The Change is coming! – Archangel Michael through Marc Gamma ~ 12.02.2014

Archangel Michael

The Change is coming! – Archangel Michael through Marc Gamma ~ 12.02.2014

[Original language German, translated by Björn Kurt]

My beloved ones here on earth. Let me greet you and embrace you in my love and my energy. My energy shall provide you with the necessary clarity and understanding for what is now to come.

Today we announce the arrival of a large portal. This portal will be the largest portal ever which has manifested in your time and dimension. With the arrival of this portal resp. its manifestation an additional most important information is being provided.


The people, the ones which have already heard about it will be very pleased. Today we announce that the reunion of the twin-flames is about to happen. This reunion is of utmost importance and is paramount to create the energetic potential so the Gates of Ascension may be flooded with the required light energy.

What is now about to come will change humanity. Step by step the people will awake. Many of them are already awake but most of them are still deeply sleeping. With the awakening, people will realize that they have been living in an illusion. With the awakening people will realize they have been living within lies. These lies however will no longer last for humanity can see through the fabric of lies.

The Change will be entirely in the hands of humanity, not in ours. The people are the ones who will change everything. As soon as the required threshold is reached the system may and will collapse. It all is a question of timing. This specific moment in time is important because this very moment when the system starts to collapse will again be a trigger for further actions.

These actions will then no longer be restricted to mankind. No, at that point the Powers of Light and the extraterrestrial races will be allowed to help. The starting signal for the mission is about to happen but all of them are waiting for mankind to take the first step.

We have been waiting for a long time now and so have you. But the waiting soon has an end and so we may finally progress in the play of Ascension. But the start is just the start and so only the first requirements will be set so we may continue further.

From that moment in time we will be able to support you fully. We will be able to give you a strong hand and to expand our influence massively. But this will only happen in a close agreement with you, the people on earth.

The new ambassadors of the earth will become aware at the time of their call for awakening that they have a duty in that field. They will become aware that they are going to stand in the service of mankind and in the service of the Light. They shall know that their mission is about to start and they will learn where they have to go so we can establish the communication.

We look forward to the days and weeks ahead of us. We look forward to the progression that is on the move. Much too tense were all in regard to Ascension.  Ascension starts right in your hearts. We are only those which are allowed to guide and support you on your way through the Ascension process. No more, no less.

Let me conclude this message. Again you may realize that everything is speeding up more and this is supposed to point out the direction where we want to go with your help.

Once you have understood this deep within your hearts you are ready on your inner level to take the next step. As usual we are waiting for your invitation so we may be allowed to help and assist you.

Those were the words for this week. These are the energies of this week and so go on and keep your eyes and ears open. The Change is coming!

Your Archangel Michael


Copyright © Gamma Marc. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

9 thoughts on “The Change is coming! – Archangel Michael through Marc Gamma ~ 12.02.2014

    1. Close your eyes and see the stars. Listen to the golden sacred silence. Smell the essence of Life. Taste the Life breath as it enters and exits your holy temple body. Empty yourself of preconceived ideas and allow our Creator to fill you with His/Her Holy Spirit, soaring joyfully on Angel wings, passing through the birth canal, forever free of constricting matrix bonds, revealing that those bonds were only ever an illusion!


    Dearest Michael, can you elaborate more on the ways in which this current process of Ascension will be actualized in our reality, in this Now moment on this current frequency?

    Archangel Michael :

    Presently Gaia is subdivided in various frequencies comprised of different vibrations representing the Dimensions.

    On the one hand there is the old matrix, representing the 3rdDimension but on the other hand there are a number of higher frequencies vibrating at the 4th, the 5thand even the 6thDimension,

    They all are present on Gaia in the Now.

    That’s the reason so many of you feel themselves increasingly living on different Dimensions in a conscious way. In fact, all of you are multidimensional beings and you are experiencing and undergoing this feature progressively.

    The Earth has an exact duplicate of Herself in a holographic substance, I am not referring to another world far away, rather I refer to a reflection of this Gaia, capable of maintaining the frequency of a 3D matrix.

    As Gaia Herself is residing more and more in Her higher frequency, all the ones of you capable of maintaining and embodying this higher lightfrequency will be torn away out of this old 3D matrix and will evolve alongside Gaia in Her process of Ascension, all being One.

    This will result in the fact that the 3D matrix will no longer be nurtured and will wither away and dissolve in this reality of Gaia.

    You are now fully busy with this process. We cannot simply let this 3D reality suddenly collapse in a day as it were.

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