Prepare For The Shift… Or Don’t Prepare And Leave Your Body (which is on loan to you)…

Prepare For The Shift… Or Don’t Prepare And Leave Your Body (which is on loan to you)… When the big earth changes are triggered by either the Louisiana salt dome collapsing into the Gulf of Mexico, or the 10-12 point California earthquake predicted by God in Phoenix Journal #7… there will be many souls leaving their bodies… those who prepared their bodies and energy fields, may be beamed up… those on the surface who basically eat corporate foods and find comfort in lower frequencies will not be able to be beamed up and will die at the point they try… those who remain on the surface… some may survive but it will be difficult…. folks I’m trying to impress the concept that if you want to end up in the spaceship cafeteria during this time, requires total and complete dedication, it’s not something to take casual… have you ever been 100% dedicated to anything? Does being 100% dedicated to serving God, somehow feel weak and boring? Did your ego or government tell you not to listen to ‘crazy’ people who COULD have been your spiritual tutors? Are you basically terrified of the unknown and your own greatness, or even another’s greatness, and prefer your daily physical addictions and patterns? Do you THINK you will somehow sneak through these times, without completely uniting with all lifeforms you deem either superior or inferior to you? If fire rains from the sky from Nibiru’s debris trail… are you prepare just like Russia and China have prepared a place underground for ALL CITIZENS or you just gonna wing it, while society has collapsed around you and you are surrounded by madness, insanity and fireballs? Do you believe God will somehow scoop you up, while you are focused on your own material gain? Is this your finest moment, and are you able to stand proud of what you are focusing on? Do you feel loving people you know, is more important than loving people you do not know? Do you have a habit of discounting information that doesn’t confirm to your limited beliefs? Do you sit in church and mumble King James’ prayers, or feel you will get by without any connection to inner spirit? Do you believe a sign of your personal power, is a bigger tv or opening up your heart? Are you able to take a stand for anyone, including yourself? Do you align with your spiritual teachers, or falsely attempt to ride their backs and coattails, with doubt, ridicule and sitcom jokes… and? Do you align with the Heavenly Hosts, or do you prefer to separate with your role in creating Heaven on earth? Do you feel the universe conforms to your doubts and fears? Do you spend more energy avoiding responsibility than what it would take to simply face your responsibilities? These are some questions to ponder… since we are on the cusp of some changes that will surely shock the masses, and will drastically change everything forever…. 3D values won’t get you through the narrow doorway of love… that’s why I’m sharing these words… of support… and words to trigger… because anything but 100% dedication to your personal ascension, will result in another 3D life… is that what you want? Commander D. 

If you THINK all of this is one big joke… Project Bluebeam designed to mess with all of this, is already in process….  the network of underground cities is built, and they are not for you…

Strange Cross In The Skies Have Been Reported All Over The World

Get updated….

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Indian in the machine

13 thoughts on “Prepare For The Shift… Or Don’t Prepare And Leave Your Body (which is on loan to you)…

  1. Thank You for this message it is a breath of fresh air, this message is what we have been trying to share for many years now..we started with the softly, softly approach and now feel like shouting from the rooftops..people just do not either want to hear, can’t be bothered or are just too fearful, at the moment it just seems to be a leave me alone and let me die quietly they not know what is at stake here…and as you say with hard work and truth of self so many could start to understand…So bless you..we thought we were the only ones that felt and knew what their Hearts and whole being was telling them..Bless You with thanks and acknowledgement to you..given in love and integrity..George and Cazz xxx

  2. Be careful as to what spaceships you decide to board there are some wisking people away and leaving them on unwanted undesirable planets forever with no help and no resources.

  3. Very strong words my brother, but what about all the people that have no idea about whats going on, they won’t be prepared. So what your saying is they have no hope, I think not, as I don’t think anybody can say for sure what will happen and the protocol of what is required. Not sure you should make such bold statements and nobody knows for sure what and when this event will take place. You had talked about the Sept 7or 8 date its the 9th now. Love and light to u. Rod

    1. Rod, it’s not about ‘no hope’ but how can you reap rewards of something you put no energy into?… God gives everyone an opportunity to receive guidance… sooooo having no idea is not a valid excuse… any excuse isn’t a valid excuse… the date most resonating is Sept 21… from the direct words of Ashtar… not my opinion. ;)) Love, D.

