Get Into Position Before Pole Shift ‘Wobble Sloshing’ Caused By Nibiru Passby Begins

Get Into Position Before Pole Shift ‘Wobble Sloshing’ Caused By Nibiru Passby Begins

Folks… Nibiru is still set to passby earth... leading up to this, we have increased earthquakes… increased volcanic activity… strange earth magnetosphere activity etc.

This map provided by Nancy Lieder of Zetatalk gives us an idea… an estimation of how earth may be transforming during these times of pole shift.  There are other earth changes maps available.

The Zetatalk website suggests that Russia, US and China are closing off their borders pending this eventuality.

As proof China’s prep, we now have a strong motive for creating those ghost cities… that are virtually empty for the time being, but are likely to fill up.

Russia is looking like huge parts are underwater…

Notice the Isles of California?  Notice the New Madrid Faultline going through major shift?

Indonesia is sinking… England is sinking… India is sinking etc.

Central America is getting squeezed from the north and south and will ‘buckle’… notice the increasing volcanic activity in Central America, to confirm this?

Have you noticed the increase in fireballs across the world????

Have you noticed network of underground cities that have been built in anticipation of this event?

People this isn’t crazy talk…. THE NETWORK OF UNDERGROUND CITIES PARTICULARLY IN NORTH AMERICA IS ALREADY COMPLETE.…  a section was even featured on network television via Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory program.… let’s not forget the DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT built for continuation of goverment that the masons are so proud of building.

Have you noticed the CHINESE GHOSTS CITIES that are empty but created for millions… THAT WAS FEATURED ON 60 MINUTES TV SHOW?

I share the info. below, not to frighten… but to empower… this could be a catalyst for those seeking change in their lives that no longer inspire…. or maybe you simply are in a zone that will soon be underwater.

Don’t wait and see what happens…. the time to move if needed, will be strongly felt… honour your message from the spirit world and your Higher Self… listen, pay attention and be present.

Indian in the machine 


Not a figment of imagination!



Russia has oil, and has territories that will be sought after the announcement admitting the pending passage of Nibiru, as we have often mentioned. In the past, during the avaricious Bush administration, when Iraq and Afghanistan were invaded under the pretext of avenging 911, this was a covert agenda. 911 was an inside job, Arabs with box cutters assisted by those within the Bush administration intent on invading the Middle East for its oil, and invading Afghanistan for the Russian oil in the lands to the North. Blood and treasure were spent by the US chasing corporate and Bush family profits, a situation which Obama has been since trying to correct by closing out these errant wars.

Should it be a surprise, when we have been citing for years the migration problems that will ensue going into the Pole Shift, that Russia, China, Australia, and the US are choosing to defend their borders? Indonesia is already sinking, and will fare worse when wobble sloshing begins in earnest. India is sinking too, and will be in a state of panic when they realize the ZetaTalk predictions for their land. Where will these people go? Russia has long borders with Europe too, as we have stated, and is prepared to block migration across its lands. Russia, China, and the US will all lose territory during the Pole Shift, massive flooding for Russia and the US and for China, a new pole next door to the South. They will take care of their own, but will not adopt new citizens.

Russia was threatened during the Bush administration with planned missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic. The Orange Revolution was instituted by the west, not a local revolution, and thus Russia knows that the push to disrupt alliances between the Ukraine and Russia is likely being instituted by western influences today. Israel, always ambitious to gain control of the Middle East, is involved, and is resentful that Russia allies with Arab countries standing up to Israel. These issues are and will be aggravated by knowledge of the pending passage of Nibiru. All these players are trying to position for survival during the coming Pole Shift, and a strong position in the Aftertime.

(And further on in the article…)

How does the timing of the announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X, relate to the current turmoil in the Ukraine, the ongoing dispute between China and Japan over East China Sea islands, and the US decision to reduce its troop size to levels not seen prior to World War II? Side issues can be cited, such as divided loyalties in the Ukraine and the Crimea as a Russian naval base, and such as fishing rights or oil deposits in the East China Sea, and the budget cuts the US has been forced to make. But to understand the real motives behind these actions, one must look to migration concerns on the post announcement map.

One has only to look at the Aftertime map compiled by Nancy at the start of the ZetaTalk saga to understand why both Russia and China are braced for immigration assaults in the midst of their own internal migration struggles. Almost the entire eastern portion of Russia will be under water in the Aftertime. The population of Russia, estimated at 150 million, is clustered in the West, and must be moved. This move includes Moscow and the Kremlin. Russia is making it clear that it will not allow European nations to take advantage of it during the anticipated flooding.

China has a massive population, estimated at 1.4 billion, and likewise must move this population from its populous coastline, which will flood. This includes Beijing, the political center of China. China must likewise be concerned about the climate change that will descent on its southern provinces when India becomes the globe’s new S Pole. This is another population shift of immense proportions. China has made it clear in its stance in Tibet and in the East China Seas that it does not intend to let those drowning in India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia migrate to high land in China. Where will the combined population of these drowning countries, estimated at more than 1.6 billion, go?

Countries that have looked to the US for protection, such as Japan and Europe under alliances following World War II, must anticipate that the US will look to its own needs as the Earth changes stress the US during its budgetary crises. The US can no longer be the world’s big brother, protector, or police force. The US will be afflicted with Aftertime and Pole Shift flooding. The south-east US will be pulled down into disasters and flooding well before the Last Weeks. The East Coast of the US is its most populous area. The US will be hit with a New Madrid adjustment that will leave it reeling, distribution lines across the Mississippi that include gas and oil from the Gulf disrupted permanently. Where the US has friendly neighbors in Canada and Mexico, they are a target nation by much of the world as they have until recently been considered the most prosperous nation in the world. This legacy will hurt them during the coming times.


5 thoughts on “Get Into Position Before Pole Shift ‘Wobble Sloshing’ Caused By Nibiru Passby Begins

  1. I’ve got some other sense.

    When the 13th opened the gate and made the settings for bounding the 12 frequencies in a usefull content, you can get the full of rainbow. First this is mindflood, bodyshaking … Now the incoming stream set your mind underwater because the function of your aqua-stop-automatic (like in washmachines) running out. (Dont be affraid, your body has also one.)

    Yet there are two options:
    Just wait and the materialising aspects like predicted above are coming vs take the rainbow and USE IT – focus on IN for inspiration and IN for innovation and make your move for a better ‘highest’ outcome. That’s what real transformation is about. For taking control of the outcome you have to be open for the new settings that are prepared and step in to materialize that what you wish, rising with the floods of life!!!

    Regards to you!

  2. What is not mentioned, is the shaking, it will level all constructed buildings, so china making cities for latter will find rubble. D, the best way to live afterwards, in the new energy. I round houses, not square. for square shapes trap energy, it does not release the build up of the stagnant energy as round home shapes do. Tee pee is a fantastic shape to live in energetically. and at first, the humans who will prosper for themselves and the re coupling of community, will build as such. the search for wood to do such will be wide spread.

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