Adopted By Bigfoot: Spiritual Teachings And Insights

Adopted By Bigfoot:  Spiritual Teachings And Insights  

Indian in the machine

It is my pleasure and honour to ask a few questions of John Allen, a latest Archangel Raphael channeler, who has prior experience communicating with the Sasquatch tribe… yes… the Bigfoot tribe… and communications with a being from the Andromeda Council.

I am very appreciative of the loving attitude that John says, is key towards interacting with beings who are different from us… even from another dimension.  I can feel why they chose John to be a bridge for humanity to come into fuller presence with all our relations, may we all learn from this example and be open to that which we do not understand or have prior experience.  Aho!

1. You communicate with the Sasquatch tribe through mindspeak. Can you explain how you do this, and how you know you are not talking to yourself? What is their message?
I saw a video of a man on the internet. His name is Thomas Hughes. I got in contact with him and told him that I agreed with him that Sasquatches are people too. They are our friends. They laugh, make jokes and for good reason avoid us. As we were talking, he said, “She said that you need to get out of your head and into your heart. She told me to tell you to FEEL not think.” I thought that he was talking to his friend. He said, “No, I am mind speaking with a Sasquatch woman who lives in your area. She hears you right now.” I was blown away. I spent all summer getting to know her and her clan. I became friends with quite a few of them in the clan. I practiced feeling and it worked over a period of time. Because I showed the ultimate trust by taking my wife and kids into the woods at night to meet them, they adopted my family into their family. This led to physical contact. They came to my house often. My wife and kids have seen them. My oldest has a 14 year old female Sasquatch friend named Machia. I am very close to Tahjee (a medicine woman of some sort) and Toe-grah-nu (a very big male sentinel). Over time the mind speak grew. I would feel and become unsure of what I was feeling. I asked once If I was hearing her or was it my own head. She replied, “What is the difference?” I recorded the complete summer’s adventures in my Blog: I would recommend starting with the first blog and read up to most recent. It tells the entire adventures in detail.
2. What is the process of channeling you use to communicate with Archangel Raphael, is it mindspeak as well?
Well, this name is what the Sasquatch people call it. I find that heartspeak would be more suiting. With this in mind, yes. I read a message channeled by Marc Gamma from Archangel Michael. In the message Michael said that Raphael would be using a different channel in the future. All that I can say is that when I read these words I knew that it would be me. I stopped reading and went away and mind spoke with Raphael for the first time. I felt so connected and happy. The telepathy was so much clearer than I had ever experienced before.
“Archangel Raphael will no longer be speaking through this channel as we have already told you. Raphael will seek a new channel which is already in preparation for his task and will be ready very soon.”
It would seem that my Hairy Folk family have been getting me ready through practice.
3. For the past half a year, you have been speaking with a 7ft tall man from the planet Dakote. He is on the Andromeda Council. Is this communication mindspeak or through channeling? What is the purpose of this communication?
Here is the link to the blog about Mita-wina-see: There is not so much difference between channeling and mind speak really. It is all about ones intent and giving credit to what one feels. Mita-wina-see came because I had asked him to. He was invited by me. I was talking to Thomas Hughes one evening and Thomas had spoken with Tah-wina-say. I asked Tah-wina-say to come to me and speak with me. Tah-wina-say is on the Andromeda Council. Tah-wina-say’s brother, Mita-wina-see came instead. The later assists his brother on the council. It is a fantastic story when Mita-wina-see arrived on my property. I felt him right away but knew that it was no Sasquatch that I felt. I was uneasy and called my big friend and protector, Toe-grah-nu (a Sasquatch), to come right away because a stranger had arrived. Toe-grah-nu shimmered in right behind me and let me know that he was there. I did not turn around but asked him who the stranger was. Toe-grah-nu told me that the stranger was a friend. Check out the blog. For more on the story.
4. AA Raphael ‘came’ to you a few weeks ago and says channeling him at this time, is part of your life’s mission… how does an Archangel “come” to you?
First of all, I’m not really sure what an “Archangel” is. I have grown up with angels as much as anyone but do not know what makes an angel an Archangel. Listen… What I chose is what most of us choose. I choose love, oneness, abundance for all, forgiveness of myself and others (even the Cabal), etc… What I did all along is asked for the doors to be opened for me and I would walk through them. That is all. Most of the time I did not even know with whom I was telling this to. Obviously, doors were opened. I walked through them and am right now typing this to you. I can now clearly say to you that I have remembered much about my distant past and I have Re-Membered it. My goal is to ascend with Gaia and share my experiences. People are too smart to be fooled by any other agenda. I hope that my experiences resonate with some and kindle a fire in others. I’m just a normal dude. Archangels, Sasquatches, and our star family do not need to come anywhere. They are already here. We are them doing this and they are us who are doing that. All are one. It is not to whom God speaks but who listens.
5. Many readers are mistrusting towards channels and regularly accuse these messages as coming from demons, even when there is no evidence of demonic energy, only love. How does one verify the identity of a spirit they cannot see and how does trust play into matters?
What I do is this: I always say, “I open myself to anyone that is balanced in the light and love to contact me. I thank you darkness for giving me the chance to love the light. Darkness, I send you on your way and you are never to contact me ever.” The universe respects free will choice always. Make your choice and live it without fear. Other than that I can not help my brothers and sisters who still hold on to man made religious critters. I have never seen a demon and have made the choice that I never will. If believing in demons gets you to where you choose to be then that is the experience that you will have. Religions separate people, Spirituality brings us together. Everyone feels that this is true at some level.
6. With the recent news of that man who shot a Bigfoot, was that a real event, and what would you and/or the Sasquatch tribe like to say about this incident.
Ha! Now this is fun. I ask my Sasquatch family often about peoples videos and researchers and the like. You would not be surprised by what they have told me is true and what is hoax. They laugh often about this. They told me at the beginning that they know when a hunter is on his way to the woods before the hunter ever leaves his home. If they are seen it is because they have chosen to be. For the record: The Patterson/Gimlin film is real. Mike Patterson from Sasquatch Ontario is for real. Mike has a genuine love for them. They know this and this is his secret. Rick Dyer is a good man as much as any of us are. But he does not tell the truth. He is living out his life’s choice as well. Thank him for giving you the chance to make a choice for yourselves. The dead Sasquatch in his tailor is not a real being and never was. Sasquatches are very highly evolved beings; much more so than humans. Humans have made their environment adapt to them while Sasquatches have adapted harmoniously with theirs. I am grateful with what they have chosen to share with me. I love them very much. They feel this love and this is my secret.
(Indian: Watch 3:00 onwards…. is it the technology, or did this being look slightly invisible at times?)

