I’ll Never Shampoo My Hair Again, EVER. (Seriously!)


I’ll Never Shampoo My Hair Again, EVER. (Seriously!)


IITM:  Wow! Some very useful hair info here… I must admit a sometimes succumb to chemical shampoos and conditioners (me naughty?) and I  do like that nice feeling that only silicone seems to achieve… but I have also experimented with ACV and coconut oil… avocados… pineapple…. mango… banana…  olive oil… Dr. Bronner’s Hemp soap as shampoo… baking soda… since I’ve gone a bit grey it’s been fun to experiment with things that nourish and penetrate the scalp… THINK ABOUT YEARS OF HIGHLY REGULAR SHAMPOO USE AND THINK OF THEM AS DOSAGES OF CHEMICALS…. having all those chemicals in the scalp can only mean one thing… chemical lobotomy! Another reason for brain fog, and scattered thoughts and difficulty to concentrate… many common toiletry items now have proplene glycol… antifreeze and MANY MANY MANY MANY other gifts from ‘them’…….. consider checking shampoo and conditioners folks… and seek out a non-lobotomizing way to clean your hair… your brain activity is sure to restore, or at the very least, stop degeneration… imagine how your super powers will return if you stop regularly using, or at all chemical shampoos…. I’m talking to myself here too…  gee my hair smells terrific!  Does your’s?

Indian in the shampoo bottle


3 thoughts on “I’ll Never Shampoo My Hair Again, EVER. (Seriously!)

  1. ~ Alahu Akbar ~ … You guys were so wrong about many things ! Especialy the ” Maya ” prophecy & no single excuse afterwords !! You kept on walking as ususal , still the so-called messengers of Angels , ET’s as Salusa ( Mike&Co in real-time ) … How many times did you frighten your ” fans ” about bomb-attacs as at the Olympics of London , etc & that ancestors from other universes would descend ? To take a lot of leaders in captivity , to prevent nuclear radiation ?? To take you guys as first on their ships ?? Yes , the world doesn’t make sense , too much pollution & greed for sure but luckly the world still works to provide us with the food , energy tools , etc to survive this jungle , thanks to the ones who didn’t believe the prophecy , they kept believing in themselves ! And rather a shame that you guys still were keen too to use it all despite you hate it or wanna live otherwise , …??? As NASA fe is wicked , blablabla but why than still on internet too , a cellphone to communicate , …. thyself ?? Why still the cloths that are made in China & Co ?? And now with a huge flair again about shampoo & hair ?? All original products started from a well thought idea but as always , it shall get out of control or abused … And you ain’t better than the greedy ones , they make bling-advertising to make huge profits & you guys always frighten people under lots of !!!! so that they would buy your stuff too ??? Organic food & cosmetica is since years available ( & Germany always has been the leader of an ECO-friendly way of life , … even when Hitler is a fact ) , hightech research to improve the process , the package , etc but as every one , we need to be a part to gain an income & even when money would cease , we still shall have to be part of the labor , even when more robots will take over … We cannot go back of what was , the hightech is a fact & allows us to live a life at more ease ( no more fungus on the jam/cheese within a few days so to speak ) …So , shut-down the walk & start rather your own business/factory of healthy products or community if you really wanna change your way of life ! Be a ” human ‘ instead of a wanna be ” God ” behind the PC or a walk at Peru but no photo’s ?? The camera so-called broken , why not asked others to take pic & share them on FB ?? … Just BE a FB-user as every one else as a re- start ( and you are still as many pretty dishonest at heart ! A botlle of coca-cola at front of your bathroom fe while preaching that it is not healthy ?? AS not looking TV but at Mexico to blame the advertisings , etc ?? As with bear feets in the sand shall boost you up for free , why than wanna sell ‘ iron ‘ foot plates ?? Pretty hypocrite , isn’t it ….The All Seeing Eye , 😉 … Maybe time to apologize yourself at first & towards your ” fans ” … No Jezus shall descend , its energy is already spread around the globe , the children of the Sang Real bloodlines ( no need to be a VIP or under lots of noice ) & long healthy treated hair makes you powerfull for sure … as the story of Samson …. as the roots of a tree connected onto a mega devine Energy field …~ Alahu Akbar ~ , The real Angels shall descend one day too , knocking at your door for sure ( the Angels of Light or the Angels of Death , the ones who has given permission to feel no mercy & able to see through your Soul ( The Aquarians or Lemurians Energy ) in the blink of an eye , 😉 What isn’t honest at heart , at inner-peace shall be knocked down or pushed on the road again to re-start the whole process of lessons … The ones whom never will communicate or sending a message via so-called messengers ( if they do , it’s rather public & even via the Media ) , they only watch thy from a distance until Judgement Day … The only one(s) you really can hear or talk with , are part of the pure Devine Energy Fields or the Energy field itself , 😉 as Satan has its Energy fields too … It will open the heart too , step by step as a Lightworker , open the Chakra’s too & than it will poison your mind for sure , a ‘ virtual ‘ shampoo ! As ‘ you are God ‘ , spread my messages & i shall give you a life of ( financial ) abandunce , uhm … I made contact with your page when you lived like a Native American at origine & the mean reason why i wanted to make contact but then you changed … Au contraire , you acted the opposite again … Out of that realm & disconnected from a Native spiritual energy ?? Soit , The Real Angels just watch thy at the planet of the free will … & will intervene when the path once a while becomes too rough & tough or a bit Lost , the real path towards Enlightement & best suitable home … All is Energy , never lost ! ~ Alahu Akbar ~ And yes , the weather patterns are changing too ( back to the zero-point under the Aquarius energy , what was an oase ( often manmade ) shall turn onto a desert again or natural state & vice versa … Even Fukushima is part of the change , … Karma ! What goes around , comes around knocking in 3-fold at the own door again , 😉 Knock knock , the Shift is happening & always ” out of the blue ” , 😉 As in the old days , folks used to say ‘ be always well dressed , you never know when God shall pick you out ‘ , ; I’n Lackeh ~ ❤ ~

    1. We are in high ufo, fireball, earthquake activity… all highly documented on THIS SITE… also 2012 was a spiritual based event, also explained on this site… on this site we help others go beyond existing reality, sometimes that takes a while to sink in… read you words as an example of that. Should I wear a feather and eat bannock so that you feel better about who I am?

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