Is It Time To Rewrite Genesis? How Nibiru Shaped Our Solar System According To The Sumerians, And ET Commander Hatonn (PS… It’s Back!)

How Nibiru Shaped Our Solar System According To The Sumerians, And ET Commander Hatonn (PS… It’s Back!)

In the beginning… there was Light… electrical charges and a big “collision” with one of our solar system’s original planets and Nibiru!

Indian in the machine

Dear world,

The Sumerians were ancient advanced civilization that existed on earth, 6000 years ago. Hatonn is an ET Commander from Pleiades, who is one of the head dudes in charge of the transition of our planet and species, into higher frequencies.  Together they have pieced together for us, how our solar system and earth, formed.  Together they put together a story that Genesis, the first chapter from the censored modern bible, does a half-assed job at.  Our HIStory is something that our modern scientists, and the rest of us, are only now, coming to terms with…  it involves Nibiru and it goes something like this…


What do the Sumerian texts tell you?  It all began when the Solar System was still quite young.  The Sun (APSU) in the Sumerian texts, meaning “One Who Exists from the Beginning “), its little companion MUM.MU (“One Who was Born”, your Mercury) and farther away TI.AMAT (“Maiden of Life”) were the first members of the Solar System.  It gradually expanded by the “birth” of three planetary pairs, the planets you call Venus and Mars between Mummu and Tiamat, the giant pair Jupiter and Saturn (to use their modern names) beyond Tiamat, and Uranus and Neptune farther out.

Into this original Solar System, still unstable soon after its formation billions of years ago, an Invader appeared.  The Sumerians called it NIBURU!  The Babylonians renamed it Marduk in honor of their national god.  (Anyone getting goose-bumps and squeamish twitters?)  It appeared from outer space, from “the Deep”, in the words of the ancient text.  But, as it approached the outer planets of your Solar System, it began to be drawn into it.  As expected, the first outer planet to attract Niburu with its gravitational “pull” was Neptune–E.A. (“He Whose House is Water”) in Sumerian.  “He who begot him was Ea, ” the ancient text explained.

Nibiru/Marduk itself was a sight to behold; alluring, sparkling, lofty, lordly are some other adjectives used to describe it.  Sparks and flashes bolted from it to Neptune and Uranus as it passed near them.  It might have arrived with its own satellites already orbiting it, or it might have acquired some as a result of the “pull” of the outer planets.  The ancient text speaks of its “perfect members… difficult to perceive”–“four were his eyes, four were his ears”.


As it passed near Ea/Neptune, Nibiru/Marduk’s side began to bulge “as though he had a second head”.  Was it then that the bulge was torn away to become Neptune’s moon Triton?  One aspect that speaks strongly for this is the fact that Nibiru/Marduk entered the Solar System in a retrograde (clockwise) orbit, counter to that of the other planets.  Only this Sumerian detail, according to which the invading planet was moving counter to the orbital motion of all the other planets, can explain the retrograde motion of Triton, the highly elliptical orbits of other satellites and comets, and the other major events that are yet to be tackled.

More satellites were created as Nibiru/Marduk passed by that “Anu brought forth and begot the four winds”–as clear a reference as one could hope for to the four major moons of Uranus that were formed, you now know, only during the collision that tilted Uranus.  At the same time you learn from a later passage in the ancient text that Nibiru/Marduk himself gained three satellites as a result of his encounter.

Although the Sumerian texts describe how, after its eventual capture into solar orbit, Nibiru/Marduk revisited the outer planets and eventually shaped them into the system as you know it today, the very first encounter already explains the various puzzles that modern astronomy faced or still faces regarding Neptune, Uranus, their moons, and their rings.

