Get The Historical Relay Relay Relay Messages For Kindle

Get The Historical Relay Relay Relay Messages For Kindle

IITM:  These Relay Relay Relay messages sure have helped me throughout the years… very inspiring messages… that are helping to bring in the changes… of heart.

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Messages To The World [Kindle Edition]

Spirit Eagle (Author)

Kindle Price: $9.99

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Book Description

Publication Date: February 26, 2014
This is the Third in a Series of Relay Messages Books from the Ascended Masters, the Elementals and from some of the many Members of the Galactic Federation of Light.
We, as a species as well as all of Life on our Mother Earth are in a transition from the denser third dimension into the higher fifth dimensional reality. Great changes are scheduled for humanity.
The absurdity of these times is in stark contrast to life as it can and will be lived in the near future.
Right now, confusion reigns! People are running hither and yon looking for “One Honest Man” just as Diogenes sought. That “Honest Man” (or Woman) cannot be sought, except Within! Humanity has been taught to look outward for their leaders but the Truth is that we must be our own leaders. We have been as little children seeking a Mommy or a Daddy who will tell us what to do. There is an endless supply of “leaders” and too many “followers”.

Humanity has lost its’ sense of self as an integrated, interconnected, Family of (Wo/Man) at One with all Kingdoms on the Earth.
We came from the stars and are scheduled to eventually go back to the stars in our new Light bodies and be teachers to others on Third Dimensional planets. In the meantime we have much work to do in a relatively short time! Our beautiful Planet deserves better than we have done to her. She is a Great Jewel that we have fouled and continue to do so! Our imagined need for comforts are not superior to Hers or the rest of the teeming life upon her!
It is my wish that this book will inspire us to awaken to the truth of our own Divinity, as sisters and brothers of the Light, as children of the Great Mystery.
Spirit Eagle

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  • Language: English

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