St. Germain: “We are on to the next phase – Announcements and Disclosure.”


Indian in the machine

Dear world,

Many readers will see this headline and they will scoff with disbelief… and why is that?  It’s because they don’t believe that it is possible that the Light is the dominating force on the planet.  The truth is that the Light is the dominating force in the universe… and earth is now joining the party.  

I have shared St. Germain’s message and a message from Archangel Michael and our Heavenly Father that give further insights including the need to prepare for the changeover.

When the banks close… please no panic… how about celebrate, that the changeover is almost upon us.

When the rest of the system crumbles, how about party like it ISN’T 1999, and will never be again.

Instead of feasting on the death and destruction to come, how about getting up-to-date, and helping others to do so?

Our family are here, making themselves known… this isn’t about cute little moments where they briefly appear in our skies… nay… this is leading to a full blown reunion with many different lifeforms, who have come to witness and participate in our transformation and restoration.

We are on the verge of disclosure, announcements… spaceships in our sky… arrests of public figures on all levels… all of that and more, is supporting the ‘magic trick’ of ascension.  The events to come have a purpose… it is the springboard to ascension (where humanity goes from a carbon-based species, to a crystal-based species, catalyzed by the photon belt, which is a large band of gamma radiation our solar system goes through twice every 26000 years, humanity is now splitting into two species, those of 3D and those of 5D…. by the way, if all this sounds crazy, that may mean you are in 3D walking the earth, not really clued in, still believing the illusion is more real than what is:

Part 199, St. Germain’s Call to Lightworkers: Life Post-RV
Dear Friends, it is I, St. Germain, and I come to tell you we are planning great
things here in the Heavenly Realm.  The reason we are free to plan these wonderful things is because we are finished with the hard work which led up to the RV.  It is now up to the very competent crew on the ground to make the final announcements to begin trading, and we are on to the next phase – Announcements and Disclosure.
There are so many changes coming in such a short time period that you are going to be amazed, astonished, and you, Beloved Lightworkers, will be joyfully fulfilled.  You will feel that your cup runneth over; you will be gratified by the sudden blossoming of evidence everywhere of what has been growing behind the scenes for years.

Once the RV trading is underway, which we expect immediately, we will be on to even better and more dramatic changes.  The arrests of the criminals who have enslaved the planet for their own profit will be coming forth in great numbers – so many you will not believe your eyes when you see dozens who were honored as captains of industry and finance being walked off in handcuffs.  All will be given a chance to redeem themselves, for we are a merciful community here in the higher dimensions, but it will not be done at the cost of holding up the march of real progress for all.

We have worked so long for this, Beloved Ones.  You and I have seen the bright future for Planet Earth and have moved always in the direction of Light.  Our rewards will be abundant, glorious, and ongoing.  Yes, there is much to look forward to after the RV.  It is just the introduction to a complete Shift in the way business is done on Planet Earth.  By this, I do not mean only commerce.  Education, social traditions, political activities, governance – all will be different.

Now, we wish to prepare you for the necessary upheaval which will inevitably result when the financial systems are in the process of changing over.  There will be a short period in which the banking system may shut down, in order to institute the new, fair and  free economic standards which are to be put into place.  No more will every transaction, every trade, every loan be tailored to enrich the cabal which grew fat while the rest of the world was starving.

No more will hardworking people be forced into homelessness; no more will employment or education be akin to slavery.  The human condition is about to change globally, and we are asking you to help usher in this glorious New Golden Age.  You who are reading this are the Lightworkers who felt the rising vibrations and were inspired to invest in the possibility of using your own resources for the good of all.  You will be rewarded tenfold, with the pleasure of giving what you have to support and nurture others who are in need.

You will also find the way open for you when you take action to build, create, form networks and organizations to benefit all.  It will feel as though a weight has been lifted, and the wind is always at your back.  Doors will open for you as if by magic, because the old resistance which was built into the system has evaporated.

Life was intended to be beautiful on Mother Earth’s surface, but it has not been for many centuries.  The abundance that was to be shared by all was co-opted by the few, bringing terrible pollution and degradation to her and causing disease and ill health to become the norm.  You saw the effect of the chemtrails in recent weeks – aberrant weather patterns, devastating drought and crippling snowstorms, all caused by the arrogant manipulation of the natural world.