Coming in past Neptune and Uranus, Nibiru/Marduk was drawn even more into the midst of the planetary system as it reached the immense gravitational pulls of Saturn (AN.SHAR, “Foremost of the Heavens”) and Jupiter (KI.SHAR, “Foremost of the Firm Lands”).  As Nibiru/Marduk “approached and stood as thought in combat” near Anshar/Saturn, the two planets “kissed their lips”.  It was then that the “destiny”, the orbital path, of Nibiru/Marduk was changed forever.  It was also then that the chief satellite of Saturn, GA.GA (the eventual Pluto), was pulled away in the direction of Mars and Venus–a direction possible only by the retrograde force of Nibiru/Marduk. Making a vast elliptical orbit, Gaga eventually returned to the outermost reaches of the Solar System.  There is “addressed” Neptune and Uranus as it passed their orbits on the swing back.  It was the beginning of the process by which Gaga was to become your Pluto, with its inclined and peculiar orbit that sometimes takes it between Neptune and Uranus.

Now, as I am bombarded with myriads of inquiries, I ask that you not expect me to reply for we will write of these things as quickly as possible and you waste time in the “jumping” ahead to conclusions which are most often erroneous.  I would simply ask you to give me full definition (properly, not according to your dictionary) of “What is a starship”?  What IS a heavenly “body”? “What in the dickens are we talking about?”  I suggest it will be increasingly interesting and fully backed up by data left as will be this data as we project it now.

The new “destiny”, orbital path, of Nibiru/Marduk was not irrevocably set toward the olden planet Tiamat.  At that time, relatively early in the formation of the Solar System, it was marked by instability, especially (you can see from the text in point) in the region of Tiamat.  While other planets nearby were still wobbling in their orbits, Tiamat was pulled into many directions by the two giants beyond her and the two smaller planets between her, and the Sun.  One result was the tearing off her, or the gathering around her, of a ‘HOST’ of satellites “furious with rage”, in the poetic language of the text (named by learned scholars as the Epic of Creation).  These satellites, “roaring monsters”, were “clothed with terror” and “crowned with halos”, “swirling furiously about and orbiting as though they were celestial gods”–planets.


Most dangerous to the stability or safety of the other planets was Tiamat’s “leader of the host”, a large satellite that grew to almost planetary size and was about to attain its independent “destiny”–its own orbit around the Sun.  Tiamat “cast a spell for him, to sit among the celestial gods she exalted him.”  It was called, in Sumerian, KIN.GU–“Great Emissary”.

Now the text raised the curtain on the unfolding drama.  As in a Greek tragedy, the ensuing “celestial battle” was unavoidable as gravitational and magnetic forces came inexorably into play. Now, if you have forgotten the definition (AS GIVEN IN THE DISCUSSIONS OF “WHAT IS GOD” AND IN THE PLEIADES CONNECTIONS) of “gravity”, I suggest you go look it-up before you pass on in this JOURNAL.  [But simply remember: “gravity” is the controller of light and LIGHT is the ONE THING in all Nature.].  This led to the “collision” between the oncoming Nibiru/Marduk with its seven satellites (“winds” in the ancient text) and Tiamat and its “host” of eleven satellites headed by Kingu.

Although they were headed on a collision course, Tiamat orbiting counterclockwise and Nibiru/Marduk clockwise, the two planets did not collide–a fact of cardinal astronomical importance. It was the satellites, or “winds”, (literal Sumerian meaning” “Those that are by the side”) of Nibiru/Marduk that smashed into Tiamat and collided with her satellites.

In the first such encounter, the first phase of the Celestial Battle as written:

The four winds he stationed that nothing of her could escape:

The South Wind, the North WInd, the East Wind, the West Wind.  Close to his side he held the net, the gift of his grandfather Anu who brought forth the Evil Wind, the Whirlwind and the Hurricane….

He sent forth the winds which he had created, the seven of them; to trouble Tiamat within they rose up behind him.

These “winds”, or satellites, of Nibiru/Marduk, “the seven of them”, were the principal “weapons” with which Tiamat was attacked in the first phase of the Celestial Battle.  But the invading planet had other “weapons” with which Tiamat was attacked in the first phase of the Celestial Battle.  But the invading planet had other “weapons” too:

In front of him he set the lightning, with a blazing flame he filled his body;

he then made a net to enfold Tiamat therein….

