Stardust From Ison… Fireballs From Nibiru… Millions Of Spaceships On Standby… 17 PAGES OF DATA IN 48 HOURS! Historic Action In The Sky?

17 PAGES OF DATA IN 48 HOURS! Historic Action In The Sky?

Published on Dec 28, 2013

Big Bolide Alert-thru Jan. 12, 2013. (lunarmeteorhunters) Massive ground shaking meteor explodes over Minnesota! Daytime fireball Michigan! Reports from coast to coast. (report sightings here)
http://lunarmeteoritehunters.blogspot… (report sightings here)… (North Liberty Iowa fireball video)

Stardust From Ison… Fireballs From Nibiru… Millions Of Spaceships On Standby

Indian in the machine:  Well well well…. I started the category “What do we see in the sky” at my blog several years ago, because it was already interesting and I knew it would get more interesting…  study the 5 years of material I collected… just for you… those of you who where much deeper in the matrix a few years ago and are now only waking up the earth shaking… fireballs… spaceships…and the changeover of everything, into something in harmony with the universe.

In this chaos, we are entering times where few are going to be able to figure things out…. but we are giving it our all, to risk reputation, money, fame and fortune haha, because we have inner drive and that is enough… we know our mission for being here.

Update: Ison the series of ships, has sprinkled Earth with stardust… the fireballs are from Nibiru, that may soon make a passby… the spaceships are still waiting for a peacefilled invitation from the collective of humanity… in the meantime, there may be mischief from those who seek to control earth… prepare for the unexpected… have faith that your prayers and intentions are stronger than ever… believe all is one, no matter what earthly dramas transpire… the first wave of ascension has begun and will continue through first three months of 2014… it sounds like the 2nd or even the 3rd wave will complete by the end of 2014… during this time, or at any time, the earth may be evacuated…. you may find yourselves tiring of  movies, video games… and basically watching others live, while thinking that, that in itself is living…  be love in every moment… love is the key to get through these times… this has always been true… but the illusion made it seem otherwise, for a while… stay tuned…

To ascend in these bodies, keep raising your frequency, this is the most important thing you can do right now… and this is also the invitation for our star family to come by for a few parties and a whole schwwwack of new technologies…  sound good?

“Nothing in your lives is as important or as deserving of your attention as assuring your own Ascension and that of the people around you.”

6 thoughts on “Stardust From Ison… Fireballs From Nibiru… Millions Of Spaceships On Standby… 17 PAGES OF DATA IN 48 HOURS! Historic Action In The Sky?

  1. Let me be the first one to invite them to fix Fukishima for us, how could anyone not like them if they did that , I hope they are listening to us all or read your posts…Peace to you all on every world

  2. Simple design lang if you want with alien pic my additional sya.. its awakening humanity about aliens and real aliens .. its also knowing aliens they are welcome to come out and come to earth for longevity or preserve life to 1000 or more years…



  3. Total run to infinity had stopped today. Coming to end, transformation is, a new day is. Extremly inner and outer conditions should be no problems. Selfcontrol back.

  4. Nibiru is coming. It is made up of some sort of metal. It also holds the race that helped start Earth. The metal is very magnetic and will have serious consequences to our atmosphere. It is going to pass by the sun and our earth around March 20th or later is the current estimate (exact date unknown). It is not the passing that is the problem but the chaos that will follow before and after it passes. Survival rate estimated at 8-10% of population. Watch to the North as stars will disappear since their light will be blocked by Nibiru. Also when elites and famous head to the North pole or Antartica (world seed vault) that is a sign it is coming very soon. Also another sign is the huge weather changes before with record breaking winter conditions then super warm conditions then back to winter. Then chaos with many incoming fireballs. ISON was just the marker for the event. Many more coming inbound. Only hope is planetary evacuation by benevolent ET’s otherwise it will only be chance if we survive this.

    1. Problem is currently the good ET’s cannot land on earth yet. There is a block in place that prevents us seeing them. We still get high altitude sightings but about 300 feet down there is something there that prevents us (higher in metropolitan areas due to unawareness and fear). It was put in place by the reptilians as part of our enslavement. It doesn’t prevent bad ET’s from visiting and kidnapping just the good ET”S or anyone trying to help. This is what has been holding up first contact. The good news is that the energy grid has changed from dark to light energy. This was a major change and it has released us from the enslavement and given us a chance at freedom and bringing in more light. They thought that would fix the visitation problem but it hasn’t. Ancient technology in place with thousands of years to perfect it. Hopefully it gets sorted very soon!!

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