Many want to do more, yet claim that they do not know how.

Many want to do more, yet claim that they do not know how.

Dec. 3, 2013


12/7/97  SOLTEC

Good morning, my friend.  It is I, Toniose Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source.  Be at peace.

Allow for the unfolding of the drama that you ones find yourselves in at this time.  Many decisions are being made at all levels of consciousness that will have impact upon you ones in the physical.  Allow for the changes to come forth in their natural order.  Resist NOT, and the ride will be far less draining.  Allow for the NATURAL FLOW of experience.

Hold loosely to the past ways of doing things, for there will be great need for you ones to be “adaptable” in the coming days, months, and years.  There is a very real mission to get done, and yet there are few who will have the fortitude to see it through to completion.  These are the experiences that will challenge you to go within and tap the Inner Strength that will eventually lead to a higher level of inner and outer awareness.  This is GROWTH!

Allow for the free-will choices of others.  Be slow to judge the person, for you do not know another’s contract.  Discern the actions of those who impact your daily lives around you.  Go within for your Guidance and ask for clarification of what is right for YOU.  Sit not long on the fence of indecision.  Make your choices only after giving deliberate thought to all of the possible consequences of the outcome of making your decision.

Your life experiences are for YOU to decide and no other can tell you how to live YOUR experience.  A wise man will gather as much data as he can prior to his choosing.  However, in the end, the choice and the responsibility of the choice are up to the individual.

You are each “cutting” your own path through this experience, and the uniqueness of each one’s path is as much a part of the experience as is the destination.  Follow your HEART and it will lead you to that which you are seeking.  If you just blindly follow another, you will only find that which the other is seeking, and that is rarely what you are seeking.

This is not to say that ones cannot function as a team to accomplish their collective goals.  Quite the opposite!  How do you think that we of the Hosts accomplish missions on a scale such as this planetary transition and transformation?  However, that collective goal should be a part of YOUR heart intent, else you act under “false” pretense, and such can only generate restlessness–and certainly NOT provide the inner feeling of satisfaction you all crave that comes from following your own true path.

Be not afraid of going against the “norm”.  Who cares what your neighbors or relatives “think”?  Do you live your life in fear of what others “think” about you?  If so, why?  Is their way better than yours?  Do they even have a “way”?  Or are they simply critical of you from their own reactions of fear?

We of the non-physical realms often witness you ones efforting to compare yourselves to one another in such a manner as to melt consciousness into one giant satisfaction “norm”.  What is normal?  What is RIGHT?  What is good?

There are no wrong choices in your experience.  Even in making choices that lead you away from your Creator, you have in fact presented self with more information from which to again make other choices.  Hopefully, these new, later choices will then be more enLight-ened.  A wise man will always strive to make better choices.

Many are simply stuck in routine habits that generate more of whatever it is that they already have.  “Why rock the boat?” is a phrase we often hear you ones use as an excuse to avoid overcoming your fear of the unknown.  Is mediocrity YOUR desire?  Look around you and know that what you have in your day-to-day experience is a product of your desire.

Many are going within at this time and asking for direction.  Many want to do more, yet claim that they do not know how.

You start by taking the first step!  If you want to help spread The Word, but you only have one dollar that you can spare at this moment, can you not take that dollar and copy an article and pass it to just one person who may be interested?  In doing so, have you not just taken a step toward achieving your goal?

In the act of taking the physical action, you will have set into motion GREAT CREATIONAL ENERGIES that will begin to come back to you–amplified.  Perhaps the next week you will find that you have two dollars extra that you can spend toward the same goal.

You ones must learn to exploit your creative ingenuity.  There is plenty that you each can do, right in your own city or town, toward helping to spread the information that will stand as testament to what is REALLY taking place in your world.

Again we get back to the subject of fear!  Many of you will simply not speak up when an opportunity arises–out of fear that someone may speak or think badly of you.