A fearsome halo his head was turbaned,

He was wrapped with awesome terror as with a cloak.

As the two planets and their hosts of satellites came close for Nibiru/Marduk to “scan the inside of Tiamat” and “perceive the scheme of Kingu”, Nibiru/Marduk attacked Tiamat with his “net”  (magnetic field) to “enfold her”, shooting at the old planet immense bolts of electricity (“divine lightnings”).  Tiamat “was filled with brilliance–slowing down, heating up, “becoming distended”. Wide gaps opened in its crust, perhaps emitting steam and volcanic matter.  Into one widening fissure Nibiru/Marduk thrust one of its main satellites, the one called “Evil Wind”.  It tore Tiamat’s “belly, cut through her insides, splitting her heart.”


Besides splitting up Tiamat and “extinguishing her life”, the first encounter sealed the fate of the moonlets orbiting her–all except the planet-like Kingu.  Caught in the “net”–the magnetic and gravitational pull–of Nibiru/Marduk, “shattered, broken up”, the members of the “band of Tiamat” were thrown off their previous course and forced into new orbital paths in the opposite direction: “TREMBLING WITH FEAR, THEY TURNED THEIR BACKS ABOUT.”

Thus were the comets created–thus, you learn from a 6,000-year-old text, did the comets obtain their greatly elliptical and retrograde orbits.  As to Kingu, Tiamat’s principal satellite, the text informs you that in that first phase of the celestial collision, Kingu was just deprived of its almost-independent orbit.  Nibiru/Marduk took away from him his “destiny”.  Nibiru/ Marduk made Kingu into a DUG.GA.E, “a mass of lifeless clay”, devoid of atmosphere, waters and radioactive matter and shrunken in size; and “with fetters bound him”, to remain in orbit around the battered Tiamat.

Having vanquished Tiamat, Nibiru/Marduk sailed on to his new “destiny”.  The Sumerian text leaves no doubt that the erstwhile invader orbited the Sun:

He crossed the heavens and surveyed the regions, and Apsu’s quarter he measured, The Lord the dimensions of the Apsu measured.

Having circled the Sun (Apsu), Nibiru/Marduk continued into distant space.  But now caught forever in solar orbit, it had to turn back.  On his return round, Ea/Neptune was there to greet him and Anshar/Saturn hailed his victory.  Then his new orbital path returned him to the scene of the Celestial Battle, “turned back to Tiamat whom he had bound”.

The Lord paused to view her lifeless body.

To divide the monster he then artfully planned.

Then as a mussel, he split her into two parts.

With this act the creation of “the heaven” reached a magnificent stage, and the creation of Earth and its Moon was begun.  First the new impacts broke Tiamat into two halves.  The upper part, her “skull”, was struck by the Nibiru/Marduk satellite called North Wind; the blow carried it, and with it Kingu, “to places that have been unknown”–to a brand-new orbit where there had not been a planet before.  The Earth and your Moon were created.


The other half of Tiamat was smashed by the impacts into bits and pieces.  This lower half, her “tail”, was “hammered together” to become a “bracelet” in the heavens:

Locking the pieces together, as watchmen he stationed them….

He bent Tiamat’s tail to form the Great Band as the bracelet.

Thus was “the Great Band”, the Asteroid Belt, created.  Having disposed of Tiamat and Kingu, Nibiru/Marduk once again “crossed the heavens and surveyed the regions”.  This time his attention was focused on the “Dwelling of Ea” (Neptune), giving that planet and its twinlike Uranus their final makeup.  Nibiru/Marduk also, according to the ancient text, provided Gaga/Pluto with its final “destiny”, assigning it to “a hidden place”–a hitherto unknown part of the heavens.  It was farther out than Neptune’s location; it was, we are told, “in the Deep”–far out in space.  In line with its new position as the outermost planet, it was granted a new name: US.MI–“He Who Shows the Way”, the first planet encountered coming into the Solar System–that is, from outer space toward the Sun.

