ISS Live cams before, not even close, at all. Check it out let us know what you think.

Here is one of the multiple highlights:…

Have fun with this one. My vote is for ‘intergalactic cuttlefish’.

Image credit – NASA, ISS Live Stream

Indian in the machine:  I put ‘possible’ in the headline… to allow for the sliver of possibility that this is not a fleet of ships from our Heavenly Host visitors… who else could it be? I suppose it could be the Russian Cosmospheres but they don’t usually travel in a ‘here look at us’ kind of way.  Folks, this is getting rather comical… we’ve still got our “experts” and “authorities”  looking for life “out there” right? Right!  This isn’t exactly an isolated event… this happens often!   Folks, our star family are not circling us… planning their delicious menu with humans served…. nay… they are slowly alerting us to their presence… they could land of more of us were supportive of their presence… until then they circle and circle… in plain sight…. while the humans on the surface scatter about looking for truth.
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2 thoughts on “ISS Live Stream Shows Possible Starfleet In Near Earth Orbit March 10 2014

  1. Thank you for you efforts to inform us.You are much needed.We need our off world brothers and sisters,now.These things ruling earth,are going at a fever pitch to destroy,everything and every human.Who but the most blind,can,t see how,earths tyrants have steped up the speed of their efforts to completely enslave us all.It’s working…

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