Do I Censor This Blog?

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Do I Censor This Blog?

The title of my blog is “Listen to the red shaman and friends 2014″…  this is a personal blog.  I freely share of my time and energy.  For some folks who aren’t very friendly in their comments, I simply do not perceive them as friends or friendly, and thus their energy has no home here, so often I delete them, just as sure as I’m gonna eventually flush the toilet…  it’s not censorship any more than flushing your toilet is censorship.    IITM


8 thoughts on “Do I Censor This Blog?

  1. If you run into somebody in life in person, and they’re exhibiting a lot of negativity, hostility and antisocial behavior, most people try to steer clear of them. That’s a good rule to follow on the internet. It’s understandable that people are unhappy with the injustice and violence on this planet. But picking fights or venting a lot unhappiness towards others who have nothing to do with it isn’t helpful.

    What is helpful is offering constructive solutions to problems. It’s easy to complain about problems, but endless complaining gets tiresome and is only part of the process of getting issues resolved. In real life above a certain level that involves money and weapons. And they’re only a component of comprehensive problem solving. So a balanced non violent approach that is fair to the parties involved is the best course of action. Assuming a problem hasn’t become violent. If it has an excessive use of force should be avoided, and any use of force should be measured and appropriate under the circumstances involved.

  2. It is a personal blog, so it is imperative that you keep the energy high and allow only that which is of the Light and Love. Keep on, my friend. You bring needed information so the masses can awaken more fully.

  3. I really like the way you put that lol … I’ve had to do some flushing myself during the 5 years I hosted a Blog spot before the site shut down .. and if “I” ever offend you (God eyes forbid), please feel free to flush .. : )

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