Mother nature is reclaiming her body


Mother nature is reclaiming her body… the animals are also reclaiming themselves… mother earth wants as many of us to reclaim our bodies along with her, all within our freewill and her freewill… never again until the fourth grand experiment, will a planet suffer as much as mother earth has…  she’s done and want to the rejuvenation party to continue, as all comes back into balance… planetary evacuation is very likely during her time of solitude… there will be other planets and/or inner earth to explore for a while…  until things begin to progress very very quickly on that day that will take most of the world by surprise, be heartfilled to remain in your comfort zone, no matter what you zing to… learning to be gentle with those who make offerings without presence… breathe slower to get more real and centred… keep your chakras aligned to further expansion and upgrades… anything you are focusing on, you are waving your magic wand there… there is no off button to our infinite ability to create… this is a golden key… along with focus of the magic wand… the doors both will open will astound and delight… for the past 2.5 years in some new energy you wandered perhaps even in a daze… now expect to be called into experiences that require fuller presence. – Indian in the machine 

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