Check Out These Sprouting Trays… Why Wait For Cancer, Illness, Or A Food Shortage Line Up, To Learn How To Sprout

Check Out These Sprouting Trays… Why Wait For Cancer, Illness, Or A Food Shortage Line-Ups, To Learn How To Sprout

Dear world,

I knew this day was coming… where I am taking yet another step to move away from cooked restaurant food… which I love less an less… oh sure a pile of greens will never replace a bowl of special fried rice or deep fried anything… but I’m literally growing tired of the empty cooked foods so many of us grew up on and are common in restaurants… especially white rice… white flour pastas… baby carrots that are actually big carrots made to look like baby carrots, soaked in chlorine… bagged veggies in general are soaked in chemical… sometimes the grocery stores spray the chemicals right at the store and pretend it’s a good idea… many veggies from supermarkets are full of chemicals and grown in nutrient deficient soil… making you gaunt just eating them, who knows… maybe just looking at them, makes the body sick haha… kidding… ….and then there are the carbohydrates…  flour breads that aren’t sourdough and whole…. sticky gluten clogging up the system…  sprouts are the answer!

I find these sprouting pictures very inspiring… and I’m excited about getting back into sprouting… these shallow trays, are going to be easy to find, and the soil here is rather fertile… and seeds are everywhere… hmmm…. let me think… chia… chickpea… sesame…mung… all sorts of beans… pea shoots… baby lettuce… radish…apparently even flax seed sprouts are good or omega 3’s, and I tend to avoid those lately in their unsprouted form…. spelt I haven’t found here, but if you have  a spelt source, you are rich rich rich, as ET Commander Hatonn says this is the only grain he recommends!… and so on… stay tuned, who knows.. I might just grow a few new muscles, I never knew existed…. especially with the sesame and chia.

When the system crashes and perhaps the grocery stores might empty… why not just keep on sprouting… why wait in line in a soup kitchen for your jelly white bread sandwich made by fema… especially since we we know gelatin these days may be made with human… we know that don’t we???? Instead we could be kicking back with lots of energy, health and vitality, to keep right on creating the golden age…

Indian in the machine

Daikon sprouts

* a good blood purifier

* improves circulation

* helps deter growth of tumors

 Fennel sprouts

* Dr Brian Clement has found it possibly the most beneficial sprout for treating heart problems.

* helps build red blood cells

* helps purify the body to help blood clotting problems

*  helps breathing disorders

 Clover sprouts

* Good for blood problems (cleans the blood really well)

* Good for liver problems

 Mung bean sprouts

* One of the best foods for stopping grey hair and balding. But not everyone can prevent grey hair. Dr Clement says about 50% of people can grow back their natural colour while the other 50% will never lose the grey hair. Unfortunately l am in the later group.

* Very good for prostrate and breast cancer.

* highest discovered food for the enzyme `anxinon‘ (a very potent anti aging factor)

* helps overcome glandular disfunction

 Adzuki sprouts

* good for bladder complaints

 Onion/Garlic sprouts (very potent against tumors)

* could possibly be the most potent anti tumor foods ever discovered according to clinical testing of patients done at Hippocrates Health Institute . lf you have tumors, then a glass of onion and garlic sprout juice and a winning attitude certainly wouldn’t hurt.


pics below from the sproutarian

3 thoughts on “Check Out These Sprouting Trays… Why Wait For Cancer, Illness, Or A Food Shortage Line Up, To Learn How To Sprout

  1. So wonderful to have found this space. Everything in one.
    Good food and actual thoughts. Can I come in?
    I have been reading and watching movies on youtube. So, since Raymond Royal Rife, Dr Bob Beck, Dr Hulda Clark, Max Gerson, and many from Steven Greer, Dr Bob Dean, ex astronautas, Susan Lindauer, Linda Molton Howe, ex Gov. Jesse Ventura, Dr Zecharia Sitchin, Dr Nassim Haramein e many other ones…
    would like to produce some sprouts and did watch a video teaching how to it. As it has to be watched everyday, I thought I would need an especial try.
    Is it really required?
    Greetings from Brazil,

  2. Very enjoyable D, I have found an illness after eating processed food, because I tend to have to force myself to even get half way through that type of food, the common food pushed on us all as FOOD. but fruit picked from the tree, even if green and let to ripen in the fruit bowl, look for the little bugs that flock above it, natures way of saying its ripe inside the fruit. and I can’t get enough of it. I just gulp it down like its pure living light, and wow I always feel terrific. even though the guts may gurgle and a few rumbly farts are enjoyed. I recognise that my inner system settles after it cleanses to the fruit and salad lighter diet.

    I see the sprout trays, but wonder about acquiring the seeds to sprout, surely one must let some trays grow to full seed, to keep the supply for sprouting.

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