This reckless poisoning of Earth and all her creatures will never be permitted to occur again.  Your Galactic Brothers and Sisters are neutralizing the effects of this weather manipulation, which was intended to create profit from engineered illness and famine, by creating such environmental disaster that the entire globe would be brought to its knees.  An entire population which suffers from hunger and disease is at the mercy of those in power when those in power are ruthless and feel entitled to their privilege.

You will be astonished by the revelations which will be coming hour by hour over the newly freed media.  The Rockefeller/Rothchild/Murdock cartel will be removed from operations of all the television, radio and print news production, and the world will gain a true source of communication.  It will then be used to honestly inform the population of what has gone before, and what wonderful opportunities lay ahead for all of you.

We have met today with Mother/Father God, Prime Creator, and all the Company of Heaven to discuss how we might bring the information to forewarn those of you who are not given to hysteria or paranoia of the coming difficulties you may encounter during the enormous Shift.  We are concerned that many who are completely unaware of the coming disruptions may become panicky or even violent when the resources they are used to having are limited for a short time.

You have all seen the extreme reaction when people are told there is a large snowfall coming.  Many stock up on enormous amounts of food, water, and emergency supplies at the thought of being snowed in for a day.  These are the ones we are concerned about reaching with the message that all is well, all is being managed and overseen from On High, and there is nothing to fear.  Just the opposite – this is the sign that progress has been made already, and that the new way of life will be brought forth from the rubble of the old, toxic and debilitating conditions.

Here is the concern for the coming weeks:  There may be a period lasting from a few days to a week or two during which the banks will be closed.  Depending on the reaction of the populace, this will have a greater or lesser effect on all other elements of life, like food distribution, the transport and delivery of needed medical supplies, and even the ongoing stability of power, water and transportation.  We hope to avoid any hysteria or panic by preparing everyone in advance to expect a certain amount of disruption and to prepare for it as much as possible.

Ultimately, your own good humor and generosity will provide the needed bridge to help carry others to the other side, to reassure and prepare them for a joyful completion of the process of change for the better.  As long as people remain calm and friendly, resourcefulness and creativity will carry the day, and all will come out of this Shift in high hopes, with their Vision of a new and more humane world alive in their consciousness.

I want to reassure you, Dear Ones, that we have left no stone unturned, no idea left on the table without consideration, and we are resolved that this entire process – even in its enormity – will be accomplished with Grace.  It cannot be done without a certain amount of chaos, but it can be completed without great loss or upheaval.

Consider how much fun you have had on a camping trip when you left behind the comforts of home in favor of living in the natural world, with the pleasures of life in a forest or at a seashore all around you.  Think of the coming transition as something like this – the opportunity to get closer to Nature and to those you love, while relying on your own and others’ resourcefulness.

You may have a day or two without your iphone, ipad or computer.  You may experience a disruption in your cell phone reception or your TV programming.  When all services resume, you will be ready for the massive changes that have been planned for you.  Free energy technology is just around the corner, a gift from your Star Brothers and Sisters.  Opportunities to stretch your mind, offer your hidden skills, and celebrate with everyone around you will present themselves as you discover new pleasures, new friendships, and astonishing news about yourselves, your unique identities and your true path in life.

Yes, it will be a grand adventure if that is the way you approach it.  Of course, there will be some who become angry and upset if their daily routine should change even slightly, if they are inconvenienced in some small way, because their grasp on stability and happiness is defined in terms of “safety” – meaning that they cannot tolerate change in any form, even for the better.

This is where you come in.  You will be called upon to reassure, to comfort and to teach.  You have been reading these messages, finding your way to deeper Heart communication, deeper self-acceptance and Love.  Many around you have not had the benefit of such reassurance, and such training in patience and Faith as you have had.  They will be blindsided by the knowledge that all is not what it seemed and that it did indeed need to be changed, and now.

Like the cabal, many of Earth’s sleeping inhabitants had found a way to remain unconscious of the massive suffering by blaming the victims, or by developing some philosophical or religious explanation for how suffering is inevitable or even preferable.  We are here to show the way to a new outlook, Beloveds.  We will work together with you to maintain stability even as the familiar ground is shifting under our feet.  We will sustain our Vision of Peace, Joy and Justice for all, and so it shall be done.