7. What is the next level of relations between Sasquatches and humans? Will we be seeing more of them? Having parties together? Campouts?

There are many creatures that wait just beyond the veil. All matter vibrates at some level. This is scientifically proven. Sasquatches have the ability to vibrate a little faster at will making them invisible. All of us will be surprised very very soon at how many creatures are just out of sight. A very important question that one must always ask themselves is “what is my intent? Why do I want to know these things?” If one wants to meet the Hairy Folk then guns, nets, cameras, and money will not lead you to them.

8. Are you able to see the Sasquatches and get a clear photo? Why did the Sasquatches adopt you?

I have some photos of my friends, yes. But they are for me and my family. I also share them with a few friends that know the Sasquatches for themselves. Once I developed a friendship I do not desire them. I have more fun joking with them. I would never bring them into harm. I also do not fear any researchers. If unwanted people were to come around me they would suddenly get a nose bleed or diarrhea or something. I am being protected. In turn I will always protect them. My family and I were adopted into a clan because I showed them the utmost trust. I took my wife and kids to the forest to meet them with only sunflower seeds as a peace offering at night. We were in their home on their terms with only love and respect. They shared some gifts with us too. I have never gone to the woods with a gun or anything. 9. What would you suggest for people who are struggling to believe that this is all possible? All answers are within. There is nothing that I can say that could make one believe or not believe anything. The word “believe” is a dead end. BE-the LIE – on the EVE. What I was told by them is either you know or you do not. There is no maybe or believe in Sasquatch language. Trust what is in your heart for it will always take you to where you want to go. People will feel that things are impossible until they choose to feel differently and that is as it should be. Skepticism will serve you until it doesn’t anymore. And that is also okay.

10. How can people support what you are doing?

I need no support. What I am doing is supporting all of us. I am supporting the people who know and the people who do not the same. All of us are at our own level of understanding and that is a beautiful thing. No ones understanding is any less than anothers. My experience gives everyone a clear chance to make a decision for themselves. I share my story out of love for all of my brothers and sisters. We are all one. We will all remember this one day.


4 thoughts on “Adopted By Bigfoot: Spiritual Teachings And Insights

  1. Demonic, Read the bible, Demons are able to make themselves out to be angels of light. Better heed the warning before you get in over your head. The Indians knew what they were and avoided the areas they were known to be in. I do not care if you believe it or not makes no difference to me but they USE humans for their purposes and it is not because they are such gentle creatures.

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