Thus was Pluto created and put into the orbit it now holds.  Having thus “constructed the stations” for the planets, Nibiru/Marduk made two “abodes” for itself.  One was in the “Firmament”, as the asteroid belt was also called in the ancient texts; the outer far out “in the Deep” was called the “Great/Distant Abode”, alias E.SHARRA (Abode/Home of the Ruler/Prince”).  Modern astronomers call these two planetary positions the perigee (the orbital point nearest the Sun) and the apogee (the farthest one).  It is an orbit that takes some 3,600 Earth-years to complete as written earlier on a couple of days past.


Thus did this Invader that came from outer space become the twelfth member of your Solar System, a system made up of the Sun in the center, with its long-time companion.  Mercury; the three older pairs (Venus and Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, Uranus and Neptune); the Earth and the Moon, the remains of the great Tiamat, though in a new position; the newly independent Pluto; and the planet that put it all into final shape, Nibiru/Marduk.

Modern astronomy and recent discoveries uphold and corroborate this millennia-old information, chelas.  I care not what you WANT to believe–Truth will stand the course of all “time”.  The “time” is at hand for the revealing of this information so that you can know of that which awaits.  Much of what will happen is solely dependent upon that which you do as a species.  For I am speaking of God, Truth and Power within those “things”.

Please take these things within your being for in the Truth lies the answers for your civilization and progression of your own beings.  May you be given in understanding, that which is lovingly handed unto you.

When we take up this subject next, we will speak of this projection “In the beginning”.  For it has great interest as spouted forth in the books.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth

And the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon

the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God moved upon the face

And God said, Let there be Light’ and there was Light.

It is sad that both sides of the “argument” of creation pay almost no heed to what has been known for more than a century even in your counting.  The truth lies in the unabbreviated versions of much more detailed Mesopotamian texts of the Sumerians.

Why does man always turn unto the liars and cheats, and only in the final failing does he come unto God?

Hatonn to clear, please.

Source: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, June 16, 1992, Volume 19, Number 9.


Evidence of Hatonn’s And Sumerian Words of How Our Solar System Came To Be What It Is

1.  Neptune’s Triton Has Retrograde Orbit

Voyager 2 image of Neptune's moon Triton

The Backwards Moon

Triton orbits Neptune in what is known as a retrograde orbit. This means that it orbits Neptune a direction opposite the planet’s rotation. It is the only large moon in the Solar System to do this. Astronomers are not quite sure of the reason for this retrograde orbit. Some believe that it condensed this way from the original material of the early solar system. Others think that Triton may have been formed elsewhere and then captured by Neptune’s gravity. In fact, many astronomers have noticed that the surface features of Triton, as well as its size, are very similar to what they believe the planet Pluto to look like. Some even wonder if there is some connection between Triton’s features and the fact that Pluto actually crosses Neptune’s orbit from time to time. Just what that connection might be is anyone’s guess at this point.

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7.  Asteroid Belt Recently Discovered To Have Water = Evidence Of Tiamat

Water Ice Discovered on Asteroid for First Time

Water Ice Discovered on Asteroid for First Time

by Clara Moskowitz, Senior Writer   |   April 28, 2010 01:03pm ET
Water ice has been found on the surface of a nearby asteroid for the first time ? a discovery that could help explain how Earth got its oceans, scientists announced Wednesday.

8.  Nibiru Returning To Solar System?

New study: Rogue planet may be lurking beyond Neptune — Nibiru?

A Brazilian astronomer at the National Observatory of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, Rodney Gomes, has announced that there may be an undiscovered rogue planet lurking in the shadow of Neptune. Planet Nibiru watchers say the planet is Nibiru.

According to Gomes, presenting his findings Tuesday at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Timberline Lodge, Oregon, calculations show that about half a dozen Kuiper Belt objects are in strange orbits, that is, they are orbiting not where they are supposed to be, according to existing models of our solar system.

Gomes said that the the strange orbits have only few possible explanations. According to National Geographic, he said: “I think the easiest one is a planetary-mass solar companion.”

