We are in increasing fireball/earthquake/ufo activity folks… leading up to a big event…

We are in increasing fireball/earthquake/ufo activity folks… leading up to a big event… isn’t that something rather significant? It isn’t on the news… like the explosions across America… now why might that be? Get clearer and be present something huge is going down, and the mind control headlines are not going to let you in on things, it’s just business as usual… have a personal plan, do not wait to be told what to do… keep activating your Christ Consciousness… perhaps admit to yourself that you may be hiding in the shadows… because you perceive it is uncomfortable to authentically shine your Light… and then take a step forward into the presence of wisdom, power and love… celebrate your uniqueness with unity… celebrate your strength by having no desire to compete… joy is something we all wear well, especially when supported.

3 thoughts on “We are in increasing fireball/earthquake/ufo activity folks… leading up to a big event…

  1. I did indeed open up my heart fully and embraced love for each and every one of my brothers and sisters here on earth as well as the whole universe… I took steps to start ministering to people… I accepted my divinity however I did not expect what i got the next day… on Jan 21 while waiting for the bus a man indicated he was tired and was in need of company to just talk to and hang with… i could tell he was troubled and he offered me a coat as it was cold outside… i accepted… i invited him over to hang out with me and smoke and watch a movie… we talked on the way to my house on the bus but it was about my home and how it is humble etc… when we got to my house he was very uncomfortable… after about 30 min he looked at me and looked at my bible and proceeded to tell me that his real name was Satan… I was a little shocked but he had been kind so far so i did not fear him… i offered my ears and listened to his story… i let him use my phone and my computer to look up music videos he enjoyed… he was so comfortable he told me everything… he desired to enter into living arrangements with me and be my boyfriend… i indicated that that wasn’t possible.. i did not invite him back but told him he could call me. I gave him a hug before he left and wished him well on his journey. Did I do the right thing… i believe that God still loves him so I showed him the love that I felt God would show him… He misses home and wants to go back… he told me how he plans to do this… it was very odd but he told me he has a twin… that struck a cord with all that i have been reading about this coming event… Again I was not afraid but concerned for the state of the world that Satan was reaching out to someone who is working for GOD’s army… he told me of the spiritual war and his army… thoughts on this??? Love&Respect-XoXoX-(LB

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