Never again will any of Earth’s people have to suffer under the oppression of a ruthless despot who gained control by force.  No force will be allowed in the weaponless environment of peaceful diplomacy, fair and respectful concern for all, regardless of one’s former position of power or powerlessness.  It may seem impossible to you to imagine such a change, while you still see around you the remnants of centuries of oppression and disregard for the basic rights of humankind as well as the Animal Kingdoms and the natural world in all her beauty.  How can all this be expected to change in a moment?  By removing all possibility of military might, psychological manipulation through propaganda, and secret political power.

The Forces of Light on the ground and Above have been preparing to step in to shift the balance for many years.  Only now has the energy on the planet and throughout the Universe risen to such a level that the tipping point has been reached.  The era of darkness has ended.  Planet Earth will never see another war, another genocide or another mass suppression of freedom.  It will require the help and Vision of all to create the New World, but we are confident that once the sources of fear and oppression have been removed (as is happening at this moment), the cream will rise to the top, as you might say.

There are unsung heroes, courageous adventurers and industrious Creators on every block, in every house on the planet.  As soon as the pall of fear and the Veil of Forgetfulness is lifted, they will shine, and many will rise to follow their example and yours.

You will feel an enormous blast of Love from the Central Sun which will trumpet the beginning of the Great Change.  The dominoes will fall in rapid succession – Prosperity funds being released around the world, displays of ships from many planets of far-flung galaxies to thrill and reassure those on the ground, Disclosure of the true origins of humankind and other extraterrestrial beings like you, and in short order, Landings which will bring wonders we can only hint at because it is impossible to truly describe in words.

We, your Ascended Masters, helpers and guides will join you at last, as visible and tangible to you as your next door neighbor, and we will rejoice with you.  Along with new sources of food, water and power, we will also bring music, laughter, unending Love and our heartfelt Joy.   And I, your faithful St. Germain, will be happy to lead the parade as we dance and sing our way across the world, from sea to shining sea.  Of course, I will invite all of you, as well as my beloved Lady Portia, to lead the parade with me.

What a jubilee we have ahead, Dearest Lightworkers!  Our time has come at last, and we will lead the way into the new era, singing “Hallelujah” in praise of God’s Love, as we rise together to the Promised Land which is truly our Paradise on Earth.  You will see the Crystal Cities appear before your eyes, your beloved Sananda will indeed return, and you will all find reason to weep with joy every moment of every day.

Walk with me, all Beings of Light.  Stride without fear into the new dawning Light.  The New Golden Age is begun, and we are here to welcome its birth.

I am your Adamos St. Germain, here for you always. I love you without end.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May/Lady Portia on Feb. 23, 2014, 12 am, Atlanta, Georgia.

Permission is granted to share or copy these messages, providing no additions or alterations are done, and credit is given to the channel and the website,

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael through Marc Gamma ~ 20.11.2013

Archangel Michael[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

My beloved humans, this is your Archangel Michael speaking to you. I’m coming with another message to you and just alike Raphael before I shall be accompanied by our heavenly Father.

As from now on our heavenly Father will accompany me with all my messages and transfer to you his energy, his knowledge of ascension to you too.

Beloved humans I am aware of the fact that for the time being it is not at all easy for you to build up these huge energies flaring down on you. This channel has sensed himself what does it mean to digest these energies after accepting and assimilating them.

In fact it is the matter of very powerful energies which are being accumulated the opening of which were triggered by the last Full Moon. And these energies are flowing now towards Earth to you. And thus with each new day a bit more and more until eventually reaching their maximum amount.

And moreover: they will carry some sort of new pattern, some kind of potential of change and love hitherto unseen and unknown at all.

You will be bathed in these energies, enveloped and you will be washed away if you forget to ground yourselves firmly to Mother Earth. How many times we asked you before to memorize this grounding measure and still there are some people left which reading our message do not want to or are not able to comprehend what we are meaning.

