Believe… believe you can welcome them more.

Believe… believe you can welcome them more.


4 thoughts on “Believe… believe you can welcome them more.

  1. Sort of reversing the psychology of an old quote I heard in that old Dragonfly movie during the conversation on ‘believing in heaven after the body dies’ .. it said … “ it’s belief that gets us there” … now I would agree with this article, …“it’s belief that will get them here” .. .. OH yes .. I consider unwavering-beliefs of Positive Loving hearts, are like Beams of Positive Light beacons … the world is filled with negative light beacons, but the Positive Lights are now shining through .. loPL (lots of Positive Love – to you and the Universe

    Also may I add … I consider psychology is also … “Powers of the brain’ influencing the elements of the cosmos” … and remembering that both the heart and mind has a ‘neuron-transmitting network’ which can send and receive High Frequency signals to-and-from our designated Positive Light Source … this world had done most every imaginable evil and diabolical thing to weaken and block those wondrous Positive Light signals, but once the heart establishes that inner-inner transmission link of Love with their Higher-Heavenly Positive Light Source, it takes more than what diabolical minds can muster up to sever that Positive-life-line-link ..

  2. Hey, Dieter,
    Aren’t you getting sick of seeing Beyoncé next to these great posts? Please put her down at the bottom or wherever. Thank you!

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