The Upcoming Pole Shift “Canadian” style… ie… TOTALLY UNPREPARED!

“Canada is neither prepared for this nor do they have a plan. Their overall population is 10% that of the US, approximately 30 million to 300 million. The East Coast is densely populated, with the residents of cities such as New York City and Washington DC demanding, strident in their demands. Polite Canadians will be overwhelmed. Since Canada and the US have a long unprotected border, survivors from the US will flow northward unimpeded, or move along the border to find open access. This is a human drama where the final chapters have not yet been written. ”

IITM:  Canada is the last place where anything really bad never seems to happen, so no one ever plans for anything bad… oh wait.. there’s chemtrails… then the tarsands… fukushima radiation… mass murders of native women… Canola oil… uranium mining… ooops looks like Canadians have been the frog in the pot of water for a long time… water’s about to boil!

3 thoughts on “The Upcoming Pole Shift “Canadian” style… ie… TOTALLY UNPREPARED!

  1. For the advancement of science, both Sacred and Secret in uni ty All as one,  in the dawn and birth of Brexit as silence is Golden. Ready or not? Egging you on!Love Jacque. xxxi

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