National Geographic explains that, “a planetary-mass solar companion” is a planet that orbits very far out from the sun but that’s massive enough to be having gravitational effects on Kuiper belt objects.”

Kuiper belt objects are small icy bodies—including some dwarf planets—that lie beyond the orbit of Neptune. They are too far to be easily seen with telescopes. Pluto, about 1,400 miles in diameter, once considered the ninth planet of our solar system, is now considered one of the largest Kuiper belt objects. Astronomers are discovering in the kuiper belt, dozens of other objects hundreds of miles across.

Gomes’ theory is that the unseen planet he proposes is making its presence felt by disturbing the orbits of Kuiper belt objects.

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9.  An Increase In Asteroid/Fireball/Meteorites Proof Of Nibiru’s Presence?

Like Hatonn says… these are coming from somewhere!

Nibiru Asteroids? Has It Begun? Russia, Kazakhstan, Australia and Cuba

American Fireballs: 5122 reports found in the last 30 days

10.  Other Evidence of Nibiru’s Presence In Our Solar System

Comet Ison?

Bending of Earth Magnetosphere?

New Earth Radiation Belt?

Sun Acting Weird?

  1. Active Sun Fires Off 3rd Huge Solar Flare in 3 Days (Video) Tariq Malik-Oct 28, 2013
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  2. Sun Unleashes Strongest Solar Flare In 2 Months (Video) 10, 2013
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  3. International Business Times

    Sun Erupts With Two Major Solar Flares (Video) Tariq Malik-Oct 25, 2013
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11.  Star Family Messages Concur Nibiru Exists!

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12.  Even The Annunaki Send Message To Earth!!!

A CHANNELLED MESSAGE FROM NIBIRU: “We are hiding behind your Sun and, rather unperceivedly, approach you because a direct approach would be too overwhelming and too shocking. The energies that our planet Nibiru generates for the population of Earth and for Earth Herself are enormously powerful. But please do not consider this a negative fact! “

13.  The Network Of Underground Cities Already Built

Truck Driver Confirms Delivering to Underground Cities and Tunnels 

Mar 14, 2013 – Uploaded by Mark Dice

The term “fighting the New World Order” is used by Mark to describe some …. Video Proof of the Underground Cities inAmerica Clear Evidence  

14  Mayan Artifact Released by Mexican Gov. Shows Nibiru And Forcefield Seen On Nasa SOHO Camera?

Dear world
This mayan artifact matches what was recorded by nasa soho sun image… people say if Nibiru is behind the sun then we would know about it…. well, why don’t the masses know about the giant triangular forcefield?  Wasn’t that a big deal enough for people to take notice?  I have a feeling a giant hamster the size of mercury could appear in our solar system, and the masses wouldn’t take notice… always demanding proof from someone else…. why not demand proof from yourself, that you care enough to be a dedicated SPIRITUAL seeker of truth, instead of focusing on EFFECT like a modern atheist scientist… why not research the CAUSE? Why not ask your Creator and then listen for the answers? If you only focus on the physical EFFECT, then you will be blind to the spiritual CAUSE.

other nasa soho images the masses haven’t noticed at UFOS AROUND THE SUN

15.   An astronomer who shall remain nameless for he doesn’t support researchers like me, or anyone on Youtube for that matter (calling us all sorts of names)… says when Nibiru comes by, new moons may be discovered…  a question remains… are these new moon discoveries, new moons, or old moons recently discovered?

Pluto’s Newly Discovered Moons Get Official Names

Neptune’s Moon Naiad Spotted By Hubble Telescope For First Time…

Huffington Post-Oct 9, 2013
Image released Oct. 8, 2013. Now that scientists have spotted the small moon again, there are other mysteries to be solved. Naiad seems to …
So here we have it…. a trip from the beginnings of our solar system and the planet we are now on, up until the present day, with all it’s strangeness and changes…. something is definitely happening… and we’re right in the thick of this ongoing saga…. thanks for being curious as to the truth, thanks for your peace, thanks for your presence, compassion and love.

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