January/14 St. Germain Update On Redistribution Of Wealth

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Artwork by Sila Velez

Message from St. Germain

Beloved Ones, it is I, St. Germain, with a message for all the masters and Heart Guides who have followed our messages so carefully, and kept the faith even when the information sometimes seemed outrageously conflicting. (It was, admittedly.)  We were not trying to “jerk you around.”  We were using your good graces to transmit the crucial messages which were necessary in setting the trap so that we could catch the ones who were deliberately using their positions of power to take advantage.  Their scheme – which was cooked up by some of the leaders of the U. S. Congress, and included an international cartel of bankers and politicians – was designed to buy up so much of the pot of gold which was intended for everyone that there would be little left for those who would come after.Had they succeeded in their plan to dominate the revaluation proceeds and corral all the benefits for themselves, they would have forced a smaller payout for those who were left, and they would have thereby maintained their power over the global financial systems.  They had earmarked the funds to pay for another war, which would have evolved into World War III.  They were looking forward to massive warfare, since it is so profitable for those who fund both sides of every conflict.  Their plan was to support all the warmongering dictators in power now, spreading propaganda to entice the U.S. military to join the charge by invading the Sudan and every other place their might be civil foment.  Their unlimited resources would have made it all possible.

You can see now why we had to spend the time preparing for the exchanges, and then reviewing what has followed.  The preparation was massive and long-term.  You have all heard about the concerns about the technology which can track personal and business interactions like phone calls and investments.  These programs, which were so unpopular with wealthy Congressional Dark Hats, have been the key to catching the ones who made every effort to use maximum leverage to increase the value of their purchases of the dinar and other suppressed currencies.

Greed blossomed to heights never before seen on Planet Earth. The Thirteen Families and their associates used tactics like putting purchases in the names of family members, business associates, dead people, fictitious people, and even pets to avoid detection and to exceed the allowed amount which they had agreed upon themselves.  Our technology has been very effective.  We have found massive numbers of infractions of the recent laws which had been passed for this very purpose – to stop the abuse of power you have all suffered under for centuries.

It will soon be revealed to the entire world just how this global net has trapped thousands of the most destructive and controlling Dark Hats.  Evidence of their evildoing will stun the population which accepted that being rich was somehow a special category which was bestowed on the deserving.  Their actions had everything to do with grabbing power and wealth, but it was done with such deliberate cruelty and disregard for the welfare of others that it will be truly shocking when it is revealed how personal and how purposeful their cruelty was, and how utterly pervasive it has been.

We are looking forward with such exhilaration and gladness to the time when all this will be a thing of the past, when genuinely humane governance becomes the way of life in every corner of the globe.  We have worked long and hard, in complete cooperation with Prime Creator and all the Archangels and Ascended Masters who have devoted themselves to bringing humankind out of the darkness and into the New Golden Age.

You, Dear Ones, are among those who have worked to bring this about, and you continue to create the energy which will lift all into the higher dimensions.  This is not the work of a few chosen people – not at all.  We each have volunteered to do these sacred tasks for the good of our fellow humans.  Even as we reside in the higher realms between lives on Earth, we feel the familiar attachment to being in a body, feeling the intense energies on the Earth plane, especially the feel of the breeze on your face, the satisfying feeling of tiredness at the end of a day of physical exertion, the water of a clear lake on your skin, the delicious perfume of springtime flowers in bloom…We have a special attachment to Mother Earth as much as you do.

You are on the edge of your chairs wondering what the future will bring, whether you will be able to distribute the wealth you were hoping to have by now.  Yes, I tell you, it is happening; it is still happening.  The days of abundance and freedom from want are literally roaring down the track, bringing unimaginable enjoyment.  You have not experienced genuine freedom from fear for many eons.  It will truly be a new day.

Today is Jan. 2, the day the global reset was to be announced in the United States.  The first announcement was to have been the appearance of the 800 numbers which would tell all the investors in Dinarland that the currency exchange was to begin, with instructions about what banks would be available for each person’s initial exchange.

It did not happen because the banks refused to release the numbers.  They went on strike, banding together – the 5 most powerful banks in the U.S. – to create what they thought was an invincible force.  Their cause was to force the hand of those who had given them the lucrative positions in the first place, to demand a larger spread (the profit between what they pay out and what they are paid).

