Humanity Has The Violet Flame, And Now We Know How To Use It

Humanity Has The Violet Flame, And Now We Know How To Use It

We were born as slaves in the age of Kali… now we’ve got the Violet Flame and we know how to use it… and this knowledge is now creating the Golden Age of Enlightenment. 

You may be sitting at your computer somewhere… searching the internet for something to bring hope.  Most of the news looks bleak… and for many they receive their daily confirmation that life basically sucks and that humanity is doomed.

There is error in this thinking, if someone believe these things, then you are ultiimately another cause of you see as lacking in the world.  What you see lacking in the world, is what is lacking within you.

Many of us are on a quest… we search websites…. bookstores… visit gurus… visit sacred sites… all of this is about the return to self.  We are curious about who we are, and where we’ve come from… most humans were not born with this information… and then through life, we rediscover these things… we rediscover self.


Along this path of self-discovery is to know that humans are being of Light… walking bio-plasma and minerals, that gives off an electomagnetic field… we have auras.. chakras… every thought is a spark of light… every movement of a finger-stroke to the computer keyboard, involves Light… if you reading this… Light is generated on numerous levels in order to provide you with the experience.

As student remembering self, and how the universe operates, we learn that the electromagnetic field that we can influence goes far beyond what our eyes can perceive…. therefore we can actually still “work” with Light that we cannot see…  even a wifi signal is a Light that cannot be seen… it’s not a concept open for debate.

This is why I hope this message reaches many who are rediscovering our power to influence the world around us… can you imagine the world right now, as it will be, when humans focus on the unseen Light, instead of the unseen dark.

Yes there are people in position of infuence who conspire againt the rest of us… it is now time to move beyond them… It is now time to go beyond conspiracies… beyond the fake show that is presented to the public… in order to retain our privilege to even remain on the planet…. many beings do not know that there is a great sorting taking place… our Creator is needing to divide us up… those who seek inner power… and those who seek power outside themselves.

If you’re seeking inner power, at some point you begin to do light activations… this is important because we are in a freewll situation, heading towards self-mastery… our design and growth is based on calling in our own upgrades… no other being has that power.

And so we remember our power to call in the upgrade using Light that cannot be seen… can you imagine the world right now, if the ‘average person’ suddenly began to use the violet flame and other colours…. to manifest a cleaned up world… and that would basically be ‘day one’ in the larger scheme… imagine if we shared the planet… our talents… our love, power and wisdom… through our sheer will to remember who we are, and that we are infinite being of unlimited power…. EACH of us….

I have watch the masses struggle with almost completely destroy the planet, and then deny responsibility… no one… not Jesus, or anyone, can be responsible for your own growth… no one is responsible for you if you do not want to be present…. if you are attracting death, no one can save you…. if you basically texting in a bubble, holding a brain damaging cell phone to your ear… no one can save you from your own powerlessness.

WARRIORS OF LIGHT USE THE VIOLET FLAME… hey anyone really, but it is like a samurai sword… anyone can swing a sword around, but there are levels of mastery, that some shall naturally achieve and for others, it is a process… life is an ongoing process… we are infinite, so we are obviously going through an ongoing process of a soul having a physical experience, awakening from the illusion into the fullness of love… as we get to the fullness of love…the collapsing of our magnetosphere will result in a “no more linear time”.

There is a warrior within each of us that longs to know and experience one’s true power… and so with that energy I suggest to you that if do your part and work with unseen Light, that both you and the planet can be cleaned up, “in the blink of an eye”… that’s not to say mother earth won’t take her rest over the next 2000 years, while earth may be facing a potential evacuation for this restoration period… there is a possibility that we now, not later… not for another generation… but here… and now… we perform the magic trick on a global scale, of working with the unseen Light… in this case… the violet flame.

The violet flame is the flame of transmutation… it’s a shortcut… it is a gift from our Creator… we don’t really need to pick up the garbage… wash the recycling…  what we need is to use the violet flame, to take a shortcut into something good… truth be told, do any of us really want to spend the rest of our lives living on garbage radiation dead zone?

In order to use the violet flame, you will need to be agree to serve God’s will, without feeling ripped off.


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