Ancients Depict ETs With Angel Wings And Bringing Gifts


Ancients Depict ETs With Angel Wings Bringing Gifts

Dear world,

The mexican ET artifacts released in 2011 by the mexican government, reveal some important messages for humanity… namely, that there were visitors, and they were friendly and loving even… the image above seems to suggest some ET came out of a spaceship… with angel wings and their hands on their hearts.  This is completely unlike many earthleaders who are war manipulators and untrusting. 

There are some more clues that our visitors are peacefilled…

Third eye symbolism… the green might represent connection with heart chakra.

A position of peace and giving perhaps? Definitely not a war-like image.

This one suggests the artist who created it, got a glimpse inside!

More heart poses… and a spaceship.

A few of these images may depict ETs bringing gifts…

Compare these images with what is happening in Ukraine, or in many relationships even… no fighting…. no anger… no human prisoners… no beatings like from OUR police etc… no satanic ceremonies like popular pop stars… no legs spreading like Miley or Beyonce…  so keep attracting the ‘good guys’ for a visit to earth…. they’ve been here long before we came to earth… in fact, we may soon, meet our makers… who will be similar genetically to us.

If you want to get to know some of our ET visitors by name… start with SANANDAHATONN AND ASHTAR.

Indian in the machine


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