They literally bit the hand that fed them.  In their arrogance of power, they presumed they could extort even more enormous profits by sheer belligerence and might, even though it was a clear violation of their previous agreements.  They believed they were indispensable to the process, that we could not possibly do it without them. Of course they are wrong.

Since we were well aware of the character of the banksters we were dealing with, we had anticipated this move.  Our Plan B was to use local and regional banks, which serve the community in a far more personal way than the huge monolithic financial institutions, and of course is more in alignment with our intentions.  The choice to use the big 5 was to offer them the opportunity to either mend their ways and begin serving the people of their country, or go to jail.  They have made it clear they have no intention to serve anyone but themselves.  Another round of arrests have begun, before they had the chance to mobilize their private militias to threaten our Lightworkers.

We will shortly make the decision about whether to use the structure of call centers and exchange centers connected with the Big Five, minus their entire top level of management, which is a viable option, or to revamp the process to retrain personnel and reposition the funds to make it possible to use the small banks.  We have the Galactic technology to accomplish this in a matter of days, or at most a few weeks.

We are reluctant to extend the process much further because of our awareness of the severe difficulties these delays have caused for our loyal Lightworkers, many who cannot continue their valuable projects without the funds.  At this moment, we are working on a mix of strategies to allow the local banks with currency trading charters to
perform some of the services to accomplish the pay-outs as quickly as possible.  We do not wish to cause panic or a stampede if people should think the program is severely limited or jeopardized in some way.  We assure you it is not.

This is really the best of all possible outcomes, from the perspective of the future.

Father God would like to make a comment:

Greetings, Beloved Masters, I wanted to intercede for a moment here to add my message to that of our dear Brother St. Germain.  Here in the Higher Dimensions, we are actually delighted with the outcome of this latest sting operation, which was designed and executed with absolute brilliance by our quick-witted and quick-footed team of White Hats.  It is wondrous indeed to see the scope of this Master Plan by which the entire face of banking and finance will be changed.

Do not fret, Dear Ones, your dreams will be fulfilled, and your hearts will swell with pride and admiration when you learn of the intricacies and intrigue by which your people on the ground and in Higher Dimensions were able to coordinate their efforts to put a stop to the greed and power-mongering.  I can also tell you that our St. Germain’s efforts have also prevented the Dark Hats from bringing their nefarious plan to completion – for it was their intention to use the ill-gotten gains to foment and then finance both sides of another World War.  It shall not be.

Go in peace, and celebrate this New Year beginning with hearts filled with love and anticipation of all good things.  I wish you peace, harmony, joy, and much, much love.

Adamos:  Thank you, Father God, and of course I must add that this was a Project of massive proportions which involved the intense cooperation and coordination of all the Company of Heaven – Mother/Father God, the Ascended Masters, the Galactics, and a loyal and courageous team of Lightworkers on the ground, all under the watchful eye of Prime Creator.  We have followed Universal Law in every case, and we have won all the skirmishes.





7 thoughts on “January/14 St. Germain Update On Redistribution Of Wealth

  1. The difference between ufology and what passes for new age material is the source of the information of evidence vs channels. There’s proof from contactees, but none from channels like Nidle who claims to be a contactee without proof. Ascension, evacuation, etc. information isn’t direct from ETs or contactees, and there’s no proof for it. So the real new age is long lives, higher IQs and interstellar space travel.

  2. These channeled messages could be anything. Whether there is any actual ET involvement can’t be determined. Contactees like myself with genuine verifiable interaction with real ETs are a better source of information because we’re dealing directly with real ETs and can prove it.

    I’m refraining from taking my contact work to a higher level until I’m in a stronger position to deal with the problems that it will likely create. Like the physical altercation with the thief who broke into my truck to prevent him from getting my gun.

  3. It is not going to matter. There is an incoming huge planetary mass in a few months to pass between us and the sun. (around late March) Some call it Nibiru. Estimated 8-10% planetary survival rate. ISON is nothing and one of many to come. Huge weather changes and historic severe winter in Jan and Feb. Also some really warm days. All signalling the incoming event. Watch to the north and stars will disappear. It is their light being blocked by incoming Nibiru. There will be no announcement by news. Only hope is planetary evac if it is even planned but I am afraid that this too is just a cover up by the elite.

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