Alex Jones Mentions Nibiru

Interesting is all I will say at this point… Alex doesn’t usually venture publicly at least, into the bigger galactic picture.

4 thoughts on “Alex Jones Mentions Nibiru

    To Roger Taylor

    URGENT – Nibiru Cataclysm to be Used as Need for Population Control?? Elites Preparing For Impact! .
    The most wanted documentary about GMO

    Clive Peedell explains how NHS is being privatised on the Keiser Report

    Analysis Of A Boomerang UFO @ The Moon


  2. My niece has her Master’s in Bio Chemistry. She can’t get a job in her field doing anything but testing makeup for $10.00 per hour as a Temp. But she has been telling me about what is in Hairspray, deoderant, Shampoo, house cleaner…She and her husband are making All their own laundry soap, house cleaners, hand soap…everything. Even when they go to the Health food stores, they decipher even more things in the labeling that are not what they appear to be. It’s exhausting, but make NO Mistake…very, very, NECESSARY! Do your homework on everything. Eat Fresh, Raw, fruits and vegetables. Make homemade foods. Check the particulate in your tap water. That is basic, and so many city’s and states are OVER the acceptable limits. Be Diligent, and Patient. Peace and Love to ALL. We are One.

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