Do “Good” ETs, Intentionally Trick Humanity? The Answer May Surprise You

Do “Good” ETs, Intentionally Trick Humanity? The Answer May Surprise You

The answer is ‘yes’.

Why would they do this?

Well… in the words of the Pleiadians… through Barbara Marciniak… Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library: page 26.

“We give you keys straightforwardly and we trick you; we always trick you. It is wise that you be a little suspecious of us.  If you are not, you are a fool.  Learn to have skepticism of all things and learn that we sometimes have great reason for what we do even though it may not be apparent to you at this time.”

Indian in the machine:  I can appreciate that this is happening and doesn’t make them a ‘fraud’… for example, it’s like the doctor needing to give you a needle to save your life, that you are refusing… and telling you that ‘it won’t hurt’, when it will… with the overall effect being to save your life… is the doctor ‘a fraud’ for saving your life?  No, that was the intention of visiting the doctor….so sometimes deception can be used for the Light, when the bigger picture is taken into account. I’m not making an excuse for the Pleiadians or the Galactic Federation of Light and others… I’m simply offering some insights.

Also, it’s not a great idea to rely on any source 100% except the one who created us… because people get lazy in their evolution if they just follow someone blindly because they have a 100% track record… feel the truth in this statement. The purpose of life is not to find someone to blindly follow, human or not.  Our ET visitors don’t want us to worship them, or to treat them as Gods… I have a feeling we did that in the past…

It is a good thing to question everything… we are after all, still in earth school for a brief period longer… make the most of it, and try not to hurt yourself and others in the process of seeking truth and reigniting your own inner Light.


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4 thoughts on “Do “Good” ETs, Intentionally Trick Humanity? The Answer May Surprise You

  1. You would think if they are here to help they would just show up and say ” I’m here to help ” without being secretive of course to have no agenda accept to serve all humanity and not just the controllers.

  2. Wow!  Thank you so much for linking to this book….. it is answering just the questions I have been asking lately.  I have read a lot of metaphysical/esoteric/channeled works but somehow I missed this author!!  I am very excited to read her work.  HUGE aha’s all over the place.

    The issue of “trickery” is a real one, and oh so relevant right now.  My god our discernment skills are being put to the test big time!  In terms of the RV issue, it is very apparent and “real”.  I read all the channeled info on the RV (as well as the regular human stuff, which is always dissapointing but it is still important).  It has been such a learning experience!  

    I have to pat myself on the back a bit, because I intuitively felt that a sting operation was afoot before everyone started talking about it.  That is, that the messages we were receiving about the RV were coded and layered and designed to illicit certain feelings/actions from US (regular folk, or should I say starseeds) and the cabal cronies.  It worked, or so I hear. 

    I believe everything is a trick, in a way.  If indeed it is all a Game, then of course the very best tools to use involve trickery.  I don’t think “they” in the other realms see it is as “good” or “bad”, just as they don’t see anything that way.  That is where it gets so interesting, because the question of is there ultimately a GOOD or BAD is a biggie for me.  “What’s healthy?” is my question.  All beings/entities/civilizations seem to seek out stability/sustainability/health… but at the same time they seek out creativity/change/risk.  But who is “they?”  It is hard to read this kind of stuff without feeling like a pawn in a huge game.  Yet they make it seem that we are oh so important and precious.  Both are true, I guess.  Sometimes I think everything is true.  That might be the truest statement ever.  If it can be thought/imagined, it is true.  So when the “trick” us, they are just playing with our thoughts.

    The entire lightworker community needs to work on this issue.  We are SO SO SO frustrated with feeling like we are being led on, lied to, deceived.  We try SO hard to discern the truth.  We find what we resonate with.  But even within that context, we get fooled and feel that all is not as it is told to us.  For example, I resonate with Kathryn May’s work.  I am gathering that many don’t trust her work, since it isn’t on Golden Age of Gaia etc…. anyway, her work is amazing I think, but following St. Germain’s info channeled from her regarding the RV is a sure recipe for confusion and frustration.  And he is the one who seems be speaking in terms of the sting operation the most.  He told us (through May) that, yes, we were told untruths in order to get the cabal to walk into their traps.  And, that we contracted for this pre-birth.  I can live with that.  But, NOW, I tend to see everything they say as a trick of sorts.  Not lying for the sake of lying. But, for example, this entire Ukraine situation can be viewed as a sting operation.  It is like “they” (the good guys) are allowing this to come to a head, for many reasons I am sure.  Reasons so complex and mind boggling I can’t even imagine them.  But clearly there is a method to the madness on both sides.  That is, the good guys and the bad guys (just using those terms for fun here) are very good at PLANNING and TRICKING.  They seem to get very bored playing any other way.  

    Sorry this got so long.  Just wanted to say thanks for alerting me to that book! 

    Carolyn Salem, Oregon

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