When the Ships Take the Terrestrial Attention of Man

Time Transformers ufo Asket

Well, dear human brethren of Earth, we are at a point in your history where we are meant to meet again. What do you suppose will happen in the near future? We are on the viewfinding equipment of many people who point their lenses to the sky, and so are others who are on our vibration, along with other factions who are not. We’re all waiting for the moment of something to present itself to your consciousness, and then we will have the attention of more than we have now. There is nothing to fear in this, for we are not planning to cause any kind of conflict with anyone. If you can remain grounded in the knowingness that you have family lineage outside of your earthly home, you’ll be fine and dandy.

We are not at liberty to say the exact specifics of the coming days of your time, but we are able to tell you that we are on the edge of your visual capacity now. We have been waiting and planning the steps of our imperative to meet with you again, to re-establish open contact, and the door for that is just now creaking open on a planetary scale. Soon you will see the truth of what many have scoffed at as delusional thinking, and feel the satisfaction of knowing your own truth within your embodiment, for the soul knows what time it is even if the mind does not quite register it.

Briefly, I can tell you that the people of Earth are not totally ready for a massive unveiling of fleets of starships. Enough of you are, however, to be of support to those who are not yet awake to the fact of our presence, and you will have to be ready to help those who need the steadying influence of someone grounded in their understanding of the true nature of humanity’s cosmic adventure. Be present with yourself in sensing whether or not this message resonates with you. Do you feel settled in your bones as you read this communication from the league of Light? Do you feel calm about the future in spite of the uncertainty you are bombarded with every day from the media machine of social engineering protocols? Despite the workings of underhanded attempts to twist your human nature into something profitable and controllable from the outside, you are on the brink of surprising yourselves with how resilient your spirit is as a planetary people and how easy it is to slip into the groove of collective awareness of the mind of humanity unleashed from the net of illusionary models of social behavior. It’s important that you consider the implications of such a huge idea, even if you have been contemplating the possibility of such a thing happening in the real world. We are here and we are real, and you are about to discover how real “real” is. Let your awareness explore the subtle vibrations of your bodily senses and observe what kinds of feedback your unfettered frequencies give you in light of what I have just let take form in words. Then tune into the network of interconnection that exists among and within and between you and others who are aware of the light of truth and the emergence of the human spirit from the dark shadows of oppression, and feel what frequency feedback you sense from there. Allow your frequency to filter into the field of global consciousness and enjoy the freedom of open play!

Look up, dear ones, and look within. We are there. This is Asket of the League of Light, and I bid you peaceful tomorrows.

channeled by Maryann Rada, http://opalescentnine.com
originally posted on Time Transformers: Temmerian Transmissions,

2 thoughts on “When the Ships Take the Terrestrial Attention of Man

  1. I have witnessed UFO/USOs on numerous occasions and I’m positive that they were NOT manmade objects. I don’t fear ETs – I fear those who’ll go ‘nuts’ as they say and start shooting anyone who sees ETs as being benevolent.

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