Why do you think that we have offered, in these pages of CONTACT, such extensive information regarding the subject of mind control?  We effort toward helping you to recognize how subtle yet pervasive are the methods in daily use in your lives.

You live in a society which has been taught and trained to believe that you must all operate within certain parameters in order to “fit-in” or be “cool” or be “normal”.  Pursuing this goal is a religion for many on your planet!

Yet this situation is also why so many of you who are reading this message don’t quite “fit-in” with the average mentality that seems to surround you.  It is the FEAR of rejection that keeps the masses stuck in the artificial “norm” of the day.  These ones can only mimic what they see on television or experience in their social gatherings, such as at school, church, or in their work place.

Many are constantly being “preached to” as to what is appropriate and what is not.  Many do not wish to “rock the boat” when it comes to disrupting the “norm”.

This is a deliberate assault aimed at stifling the individual creativity!

When you look within for your answers to the question “What can I do?” — can you not see that the answer is often there, staring you in the face?  Oh, to be sure, that answer may not at first be as glorious or as glamorous or as “warm and fuzzy” as you imagined (or hoped) it would be.  But, if you persist through the first steps of the creation process, you may find the inner satisfaction of creating something that would not have existed otherwise!  And, by the way, this is not a trite statement when you remember that EACH of you Lighted ones are a UNIQUE aspect of Creator, and thus have within you the potential for UNIQUE solutions.

Let us take, for example, that you wish to help awaken others around you to the REAL state of the world.  Can you not gather and copy older or current articles from this publication and share them with ones who may be interested?  In time you may find that there are MANY, right in your own neighborhood, who would love to discuss issues addressed in such articles.  We choose our material wisely.

How will you ever know if you don’t take the first step?  There are MANY out there who have already done this and have, in effect, established “teams” of like-minded people in their towns or cities.  This is a unity of purpose.

Like attracts like.  Those who operate from a position of fear will likely be repelled by anything that disrupts their comfortable feeling of security that stems from the lies they are fed by the controlled media.  These ones, though they may now laugh at or ridicule you for attempting to share Truth with them, will later be the ones who come to you most desperately, seeking The Truth that they shunned before.

Please know that it is, ironically, the more aware ones who are likely to react in this manner.  Why?  Because these ones can think through the implications of what you offer, and such makes them very uncomfortable.  Thus the reactions.

These are the ones we are here to assist through the transition at hand!

These are our brothers that YOU, as Ground Crew, have come to help!  The gratitude will not be evident, in most cases, until after the fact.  However, when you cause another to think past what is the confining “norm”, please know that you are helping to fulfill God’s promise to send wayshowers in these times of change.

This is not an easy challenge, and many of you are weary of being bashed by the very ones you have come to help.  And THIS is your challenge!  From time to time, there is need to offer a reminder, such as this, of why you are there at this time.

May you find the Inner Conviction to stay the course.  There are great inner rewards, in the way of growth, that are to be gained.  I am your Brother in service, neither greater nor lesser than another; I simply serve in my own Light and in service to OUR Father, I am Ceres Anthoniose Soltec.

Salu–and in keeping with the TRUE spirit of this season, a season to be mindful of working toward the emerging of the Christed Energy Presence through you ones walking along the Lighted path, I wish you a Merry Christmas!



Source:  CONTACT: The Phoenix Project, December 16, 1997, Volume 19, Number 4, Pages 16-17.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.

3 thoughts on “Many want to do more, yet claim that they do not know how.

    1. One thought….Where there is will, there is a way…..if you really want something you will find the way.. .I was lucky…my very first teacher, was an old Jesuit priest..grey haired….came as a MISSIONARY (prior to 1900) for Natives (Hudson Bay Trading Post & telegraph) was all we had….and he loved us all… He just glowed to me…I would sit in front of him for hours….just a baby…until 9 yrs. old
      What I learned from him was to “See God in ALL Things”
      Never give up and…
      Take Action…..

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