~Saint Germain through Maarten Horst.~ Get Ready for A Surprise

~Saint Germain through Maarten Horst.~ Get Ready for A Surprise

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters.

Now is the time to rejoice. All good things, promised to you are coming. Be in Love, centered in your hearts. The news that will be flooding your world will amaze you. As this happens, be the teachers to your neighbors, family and friends. Nobody is a stranger. All life is connected through the source of all that is. Use the I AM presence and the violet flame to radiate your light.

Get ready for a big surprise. The love frequency is now so high that anything can happen now. Feel the joy in your anticipation. Nobody will be disappointed.

I have seen things…The Earth bathed in Love with all children dancing in Joy. This is now reality. No dates are given here, but as you hold on the Love and Light in your hearts, the most wondrous Event can happen.

I AM Saint Germain and blaze the Violet Flame in all of you.

– See more at: http://intergalacticradiostation.com/content/2014/02/Saint-Germain-through-Maarten-Horst#sthash.n70C8ldh.dpuf



7 thoughts on “~Saint Germain through Maarten Horst.~ Get Ready for A Surprise

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