Relay Relay Relay Celeste: The End of The Age Of Darkness is Upon You NOW!

Yes, it is I, Celeste whom you know.  We are still working with those in the Vatican who want a new life for the old Church.  We have assisted with the “housecleaning” of the Dark Ones who have led millions for over 2000 years.   There is a Change that is happening around the world but it had to start with this place and the Darkness within it.  
There is still much to be revealed as we uncover the Darkness within the Church.   There is much to be uncovered  and disseminated to the People of this world.  As you know by now, the people have been controlled through Fear of Eternities of Hell, a place that only the truly diabolical can conceive.   Instead, they have Made a “Hell” on Earth.  It is over!
There is Nothing to fear, just Be Aware that there is an Angelic Force of the Light here now.  The Galactic Federation of Light is here to assist you into the higher dimensional reality now!
As you learn about the terrible lies and mind manipulations that have been perpetrated by the evil ones, the perversion of science that is killing the Earth Mother, you may need to Stay In Your Center in Calmness and Strength.   The End of The Age Of Darkness is Upon You NOW!   This is a Time for Courage and Strength of Character!   You Will Need to be the Best that you Can Be for yourselves, your families, your friends and for the whole Earth and ALL LIVING THINGS UPON HER!   You are the Rainbow Warriors Foretold!   You Have to Stay Conscious of Everything going on around you!  This is the Time of the Goddess within and without.  You are Warriors of the Light and you were Born to be here at This Time!
This is a Time for Boldness, for Courage, for Lights of Amplitude arising in the darkest corners of the Earth.  It is Your Time to Shine as Free and Sovereign Beings Of The Light!  We Are With You!  We walk beside you when you call us!  Together, we will free the Earth Mother and Humanity from the Tyranny of the Dark Ones once and for all!
Good Night My Dears!  Sleep this night in quiet anticipation of the New Earth that you are Birthing and Loving into Being!
Mother Goddess Walks With All!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  2/23/14  8:53 pm

2 thoughts on “Relay Relay Relay Celeste: The End of The Age Of Darkness is Upon You NOW!

  1. Sometimes, if your lucky, you can catch up with Celest at a forum she posts in, and I do have to say, she is not entirely of this world, for you never know what she may tell, or how she may know what she knows. Celestialguardian, she has been posting under. and she always writes in pink, which can take some getting used too. 🙂–401699

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