Top 10 Cheesy Pick Up Lines When You’re a 5D, in 3D

Top 10 Cheesy Pick Up Lines When You’re a 5D, in 3D

10. Hey baby, your holographic reality or mine?

9.  Wanna watch, “The Matrix” and grab some replicator food?

8.  If I told you, you had a nice aura, would you hold it against me?

7.  Maybe we can manifest some lunch sometime…. or beyond time?

6.   My name is “I AM That I AM”… what’s your’s?

5.   You’re cute for an earthling!

4.   I never met someone like you before,or at least in several lifetimes.

3.   I’ve had my third eye on you for a while…

2.   Nice meatsuit!

Drum roll…

1.   Do you come to this planet often?

Haha, just a giggle if you’re in 5D seeking resonance in a 3D world…. add your own…  hope you enjoyed… and will click here…

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11 thoughts on “Top 10 Cheesy Pick Up Lines When You’re a 5D, in 3D

  1. Hey Lovely … I’m the one you’ve been calling to telepathically…
    “I doubt it.”
    How do you know if i am telling the truth?
    “I don’t know.”
    Did you hear me reply back to you?
    … That was me…. I’m the silent type… I don’t talk much.

    See that tree over there?
    That tree and I have been having a conversation about you.
    “You have?”
    We both agree that you’ve got the loveliest smile in all creation. 🙂

    “Oh,,.. so you and the tree have been talking huh?”
    “Well, then tell me his name.”
    His name is Ahnguin. Oh, yes… and he just asked me a question…
    “What is that?”
    He wants to know what your name is.

    “What if I don’t want to tell him my name?”
    Well, I’d tell him if I were you, he has been getting the same question from the trees that live near you…. they want to know your name too. We gotta keep those trees happy you know. And besides, trees are well known for having tight lips… very high level discretion.

    Hi… I’m from the Pleiades. My kindred are well known for being healers. Who are your kindred?

    “I don’t know what you are talking about.”
    That is ok. That is why I am here. I was sent to heal you, so you would know who your kindred are. Then, we can celebrate. 🙂

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