Personal Earthquake Early Warning System

Personal Earthquake Early Warning System

It’s 2014 and the earthquakes continue to pick up in intensity and in unusual spots… obviously the authorities are choosing to hide the fact that the big ones are coming… oh well, their karma… we simply empower ourselves, as we can do in any situation… every situation can be empowering… 

1.  Everyday glance and see what is happening.

2.  We check the news to see what ELSE besides earthquakes is happening that may be related.

3.  We watch the animals who may act irratic BEFORE earthquakes. 

4.  We glance at the sun to see if the sun is hitting earth with solar flares that reach earth.

5.  We glance to some channeled messages to see what those on the other side of the veil are saying… guidance from angels… *it is a false belief that all beings from the spirit world, are demons… an open heart will know the difference… a closed heart is simply guessing.

6.  Listen to your intuiton.  What does your inner voice say?

7.  Follow the signs of the spirit world… look for messages in everything… nature… the radio… random songs… contact with energy in any form…


So here it is, our personal earthquake warning system… these are special habits to get into, for the whole planet, as the whole planet right now is highly unstable, due to 1.  NIBIRU   2.  Sun activity    3.  The Photon Belt 

If you scoff at the Nibiru theory… here’s a pic to chew on…

Further unstablity is felt in worldwide increase in  1. volcanic activity  2. Strange weather   3. Changes in magnetosphere 4.  Magnetic pole possible shift  5. Worldwide sinkholes forming at increasing rate.

All other planets are exhibiting high degrees of change right now… this is solar system phenomena.

But ultimately…. the big ones, may happen without further warning, so listening to spirit is highly advised.

Indian in the machine

The bigger picture… and one of the main reasons for all we are experiencing, is the ascension… 

Prime Creator Hints At Imminent Ascension Timeline

Three Waves of Ascension And Three Waves of The Photon Belt

The Three Waves of Ascension
This is a classic essay, explaining in detail the Three Waves of Ascension.

Prime Creator – A New Perspective

Prime Creator Makes an Announcement


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