Please, believe it we are telling you nothing else than the truth! Believe in our words when we want to assist you ! But never let your ignorance lead you there where you will not be able to acknowledge our saying. Since it is by ignorance solely which will ruin you since now has come the very time for you to make your own decision.

Most of you have already decided and thus defined your further road you want to turn in now at this crossing. Still there are quite a lot of humans left having not made their individual decision and on that part of human mankind time is running out and all those are facing a huge problem. We do not have more possibilities to wait for you endlessly. We do need your decision and this has to be done in some simple and clear way.

We shall leave this topic now because we have dealt with it several times before and we do not want to repeat any more in the very same way. If you comprehend our messages you have already made your decision.

If you did not decide yourselves until now we likewise understand and accept your behaviour but – in such case your train of ascension has already departed from here.

For the next topic of this message it is the turn of our heavenly Father and I shall now hand on to him the Sceptre:

My beloved children here on earth, this is I, your heavenly Father.

Again it is possible that together with one of my children I may be able to inform you. And again I shall be able to reach into your very hearts with all pertaining updates of time to come.

I shall now open up officially to you what you will be facing shortly.

The “Super-Portal” is in the process of opening itself up and here I am stressing the fact that this opening will be executed step by step since some sort of full opening in some single step would overwhelm you and asking too much from the endurance of your human bodies. You would burn up, you would not been able to survive it. Everything which is to come now will carry such a strong and powerful energy that it will dissolve all parts and matters entailing and keeping what still belongs to the old matrix of duality.

All these energies will be affected on various levels. One or the other have sensed these changes already and those asking themselves what it is that is happening presently – they have comprehended that the very great change has arrived at you now.

This is the very change – being so immense and huge – so powerful and transforming – that you will ask yourselves after a few days what it was hitting you right into your heart. And I shall tell you that it is my love – the very love of your Divine Creator – which has pervaded all of you. I also shall tell you that it was the energy of change and transformation that hit you right into your core and also – when looking back you will ask yourselves:

“Is this still the very same person standing there – was it really me ?”

You will look back and you will notice that your old Ego will not be able to be kept up in that new energy and that you have to leave your old Ego behind. I am talking in pictures so that you may understand what I mean here.

Now I shall turn over to my son again and he will continue with everything which still is left to be submitted to you.

With my huge love to you
Yours heavenly Father.

After you could take your bath in all the Love-Energies of our Father – please ground yourselves again shortly before receiving more pieces of my information.

My next piece of information will surprise and encourage you too but also is to show you that you are to be challenged again. You are shortly before becoming aware of the very portals of ascension. You will – very soon – be able to perceive with your own eyes portals of ascension so that you may get prepared for everything following now.

It will be entirely easy to notice these portals of ascension. During the next days some images will be captured into your sleep and these images will differ to each and every one human being since each one of you is imagining these portals of ascension in a most individual and differing way. And this is quite alright in this way. However there is something common to all these portals of ascension. They all will lead you to your very personal and individual Ascension!

And this is the interpretation of the above: “No-one here on Earth will experience an equal and same alike sort of ascension and there will be no-one too being able to compare his individual experience with somebody else’s. It all is unique, and singled out for each single human being. This experience will define and shape each one of you – will also open up your eyes and transmit you to the very places into which you had directed your eyes since long ago. Ascension is imminent now but it will be some process proceeding over a certain period.”

Such individual ascension may be done within some few days for some of you whereby for others it may play off within some weeks. Those needing some more and lengthier periods still have to fulfil some certain tasks here on this planet just like this channel and they will have to exert some more patience in the remainder of time. They are the ones switching the light off – so to say – in order to clearly show to all remaining here that ascension has been finalized then. All those still remaining here under the old dimension of duality will have to take a completely different turn in due consequence to their decisions made or not made.

Please try to understand my words in their inner sense of it since we love working and expressing ourselves in images or parables so that you may understand even better what we are submitting to you here.

Concluding this message I want to express my thankfulness to all of you. Thank you for what you have done so far and once and again you may pad yourselves on your shoulders and become cognizant that you have made some terrific progress. Step by step we shall accompany you and stepwise you will be approaching your very individual portal of ascension. Cease your very chance – just become aware of it and then just go ahead !

Yours Archangel Michael

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