Facebook Trolls Trap Queen Elizabeth By Her Own Account

Facebook Trolls Trap Queen Elizabeth By Her Own Account

Dear world,

Queen Elizabeth joined facebook in 2010… for what one might presume, is to gain more fame and fortune… a strange move for someone already rich and famous.

The move didn’t work out for her, as her page gets many comments like this:

From Mirror:

  • “If you really have zero dignity or self-respect, I guess it’s OK to drool and fawn over a family of inbreeds just because you believe their blood makes them ‘better’ than you – just be careful you don’t get your spit on normal people while you’re at it….”
  • “Bunch of scrounging inbreds adored by a bunch of brain washed idiots. While thousands of decent people are struggling this lot are still flaunting their undeserved wealth.”
  • “Parasitic scrounging scumbags “
  • “Hypocritical, Parasitic, benefit scrounging, scumbags ! Every last one of them.”
  • “hurry up and die horible filthy greedy bastatrds”
  • “we are Australian and the royal family has done nothing for this country and we should get rid of the union jack and put the Aboriginal flag in it place for we are the true people of this country”
  • “Most Aussies love the royal. We all hate the Camilla. She will cause most of the commonwealth will fold if Camilla sits in the throne !!!!”
  • “You never see the Roysl siblings of Charles standing anywhere near Camilla…they avoid her like the plague and rightfully so!!”

Editor of Majesty Magazine Joe Little said today that some of the comments were just “out-and-out trolling” but the royal household could be accused of stifling fair comment if they started taking all negative posts down.

He said: “The palace is very keen to be seen to be up there with Facebook and Twitter but it opens up all sorts of cans of worms.


Sounds like she’s stuck… people do you notice that those with the most money are often, less free?  Stuck in some twisted plot that is doomed for failure.



Folks, I’ve been reporting for 10 years on our off-world visitors who are slowly but surely making themselves known to humanity…. including the returning Jesus from the bible, now returned as Sananda.  They make a few notable comments regarding situations like the queen getting trapped by her own facebook account.

1.  There is no royalty out there in the spirit world.

2.  No one is more special than others in the eyes of God.

3.  Sananda says protect the poor or they will try to destroy you…. definitely a message for any human royal.

4.  We may all be special, but we are also all equal. God didn’t create clones… MAN CREATES CLONES.

5.  Earth humans have been under control of many secret cults, who thrive on the chaos that they create ‘order’ out of… but it isn’t order, it is enslavement.

6.  We are entering a golden age of enlightment… and are now leaving the AGE OF KALI

God Describes The Age Of Kali… Sound Familiar? | Alternative

7.  The secret plan to control the world by few, is a multigenerational plan over a few thousand years… growing so big that few are able to comprehend.

8.  A giant sea change is now unfolding… where a big event is to shortly catupult earth and the planet into the Golden Age.

9.  We can expect a new financial system…. the arrests of cabal… the announcements of the existance of our Universal Star Family, who say that we are living through a GRAND EXPERIMENT, in which we agreed to experment with what it feels like, when we falsely believe we are the only life in the universe, when the universe is actually teeming with life.

So keep our chin up…. so that you can see the spaceships in the sky… ask for a visitation… ask for more assistance to have peace in your heart… for that is the key to everything… watch those with little peace in their hearts, to struggle and send them love too, as a gift to them… and you… and everything.

Indian in the machine




More Sananda messages are listed below… expect the coverup to continue for a bit longer, especially from those who falsely believe, AS TAUGHT TO THE MASSES, BY THE ROYAL VATICAN… that both God and Jesus (Sananda) are not able to DIRECTLY COMMUNICATE RIGHT HERE AND NOW WITH ALL OF HUMANITY AND NEED NO HUMAN EDITED DOCUMENT FROM 2000 YEARS AGO TO DO SO.



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