      1. As every date comes and goes, I now dont wait any more, as i found it gives people hope and then dissapointment, I only try to live in the now, Whatever and whenever it happens great, as i do follow many sites, as this, and everyone has their own opinion, and with the many channeled msg, its hard to know whats what and who to believe. As i have no fear and won’t be swayed on what i have to do to be one of the ones that have lunch at the space ship cafe. As i live my life from my heart and try to be the best person i can be in this 3d world but do sometimes screw up like all of us. I am and everyone one else is their own god we are all part of each other and the collective. None is better or worse even our friends in the contrast (cabal) who signed up to play this game, just like us. The good and evil is in all of us just depends on which team you want to play for. As the shift will happen soon that i do feel in my thoughts and physical being im not sure when it will happen. Sometimes as with what i know now from what i knew 3yrs ago i sometimes think i should have took the blue pill, like in the matrix movie(red pill showed him reality) but as i learn more and more im glad i didnt. Peace, love and lots of light to you my friends, Rod

      2. Are you sure??? you so often refer to jesus or sananda (channelings) but a little bit of investigation would have proven you that this person jesus is fiction. that the whole jesus story is a over rehearsed story. you could replace his name with: Horus, Krishna, Bacchus, Buddha or more pagan gods and in general have the same story. do you know that in the oldest bible ever found ( the Sinai bible), there is no mentioning of a crusifiction resurrection etc. later added ????.did he die on a cross or didn’t he, they didn’t seem to know for sure when the Sinai bible was written. a lot of pagan gods died at the cross/tree resurrected and promised to come back to redeem the world. Christ was a common name for any god. so are you sure or is this the same christian story wrapped into new age. the rapture but then a little bit different to please the new age crowd. I do not even give a glance at jesus/sananda channelings because they are fake , you can not channel a person who never ever existed. jesus from Nazareth. Nazareth developed centuries after the year 0 it did not exist when that jesus person was supposed to walk the earth.
        so I’ll ask you again: are you sure ??????

      3. No you’re wrong, I am sure!! I did my home work, sweety. so no channeling for me that come from whatever jesus sananda joshua etc etc

    2. So many here and there think and say they know this and that, all these colorful plays on words and dates are given for this and that – wow!!!, imagination and ego runs wild and off the scale here on Indian & the Machine as well all over.
      I have heard enough,, truth IS we ARE spiritual beings trapped in a body inferior to what is possible ahead. Those that are aware of this condition who feel love for their fellow brothers & sisters, who are in service to others and the other aspects of mother earth who pray & affirm we are individuals as part of a whole, who prepare as best they can, let us join hands in heart and mind and seek the better and the truth. We will know and hopefully be delivered, make it through up and out of the blackness and confusion and into a new age where love is the order where men, women, children, communities and nations can build a better world and live in harmony.

      1. Spiritual egos look at Love and Truth as a threat, because the Real Truth challenges their fantasies, and without their fantasies, they have to Face the Truth about the lies they told themselves,”
        “Spiritual egos cannot see the forest for the trees. The reason is because they have a whole lot of fantasies about the trees. They want to be in control of Creation, all the while Creation cannot be controlled.”


  5. My efforts at sending msgs keep getting erased??? HUMBLE GRATITUDE.I AM READING SIPAPU And now go to PHOENIX JOURNALS. IT was my hearts desire back in 2 009 ALBERTO VILLOLDO and Those medicine ways retreats and Peru exoiditions of the 4 WINDS SOCIETY. NOW I have work to do to make sure I rev up my force field source energy and expand fully. I recognize you as an integral part of this work . So hereI am here we are and what comes next is the universal responsecto my prayers

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